Truck Rewind: Ford Bronco Montana Lobo Concept – Sliding Rear Door and Side-pipes!

Behold the Ford Bronco Montana Lobo concept which was based on a 1977 Ford Bronco chassis and components. It had its public debut at the 1981 Chicago Auto Show. Not many specs exist for this unique vehicle. The Ford Bronco Montana Lobo Concept most likely had a 133 horsepower 5.0-liter V8 that made 246 lbs-feet of torque. The exhaust pipes were mounted on both sides of the concept, because they looked cool. Side dump!

Ford Bronco

Based on the specs for a 1977 Ford Bronco, the Ford Bronco Montana Lobo Concept probably came with a 4-speed Borg-Warner T-18 manual transmission (a 4-speed New Process NP435 manual is possible too) or a 3-speed C6 automatic transmission. Equipped with Dana 44 solid axles front and rear, its capabilities may have been as rugged as its looks.

Without a doubt, the Ford Bronco Montana Lobo Concept was very utilitarian. It had external storage compartments, a sliding rear door which was made of glass, a built in loading ramp and a bench seat in the bed. The plexiglass “bubble” doors were removable along with transparent T-tops. The interior was equipped with digital instrumentation, but ventilated seats too. Innovations that were revolutionary back in 1981 which are now commonplace. It had a which that was somewhat hidden behind the front bumper.

The seats were covered in heavy-duty hemp material.

With the exception of the side louver, flying buttress design, the Ford Bronco Montana Lobo Concept was logically laid out. It had a large upper airfoil/wing that housed lighting for the front and rear of the truck. The integrated metal housing that held the airfoil was also a roll-bar.

It’s a shame that Ford opted to not produce this vehicle. It would have been a real competitor for several Jeep products at the time. Fortunately, Ford is producing an all-new Ford Bronco and we should be seeing it soon!

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