Driving the Ford F350 BA350 – A Giant Super Duty on 43-Inch Tall Tires (Video)

2018 2019 ford f350 diesel ba350 drive review
Ford BA350 by Defco Trucks

What happens when you lift a new Ford F350, give it a customized off-road suspension, add big 43-inch tall tires, and a wide-body kit among other modifications? You get the BA350 from Defco Trucks. What is like to drive? Check it out here.

Defco Trucks is a Colorado based company that builds several versions of these Super Duty Raptor-like trucks. The version we are driving here is called Stage 1.5, and it’s meant to offer a combination of smooth on-road driving and off-road capability with an eye on overlanding with a camper in the back of the truck. The white truck you see here is owned by Hallmark RV truck camper company.

(photo: Hallmark RV & Defco Trucks)

The BA350 also comes in stage 1, 2, and 3. Stage 1 is the mildest, stage 2 has a cantilever rear suspension design, and stage 3 build on top of that with a roll cage and limitless other options.

Ford F350 BA350 Super Duty

Defco Trucks’ goal is to build a functional truck that could be an everyday driver and a desert basher. I took it on a quick on-road test drive to see how it feels around town. I was pleasantly surprised that the steering and the suspension felt very similar to a stock truck. There is no denying it. This truck is very tall! You sit above everybody else and look eye to eye with semi truck drivers, but the steering effort feels similar to a stock Super Duty and the truck feels easy to drive.

I look forward to driving the BA350 off-road.

Also, be on the lookout for what Defco Trucks calls the BA250 40-inch truck. They have a note about it on their website, but no images or specifications are yet available. The 40-inch truck refers to the tire size.

Come along on the first test drive below.