The Rezvani Tank Military Edition is a $295K Wrangler JK Built for Battle

Rezvani Motors is already responsible for selling some insane machines, and its latest creation doesn’t disappoint. 

The Rezvani Tank Military Edition is built to go anywhere and take on anyone, using the chassis of the Jeep Wrangler JK as its base and a 6.2-liter HEMI V8 with 500 horsepower from FCA as the standard engine. Best of all, if you’re willing to pay an extra $65,000, Rezvani will install the 707-hp Hellcat V8 in this beast, which means service can be done at any Jeep or Dodge dealer.

The Tank’s dimensions register at 83-inches tall, 196-inches long and 84-inches wide, while Rezvani claims that it weighs 4,300 pounds. That claim seems dubious, considering a 2018 Wrangler JK Rubicon weighs 4,340 lbs, but we’ll just go with it.

Level seven ballistic armor is used to protect occupants, capable of stopping high-caliber weapons, assualt rifles and bomb blasts from below. Kevlar is wrapped around the radiator, battery and fuel tank to keep them safe.

A couple go-go gadget features are here to help elude bad guys as well, like a deployable smoke screen at the touch of a button. Magnetic deadbolts keep the doors closed and electrified door handles keep unwanted guests out. And if you pull up at night, powerful front and rear blinding lights will keep unwanted eyes off you.

Thermal night vision from FLIR is displayed on the center console screen and can display standard night vision or heat signatures. A military-grade survival kit is found inside the luxury interior, packed with gas masks, a hypothermia kit and a first aid kit to help with any situation that may arise.

And like any good police vehicle, strobe lights, sirens and a full intercom system with external speakers and a microphone are fitted so the occupants can communicate with the outside world in safety.

So what does it all cost? Base price for a Tank Military Edition is $295,000, while a fully loaded model can climb up to $400,000. Options include the Off-Road Extreme Suspension package for $12,500, Leather Interior for $3,500 and the Ultimate Sound System for just $8,200.

The Rezvani Tank takes about 12 weeks to build depending on the options and production gets underway after you send the company a $10,000 deposit. The Tank is street legal around the world.