2019 Ford Ranger Accessories List and Pricing Revealed: Here Are the Extras You Can Buy

Ford has yet to determine pricing on some of the accessories on this list.

More news is emerging about the 2019 Ford Ranger. After we learned official power, torque, towing and payload figures last week, now we know what accessories buyers can fit their Rangers. Thanks to Ranger5G forums, a full accessories list with pricing is available for public consumption by way of an unnamed Ford dealer. Pricing apparently hasn’t been nailed down for some items yet, but at least we know what you can order from Ford. Check out the post on Ranger5G.com for a full list.


Interestingly, you can order black 5-inch rectangular running boards for $399, and chrome running boards for $529, regardless of cab configuration. If you spec your Ranger with either black or chrome running boards on Ford’s website, you’ll spend $635. Depending on which one you prefer (and if you’re willing to install them), you can save a couple hundred dollars ordering them as an accessory.

A bull bar and fender flares are available as well, though pricing information isn’t available. It’s also unclear whether the fender flares are similar to those on the Ranger Raptor, or if you’re getting a different part, since part numbers aren’t available yet. Apart from that, there’s a wide range of racks and carriers for bikes or storage boxes, ranging anywhere from $199 to $535. A chrome grille and mirror caps will set you back $500. However, that’s available as part of the $795 Chrome Appearance Package on XLT and Lariat trim levels (the XLT’s package does not include chrome mirror caps).

The most expensive accessory on the list is a set of 18″ x 8″ black wheels for $999.

Bed and towing

Tonneau covers – both folding and roll-up – are available as accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger. Pricing isn’t available yet, it seems. A hard-folding tonneau cover is a $995 option through Ford’s website, and a soft-folding one costs $525. According to the list, it also seems you have the option of tonneau covers from REV, Advantage, or TruXedo.

You can order a bedliner as an accessory for $324.29. A spray-in bedliner is a $495 option if you spec a Ranger through Ford’s website.


If you don’t want to spend $1,795 as part of Equipment Group 501A to get remote start, it seems you can get the parts through the accessories list. Depending on which part you order, it costs up to $427.14 plus the PATS Interface Kit, which costs about $35 from a wholesale supplier. Weirdly, it says the part “Fits Model Years 2008-2011”, rather than the 2019 Ford Ranger.

A Rear Park Assist Sensor is available for $259 as an accessory. The Ford Perimeter Plus security system is available for $207.61. There’s also an “in-vehicle safe” by Console Vault as a 2019 Ford Ranger accessory, but pricing is not yet available.

Beyond all that, there’s the standard range of floor covers, seat covers, first aid kits and roadside assistance kits. Door sill plates are also available, but pricing hasn’t yet been determined.

Full list (Credit to Ranger5G forum administrator for compiling the list):


  • Bed Cargo Net (for 5’ and 6’ beds: $60.00
  • Bed Mat Impact (by Bedrug): TBD
  • Bed Mats – 5’ or 6’ Bed: $139.99
  • Bed Rails, Thermoplastic Protector for 6’ Bed: $107.14
  • Bed Tailgate Liner (Black): $64.29
  • Bed Tailgate Lock (by McGard): TBD
  • Bedliners (Black) for 5’ or 6’ Bed: $324.29
  • Bedliners, Sportliner (by Bedrug): TBD
  • Pivot Storage Box by Undercover, Driver Side & Passenger Side: TBD
  • Tonneau/Bed Covers, Embark Bed Covers (by Advantage)
  • Tonneau/Bed Covers, Embark LS Bed Covers for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by Advantage): TBD
  • Tonneau/BedCovers, Hard Folding for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by REV): TBD
  • Tonneau/BedCovers, Hard Roll-Up for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by REV): TBD
  • Tonneau/Bed Covers, Soft Folding for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by Advantage): TBD
  • Tonneau/Bed Covers, Soft Roll-Up for 5’ or 6’ Beds (by TruXedo): TBD


  • Backup Alarm (by ECCO): TBD
  • Bullfrog Hop, Portable Bluetooth Speaker (by KICKER): $199.00
  • Bullfrog Jump, Portable Bluetooth Speaker (by KICKER): $399.00
  • Bumper-Mounted Warning Sensors, Reverse Sensor (by Rosen): $269.00
  • Hitchscan Rear Park Assist Sensor and Hitch Step, Reverse Sensor (by Rosen): $269.00
  • Lighting, LED Warning Strobes, LED Safety Flashers (by SoundOff Signal): TBD
  • Lighting, LED Warning Strobes, LED Work Light (by SoundOff Signal): TBD
  • Rear Seat Entertainment – NextBase Duo Cinema, Dual Portable DVD Players (by VOXXAutomotive): $995.00


  • Vehicle Security System – Ford Perimeter Plus: TBD
  • Remote Start System – Long Range Remote Start Kit
    • Plug ’n Play Module with Harness: TBD
    • 2 Key Fobs Included: $95.00
  • Remote Start System – Long Range with Confirmation
    • Plug ’n Play Module with Harness: TBD
    • Bi-Directional Key Fob: $95
  • Remote Start System – Optional Ultra-Long-Range Extender: $30.00
  • Vehicle Security System – Ford Perimeter Plus – Optional LED Kit: $15.00


  • Bull Bar: TBD
  • Deflector, Aeroskin Hood Proector, Smoke-Color or Chrome (by Lund): TBD
  • Deflector, Aeroskin II Hood Protector, Black Textured Finish: TBD
  • Deflector, Hood, Smoke-Color: $92.86
  • Deflectors, Side Window: TBD
  • Exhaust Tip, Chrome: TBD
  • Exterior Trim Kit – Chrome Grille and Mirror Caps, Chrome: $500.00
  • Exterior Trim Kit Hood Lettering, Chrome or Black Chrome (by Putco): TBD
  • Fender Flares, Black Textured Finish, 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab or Extended Cab (by Bushwacker): TBD
  • Fender Flares, Unpainted, Painted, 4-Piece Set for Crew Cab or Extended Cab: TBD
  • Ford Custom Graphics, Retail Graphics Packages Program: TBD
  • Racks and Carriers, Bike Carrier, Hitch-Mounted
    • Carries 2 Bikes: $259.00
    • Carries 4 Bikes: $299.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Bike Frame Adapter, Modifies Women’s, BMX or Other Non-Standard Bike Frames to be Carried on Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks: $45.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Bike Carrier, Carries 1 Bike: $199.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Cargo Basket, 50” x 41” x 6” For Use With SuperCab and SuperCrew: $331.07
  • Racks and Carriers, Cargo Box
    • 55” x 26” x 12”: $299.00
    • 65” x 35” x 16”: $469.00
    • 74” x 36” x 16.5” For Use with SuperCab and SuperCrew: $534.64
    • 84” x 35” x 17”: $529.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Kayak Carrier
    • Flat: $219.00
    • Folding: $199.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Paddleboard Carrier, Stand-up: $150.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Removable Rack and Crossbar System: TBD
  • Racks and Carriers, Ski/Snowboard Carrier, Flat Top: $199.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Ski Carrier Adapter, Convers 2- or 4-Bike Hitch-Mounted Racks to a Ski/Snowboard Carrier, Carriers Up To 6 Pairs of Skis and 4 Snowboards: $269.00
  • Racks and Carriers, Sports/Ladder Rack
    • Silver: TBD
    • Black: TBD
  • Splash Guards, Premium Flat
    • Front Pair, Without Bright Accent: TBD
    • Rear Pair, Without Bright Accent: $75.00
  • Splash Guards, Molded
    • Black, Front Pair: $49.99
    • Black, Rear Pair: $49.99
  • Sportz Tents for Trucks with 5’ and 6’ Beds (by Napier): TBD
  • Step Bars, Rectangular
    • Black, For CrewCab: $399.00
    • Black, For SuperCab: $399.00
    • Chrome, For CrewCab: $529.00
    • Chrome, For SuperCab: $529.00


  • Tow Hooks, Front
    • Chrome, For 2WD: $75.00
    • Chrome, For 4WD: $75.00
  • Trailer Hitch, 2” Receiver: $295.36
  • Trailer Hitch Balls
    • Stainless Steel, 2 5/16” Ball, 1” Shank: $29.00
    • Stainless Steel, 2” Ball, 1” Shank: $27.00
    • Stainless Steel, 1 7/8” Ball, 1” Shank: $25.00
  • Trailer Hitch Ball Mounts
    • 4” Drop / 2 1/4” Rise, For 2” Hitch Receiver: $30.00
    • 2” Drop / 3/4” Rise, For 2” Hitch Receiver: $25.00


  • Ash Cup / Coin Holder
    • Without Lighter Element: $30.00
    • With Lighter Element: $60.00
  • Cargo Organizer, Soft
    • Cooler Bag with Adjustable Carrying Strap: $25.00
    • Large, Folding: $80.00
    • Standard, Folding: $71.43
  • Door Sill Plates (by Putco)
    • Chrome, 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab: TBD
    • Chrome, 4-Piece Set, For Extended Cab: TBD
  • First Aid Kit (by DC Safety): $35.00
  • Roadside Assistance Kit (by DC Safety): $59.00
  • Roadside Assistance Kit Commercial (by DC Safety): $199.00
  • Floor Liners, Black 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab & SuperCab: $135.00
  • Floor Mats, All-Weather
    • Black, 2-Piece Set, Front Only: $87.00
    • Black, 4-Piece Set: $102.00
  • Floor Mats, Carpeted, Black 4-Piece Set, For Crew Cab & SuperCab: $102.00
  • Interior Light Kit: $249.00
  • In-Vehicle Safe, Use with Captain’s Chairs (by Console Vault): TBD
  • Seat Covers, Carhartt Protective Seat Covers, Gravel, Front Row, Captain’s Chair (by Covercraft): TBD
  • Seat Covers, Protective Seat Covers, Charcoal (by Covercraft): TBD
  • Sunscreen, UVS100 Custom (by Covercraft): TBD
  • Tablet Cradle, Mounts to Headrest Supports, For Apple iPad: $139.00


  • 18” x 18” Black With Machined Face, Set of 4, Includes Lug Nuts: $999.00
  • Wheel Lock Kit, Chrome-Plated For Exposed Lugs: $54.99