Volkswagen Tarok Baby Truck with a Midgate is Here! But Sadly Not for the U.S. (News)

Would you buy one if you could?

Last month, Volkswagen gave us a teaser for a new pickup truck ahead of the Sao Paolo Motor Show on November 6th. Well, today is November 6th and as promised, VW has unveiled the Volkswagen Tarok Concept. Truth be told, the Tarok Concept looks a lot more production ready than the name suggests. In fact, VW plans to sell the Tarok in Brazil with very few changes from the concept.

What is it?

While we have never driven one, we know plenty about the Volkswagen Amarok. The Amarok is a larger midsize pickup oriented towards work. The Tarok will be slightly smaller and more focused towards a lifestyle buyer. That being said, VW gave the Tarok a payload capacity of 2,204 lbs (one metric tonne). If you think that sounds like a lot, know that other parts of the world rate towing and payload capacity differently than the US.

One of the biggest points of function for the Volkswagen Tarok Concept is the variable loading area that helps contribute to that 2,204 lb payload capacity. Think of it like a small Volkswagen “Avalanche” if you want.

Will we get the Tarok?

Sadly, the answer for this truck seems to be no. VW has made it clear that this has the potential to be a global vehicle for their brand. However, at this time, Volkswagen is not bringing the Tarok stateside. There has been a lot of talk about VW bringing their Tanoak concept here to the US. Unfortunately we still have no official word about whether or not that is actually going to happen.

Would you like to buy a Volkswagen Pickup if they ever came to the US? Drop us a comment down below and tell us how you feel about the potential of the Tanoak or Tarok Concept being sold here in the US.

We got to spend a little time with the Tanoak at the New York auto show last year, check out that video below: