Canucks & Trucks: 2018 Toyota Tundra Reviewed with a 8,300 Lbs Trailer (MPG & 0-60 MPH)

2018 Toyota Tundra heavy trailer 0-60 mph mpg
2018 Toyota Tundra with a heavy trailer

The Toyota Tundra gets a mild refresh and new technology for the 2018 model year. The chassis and the powertrain remain the same. Yep, the 5.7L V8 with 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque and the 6-speed automatic transmission are still there. We have done a lot of testing the Tundra over the years, but Stephen puts this extended cab Tundra 4×4 through another very tough battery of tests.

He hitches up an 8,300 lbs trailer full of rocks, and goes for 125 km drive to deliver them. There are two goals. First, figure out the fuel economy with a heavy trailer in the back. Also, how quickly can this truck accelerate from a dead stop to 60 mph with that heavy load? Will it merge onto the highway in time to match the traffic speed?

Stephen also demonstrates the newly available Toyota Safety Sense (TSS-P) driver assistance technology suite. It includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and more. How do these technologies stack up against the competition?

Watch the video to get all of the results.