Ask TFLTruck: The Future of the Nissan Frontier and Ram HDs Plus 2019 Ram Truck Sales

We’ve got some burning questions about the future of two different trucks today, so let’s get out our crystal ball and try to find an answer.

Question number one comes from Andy Brehm:

Any word on the new Frontier?  I’m in the market for a new midsize truck and don’t want domestic and the Tacoma just seems safe and boring. I’m really interested in the new Frontier but it seems like there have been rumors of the next generation for years and nothing ever comes.

First of all, Nissan has confirmed officially that the next-generation Frontier will be built at the Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant. There is definitely a new Frontier coming in the near future, we’re just not sure exactly when.

Major investment announcements in the Canton plant from Nissan and its suppliers have been announced recently, and could be related to the new pickup. Based on those announcements, our best guess is that new Frontier could be here by late 2018 as a 2019 model year vehicle. If that doesn’t come to fruition, we can’t imagine that the Frontier would get here any later than 2020.

We have reached out to Nissan for an official response and will publish it once it arrives.


Question number two comes from Thomas Gernentz:

I saw that the new 2019 Ram 1500 is already being offered with discounts and that the 2019 Ram Classic has been added.  How have the sales been for the new 1500 body style?  Any word on IIHS crash testing results?

The 2020 Ram 2500/3500 is coming out in Jan 2019, will Ram up a 4 corner air suspension on the big heavy duty truck?

First off, the sales question, and sadly it’s not possible to answer it. Ram does not break up sales for new body style versus old. The brand simply reports “Ram Pickup” sales, and that includes half-tons and HDs. But, we can still give you a somewhat relevant answer.

In June 2018, Ram sold 43,542 pickup trucks, an increase of just over one percent compared to June 2017. The interesting part is that Ram sales are actually down 6.75 percent year-over-year, as the brand has moved just 233,539 trucks this year in the US, compared to 250,443 by the same time last year.

The biggest reason for the dip in sales? Ram has significantly cut back on its fleet sales.

It’s also possible that the fact that Ram is only building crew cab V8 models of the new 2019 truck so far is also limiting some customers from getting the type of truck they’re waiting for. Now that the Classic has been announced, we’ll have to wait and see in future months if Ram sales pick back up.

As for the crash testing question, a Ram spokesperson responded to an inquiry, saying “IIHS timing is on their schedule. I do not have an answer for you but expect soon.”

Finally, it certainly makes sense in our mind that Ram would add four-corner air suspension to its HD models. But we have had no official word on this, and of course Ram won’t divulge information on future product. If we find anything out about this though, we’ll be sure to let you know.