Will the New 2019 Ram HD 3500 / 4500 Beat Ford and Tow Over 35,000 Lbs? (Spied)

Check out this 2019 Ram HD 3500 dually prototype that Mo E. recently spied on a public highway. This one still has the camouflage, but the new LED tail-lights are clearly visible. Seeing this dually truck brings up a question – will Ram HD go for the top towing ratings in the segment and beat Ford’s current 35,000 lbs maximum gooseneck trailer specification?

The 2019 Ford F-450 truck with a class 3 weight rating of 14,000 lbs GVWR is currently rated to tow a 35,000 lbs gooseneck trailer. This is specifically a gooseneck coupler trailer, and not a 5th-wheel. Ford Super Duty current 5th-wheel trailer maximum is 27,500 lbs.

The class 3 truck classification is also known as “1-ton trucks” or “3500 series”. However, some trucks – such as the mentioned F-450 have the same GVWR rating of 14,000 lbs.

Will Ram HD introduce a 4500 heavy duty truck in the class 3 group that is also rated to tow 35,000 lbs or more? We will have to wait for the official announcement from Ram next month in January at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).

Another question is – which gooseneck hitch is rated to carry 35,000 lbs or more? We looked around the aftermarket, but we can only find a gooseneck hitch and ball that are rated for up to 30,000 lbs.

Here is a close look at the 2019 Ram Power Wagon prototype that was spied in the wild.