• Ouch! Off-Road Misadventure with Nissan Frontier and GMC Canyon (Video)

    How will a 2018 Nissan Frontier 4×4 Midnight Edition and a 2018 GMC Canyon 4×4 Denali do up the Pennsylvania Gulch, deep in the Rocky Mountains?

    These two midsize trucks represent two different schools of thought. The Frontier represents an old-school design with more compact dimensions and a torquey V6. The Canyon, on the other hand, is a new take on a midsize pickup truck. It boasts a high-revving V6 with over 300 horsepower and a much more crossover-like ride.

    These two trucks are not fully-built off-road specials, but they still have robust 4WD systems with a low range transfer case.

    The Canyon is loaded to the maximum with a luxurious Denali package. It rings the M.S.R.P bell at around $46,000. The Frontier Midnight Edition is a simpler truck with a sinister look and a much lower prices tag near $33,000.

    We go up a new trail we recently discovered – the Pennsylvania Gulch. Unfortunately, we hit trouble half-way up the mountain. Check out the video below for the complete TFL misadventure.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.