July 2018 Full-Size SUV Sales: Durango Comes Out On Top, While Navigator Gains Sales Up Over 60 Percent (Report)

2019 Dodge Durango gets a facelift
The Dodge Durango handily bested its competition in sales during the month of July (2019 GT model shown). [Photo: FCA]

Which full-size SUV came out on top in July 2018?

Another month has passed, and with it we see the next round of full-size SUV sales. Compared to June 2017, SUV sales have been shrinking, with a couple notable exceptions. In fact, while models from mainstream brands have declined in sales, luxury SUVs have expanded.

The Dodge Durango still tops the list in full-size SUV sales, with 4,882 units sold. While it handily beat out the Ford Expedition and Nissan Armada in sales, its numbers did slip in June. Monthly sells fell 8 percent versus June 2017, while year-to-date sales declined by 10 percent.

The Ford Expedition also declined last month by 3.9 percent. However, its luxurious twin, the Lincoln Navigator, gained huge ground. In June, its sales increased by a whopping 62.7 percent over last year. To date, the Navigator’s sales are up almost 80 percent this year.

The Lincoln Navigator’s sales have picked up nearly 80 percent this year. [Photo: Lincoln]
Other models like the Infiniti QX80, Lexus LX and Toyota Sequoia made slight gains or losses, or remained steady. The biggest year-to-date slide is with the Sequoia, which lost over 11.5 percent of its sales figures compared to this point last year.

Sales data is not available from GM, as they’ve started reporting quarterly. We’ll see the next round of sales results for Chevrolet and GMC in October, after the third quarter ends.

Climbing gas prices seem to be affecting full-size SUV sales from mainstream brands. On the other hand, luxury SUVs still seem to be gaining ground. We’ll see if that trend holds through August. Stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for more sales updates!

Full-size SUV sales – July 2018

July 2018 # July 2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Dodge Durango 4,882 -8.0% 37,604 -10%
Ford Expedition 3,475 -3.9% 31,409 -9.6%
Nissan Armada 2,294 -7.4% 20,739 24.7%
Lincoln Navigator 1,191 62.7% 10,306 79.9%
Infiniti QX80 1,131 6.7% 10,073 -8.3%
Toyota Sequoia 907 -5.8% 6,348 -11.5%
Lexus LX 370 -0.8% 2,952 -3.8%
Toyota Land Cruiser 189 -2.1% 1,712 -0.8%
Chevrolet Suburban no report quarterly no report quarterly
Chevrolet Tahoe no report quarterly no report quarterly
GMC Yukon no report quarterly no report quarterly
GMC Yukon XL no report quarterly no report quarterly

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