Chevy City Express Cargo Van Axed

2017 Chevrolet City Express

Chevy has decided to kill off its small cargo van thanks to poor sales. 

News of this is just getting out, but GM actually informed its dealers in the summer of 2017 that the van would be cancelled, and final orders were taken for the City Express in September of 2017.

The City Express was essentially a re-badged Nissan NV200 and was built by Nissan at a plant in Cuernavac, Mexico. Production of the City Express ended in February, 2018.

Chevy teamed with Nissan to quickly get themselves into the small utility van market to challenge the Ford Transit Connect, but the sales never came. Chevy has moved less than 30,000 City Express vans since it went on sale in November of 2014, while Ford has sold an annual average of 42,500 Transit Connects since 2013.

No word from GM on whether or not there is a plan to replace the van has come.

[Source: Automotive News]