Chevy Unveils Two 2019 Colorado Z71 Trail Runner and RST Special Editions (Video)

Chevrolet just announced two new special edition trims for the Chevy Colorado midsize pickup. The first is called the Z71 Trail Runner and the second is the RST, which stands for Rally Sport Truck. These now join the range of Colorado special editions including the Z71 off-road package, the ZR2, and the ZR2 Bison.

Z71 Trail Runner

For the off-road crowd, the more capable of these special edition Colorados is the Z71 Trail Runner. This package takes the Z71 off-road package and borrows some parts from the Colorado ZR2. The standard Z71 package includes special off-road suspension, a locking rear differential and beefier tires. The Z71 Trail Runner adds to this the Colorado ZR2’s underbody protection and off-road rubber. You get stamped aluminum front and mid skid plates, functional rocker protection and a set of Goodyear Duratrac tires. Plus, you get the new ‘Chevrolet’ grill insert from the ZR2 Bison.


Here on the Colorado, the RST trim is an appearance package you can add to the standard LT. You get a monochromatic exterior with black side moldings, a black bowtie badge on the tailgate, black Colorado and RST badges, as well as black-painted 20-inch rims. Those are the first 20-inch rims to come on a Colorado from the factory, by the way. Oh, and you can’t forget the same ‘Chevrolet’ grill insert from the ZR2 Bison as well.

Unfortunately, the RST does not see any performance upgrades like its counterpart RST models.

The Grille

The Colorado Z71 Trail Runner and the Colorado RST will come standard with the black ‘Chevrolet’ grille insert. However, Chevy has also includes the grille as an aftermarket accessory. You can buy it for $395 and have it installed on any current-generation Colorado at your dealership.

When can we buy them?

Chevy has not officially stated when the new packages will be available. Though they did state the packages were made for the 2019 calendar year. Pricing has also not yet been announced. You’ll just have to stay tuned to to find out. We will be sure to post this information as soon as we know it.

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Here are the 2019 Colorado RST and Z71 Trail Runner in the flesh.