New 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Caught Testing on US Soil (Spy Photos)


The redesigned 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has already been revealed in Europe for that market, but Americans have yet to see the US-spec version of the German brand’s latest in cargo hauling. 

Another generous TFL reader has sent in a set of photos showing us what is most definitely a 2019 Sprinter, testing on US-soil in Colorado. Its easy to tell is a 2019 Sprinter based on the headlight and taillight design along with the classic Sprinter wheels. Though most of what we see is plain-old Sprinter, there are two interesting things to note.

On top of the test van, there is a large camo-wrapped box. Our first guess is that it’s a roof-mounted air-conditioning unit, a popular option for Sprinter-based RVs and passenger models in the US.

And then even more interesting is the strange camouflage shroud draped down the driver side of this Sprinter. If this is an RV of some kind, that could be where many of the external hookups could be placed.

We have one other theory: maybe this is the new all-electric Sprinter testing, and that strange flap is covering access to the battery packs. We know the eSprinter is about to go on sale in Europe, so maybe Mercedes is testing it for the US market.

Think you know what that the roof box or mystery shroud are? Let us know in the comments.

When it does arrive here, the van will be available in three types: cargo, passenger, and chassis. It will offer three powertrain choices: two diesels and one gas engine. The vans will be offered in several GVWRs of up to 10,500 lbs. Towing and payload capabilities will be similar to those of the outgoing Sprinter, but Mercedes did not yet release all of the specifications.

All of the US-specs for the Sprinter should become available closer to its on-sale date, which is set for later in 2018.