Should Ford Offer Harley-Davidson Ford F150 and Super Duty Editions From The Factory? (Poll)

2019 ford f150 Harley-davidson Tuscany
2019 Ford F150 Harley-Davidson by Tuscany

Trucks and motorcycles go hand in hand, right? Harley-Davidson and Tuscany Motor Co collaborate to create this 2019 Ford F150 Harley-Davidson concept truck. The concept truck is created to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 115th anniversary.

The concept truck gets a suspension lift, a very distinct grille, a custom hood, and 22-inch rims that are inspired by Harley-Davidson Fat Boy wheels. There are also many additional badges, LED lights, fender flares, and trim.

We missed the Harley-Davidson special edition Ford F150 and Ford Super Duty trucks since they went away several years ago. While the Tuscany customized trucks will be offered for sale at the end of this year through select dealers, should Ford and Harley-Davidson get together for a factory produced editions of half-ton and heavy duty trucks? If yes, what will these trucks look like?

Please let us know using the poll and the comments section below.

Here is another customized Ford F-150 with Falcon sport shocks.