Ford Could be Testing a 10-Speed Automatic for its New Super Duty (Prototype Hunting)

While running the Ike Gauntlet for a video shoot, The Fast Lane Truck discovered a group of Ford employees during a head-to-head towing test with a Super Duty dually and its competition. 

We stopped to take a closer look, and we had the cameras rolling. You can see the video here.

All the trucks carried large “Ford Motor Company” stickers on the sides, including the Ram 3500 and Chevy 3500 that were in attendance. All of the trucks appeared to be current model year vehicles, so it’s hard to determine what exactly was being tested.

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Thanks to a tip, we were able to ascertain that Ford is going to begin building a heavy duty version of its 10-speed automatic at its Sharonville Transmission Plant in Ohio soon, a unit capable of handling up to 1,032 lb-ft of torque.

So combine that knowledge with our recent sighting, and our best guess is that Ford is out on the mountain calibrating its new transmission and making sure it stacks up to the competition.

In theory, a 10-speed should help the new Super Duty be more powerful down low and more efficient while at cruising speeds. We’ll have to wait and see if this is a rumor that comes true.

Stay tuned!