Which Diesel Truck is Quickest? 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 vs 2018 Ram 3500 vs 2018 Ford F350 (Video)

2005 2018 ram 3500 dodge diesel old new drag race

Which diesel heavy duty truck is the quickest? Perhaps this is not the first question you might ask when considering a 1-ton heavy hauler dually truck, but it’s a lot of fun to find out. In this special episode of “Old vs New” drag race, we pit a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500, against a 2018 Ram HD 3500, against a 2018 Ford F350.

Here are the old vs new truck specs. Here is what’s changed after 13 years.

2005 Dodge Ram HD 3500 2018 Ram HD 3500
Configuration SLT 4×4 Quad cab dually Longhorn SouthFork 4×4 Crew cab dually
Engine 5.9L HO Cummins I6 6.7L HO Cummins I6
Horsepower 325 hp @ 2,900 rpm 385 hp @ 2,800 rpm
Torque 600 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm 930 lb-ft @ 1,700 rpm
Transmission 4-speed Automatic 6-speed Automatic (Aisin)
Curb Weight (as tested) 7,500 lbs 8,700 lbs
GVWR 12,200 lbs 14,000 lbs
GCWR 23,000 lbs 39,100 lbs

The 2005 quad cab was the largest cab configuration available back then. A full crew cab was not an option. Both of these Ram trucks are equipped with “High Output” (HO) versions of the respective turbo-diesel engines. Ram has just bumped up the torque level of the 2018 truck to 930 lb-ft of torque. Notice how the truck’s capability was increased. The 2018 truck is capable of towing up to a 30,320 lbs gooseneck hitch trailer.

The 2018 Ford F350 is another heavy duty truck that got a power bump for this model year. The 6.7L Power Stroke V8 is now rated at 450 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm and 935 lb-ft of torque @ 1,800 rpm. This truck is rated to tow up to 31,300 lbs with a GCWR of 40,000 lbs.

Join the drag racing fun in the video below.