How Many Toyota Tacoma Trucks Can They Sell By Adding a Third Plant in Mexico? (Report)

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Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with a Desert Air Intake. [Photo: Toyota]
A recent report published by Auto News states that Toyota is adding a third plant in North America to build more Tacomas in order to satisfy an ever growing demand for the truck. How many more Toyota Tacoma trucks will they be able to sell? The new plant that is currently under construction in Guanajuato is slated for a capacity of 100,000 trucks per year, according to the report.

That is a huge increase in capacity. Toyota is on track to sell over 200,000 Tacomas in 2018 in the U.S.A. Tacoma sales continue to increase at mind-bending pace (22.9% increase year-to-date 2018 over 2017). One might think Toyota should be able to sell every Tacoma they can build. Can they sell over 300,000 Tacomas in the United States in a year? We will have to wait a while. The new plant has to come online and begin production.

As you may know, Toyota is currently producing the Tacoma and Tundra in San Antonio, Texas. There is a second plant in Baja that recently came on line. This plant will be the third plant in North America to produce the Tacoma.

Report states that Toyota changed their plan about a year ago and directed their Mexico operations team to switch the Guanajuato plant from building the Toyota Corolla compact sedan to building the Tacoma. The overall investment stands at around $700 million.

What do you think? Can Toyota build about 100,000 Tacomas per year and sell all of them? This definitely gives midsize truck competitors (GM, Nissan, Ford, and Jeep) something to think about.

How does the Tacoma compare to the new Tundra? You gotta watch this video.