Truck Rewind: 2000 Ford Equator Concept – Is this a Ford’s Hummer?

2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept

Debuting at the 2000 North American International Auto Show, the 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept was a one-off prototype that was later auctioned off for charity. Under the file for: “they did what?” The 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept was (quite obviously) inspired by the AM General HUMVEE, but it does predate the production of the GM-based Hummers. The 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept was based on a Ford heavy-duty platform, with the same wheelbase as a (128-inch) standard F-150.

Looking at it, most people would swear it’s a Hummer H2T – which it nearly is, IF you only used Ford parts to build it. The side skirt folds down automatically to create a step for both front and back doors. It also creates a waterproof cover for the lower sides of the vehicle when folded up.

Details about its engine are scarce; however, back in the early 2000s, a Ford heavy-duty-based vehicle like the 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept most likely had a 235 horsepower Power Stroke turbodiesel that made 500 lbs-feet of torque or the 6.8-liter gas V10 that made 310 horsepower and 425 lbs-feet of torque. Whichever engine they used may have been connected to a 4-Speed Electronic Automatic with overdrive.

Many exterior components, like the fenders, were made of kevlar for extra rugged rigidity. Unlike the Hummer H2T, the 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept’s suspension is fully independent, front and rear. A fully-adjustable 32-inch coil-over gas shock setup supports aluminum upper control arms with steel lower control arms.

While other details, such as lockers, axle size and performance are difficult to find, we do know that, like the Hummer H2T and Chevrolet Avalanche, the 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept had a folding mid-gate behind the rear seats allowing the small bed to expand to over six-feet in length. It also had a utilitarian interior that allowed you to move the IP main gauges along a metal slide facing the driver.

Sure, the 2000 Ford Equator Pickup Truck Concept’s design bore more than a striking resemblance to the H1 and subsequent GM Hummer models that followed .

Speaking of Hummers…


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