What If Your 2020 Jeep Gladiator / Scrambler Truck Was Rolling on 42-Inch Tires? (Concept)

2020 jeep truck scrambler gladiator lift suspension
2020 Jeep Truck (photo: ScramblerSquad.com)

We cannot wait for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator (aka. Scrambler, JT, or Jeep truck) to make its official debut at the 2018 LA Auto Show at the end of November. TFLtruck will be there to bring you all of the latest.

We know that the Jeep Wrangler (and older CJ) are some of the most modified vehicles in the world. The Wrangler JL already has an extensive array of accessories and modifications. The upcoming JT will follow suit, but what would a lifted JT on 42-inch tall tires look like?

ScramblerSquad.com has some ideas about this. They sent up the renderings you see here.  What do you think?

Here is TFLtruck’s upcoming midsize truck “fantasy league”.