Full-size SUV Sales in October Bring Mixed Results, but Luxury Trucks Still Sell Well (Sales)

2018 dodge durango srt with mopar accessories
2018 Dodge Durango SRT with Mopar accessories

October 2018 brings some surprising sales results to the full-size SUV market. General Motors usually leads this category with the Tahoe and Suburban, but GM is reporting sales on a quarterly basis so latest numbers will be available in early January 2019.

In the absence of GM data, the Dodge Durango is sitting on top of the sales list with a 5% improvement over October 2017. Ford Expedition is in second place, but the all-new 2018 model is still improving sales in a big way.

The Nissan Armada lost a significant percentage of sales in October, and it’s down -4.4% for the year. By contrast, the Infiniti QX80 more than doubled its sales. The QX80 sales are approaching Armada numbers.

Full-size SUV sales – October 2018

Oct 2018 # Oct 2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Dodge Durango 5,383 5% 54,924 -5%
Ford Expedition 3,623 74.7% 44,144 3.9%
Nissan Armada 2,072 -40.3% 27,732 -4.4%
Infiniti QX80 1,737 101.5% 15,114 7.3%
Lincoln Navigator 1,115 70.0% 14,200 80.9%
Toyota Sequoia 892 -10.4% 8,997 -10.0%
Lexus LX 377 -38.1% 4,112 -11.8%
Toyota Land Cruiser 363 39.6% 2,681 10.4%
Chevrolet Suburban no report quarterly no report quarterly
Chevrolet Tahoe no report quarterly no report quarterly
GMC Yukon no report quarterly no report quarterly
GMC Yukon XL no report quarterly no report quarterly