Here is Why the Toyota Land Cruiser Is the Ultimate Overland Rig (Video)

2019 toyota land cruiser overland
Toyota Land Cruiser – by Expedition Overland

What makes the ultimate overland rig? This new Land Cruiser, a fully equipped off-road trailer, roof tent, and accessories exceed $150,000. What do you get for this kind of money? We talk to Kurt from Expedition Overland about this setup.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This latest generation of the Land Cruiser offers the powerful 5.7L V8 engine with 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque. The 6-speed automatic transmission does the shifting. This is a robust engine, but it is thirsty for fuel. As such, there is a second fuel tank kit available for the Land Cruiser that mounts in the factory spare tire location. The spare tire is relocated to the rear swing-away mount on the back bumper. This Land Cruiser is carrying two spare tires back there.

The next important modification is the ICON suspension lift and shocks. We personally do not have a lot of experience with this suspension system, but Kurt says it makes this Toyota ride better over rough terrain.

Front steel bumper is added, and it houses a winch. The roof rack is carrying some extra storage boxes and a two-person tent. The cargo bay features a custom-built shelf system that aides in gear and camera storage.

Often, a single vehicle (even a big Land Cruiser) does not offer enough space for all the gear and people for a long overland excursion. A fully-built off-road trailer is added to help sleep at least two more people, while also providing a full field kitchen and more storage. A trailer like this is also made air-tight when folded down in order to protect the equipment from dust and water. The trailer like this may also reach a $50,000 price tag.

Join Kurt and Roman for a detailed discussion about what make the Land Cruiser the ultimate overland vehicle.