Ouch! Off-Road Misadventure with Nissan Frontier and GMC Canyon (Video)

How will a 2018 Nissan Frontier 4×4 Midnight Edition and a 2018 GMC Canyon 4×4 Denali do up the Pennsylvania Gulch, deep in the Rocky Mountains?

These two midsize trucks represent two different schools of thought. The Frontier represents an old-school design with more compact dimensions and a torquey V6. The Canyon, on the other hand, is a new take on a midsize pickup truck. It boasts a high-revving V6 with over 300 horsepower and a much more crossover-like ride.

These two trucks are not fully-built off-road specials, but they still have robust 4WD systems with a low range transfer case.

The Canyon is loaded to the maximum with a luxurious Denali package. It rings the M.S.R.P bell at around $46,000. The Frontier Midnight Edition is a simpler truck with a sinister look and a much lower prices tag near $33,000.

We go up a new trail we recently discovered – the Pennsylvania Gulch. Unfortunately, we hit trouble half-way up the mountain. Check out the video below for the complete TFL misadventure.