Old vs New: Toyota Land Cruiser vs Hummer H2 – Which Is the Better Overlander? (Video)

The Toyota Land Cruiser is considered by many to be the gold standard in overland vehicles. Many different versions of the Land Cruiser are used by travelers and governments around the world to get across difficult terrain. What does it make the Hummer H2 as far as overlanding is concerned. Is it the “coal standard”?

We took both of these SUVs on the Iron Clad trail in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to see how they handle some moderate rock crawling.

Both of these SUVs are big, they both have big and thirsty V8s, and they both have capable 4×4 systems. The Hummer has 4Lo with a rear locker, the Land Cruiser has 4Lo with a center locking differential and a very clever traction management system. Still, the H2 has better clearance underneath, and aggressive BFGoodrich mud terrain tires.

Which truck will do better on this trail? Is the Hummer H2 too wide to tackle a trail like this? Find out in the video below.