Ford and VW to Work Together on Future Products? More Trucks and Vans for Us? (Report)

2019 ford ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

Ford and VW are working on a strategic alliance in order to strengthen their commercial vehicle offerings across the globe. Ford released this statement last week. Both companies already have very strong market positions. Ford leads the commercial van market in the United States with Transit, Transit Connect, and E-Series chassis. Ford offers a great variety of commercial vehicles: from the F-150 and all the way to F-750 medium duty trucks. On the other hand, VW has a very strong position around the world with their Transporter vans and their ownership of MAN and Scania heavy truck brands.

Ford is making it clear that this is not a merger or a buy-out from a financial point of view. This is two companies working together on certain vehicle projects. The alliance negotiation is still in its early stages, and the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

We know that both Ford and VW are already working on ways to electrify their vehicles. Ford is working on the F-150 Hybrid and Mach 1 electrified vehicle. VW is deep into the development of their I.D. electric vehicle lineup that includes crossovers and vans. Both companies are working on autonomous vehicle technologies.

Let’s hope that this alliance will come to fruition and brings more choices to the U.S. consumers, such as the VW Atlas Tanoak midsize truck, VW Transporter van, and more.