What is Your Idea of Overlanding: Motorcycle, Van, Older 4×4 SUV, Customized HD Truck, or ? (Poll)


Here is a seemingly simple question – what is “overlanding” and what does it mean to you? We are currently in the process of updating and modifying 2003 Hummer H2 for our off-road trip to the Overland Expo West in Arizona (from our HQ in Colorado).

The question came up when we were talking about the entire spectrum of “overlanding”. Technically, it means traveling over land, but it means so much to so many people. This is why we want to get your feedback and comments.

It has to do a lot with the ultimate freedom of traveling wherever and whenever you want and living simply out of your vehicle. Does it mean that cross-country family campground trips count, or does it mean that you are in the wilderness without anybody else for many miles?

Here is a small two-wheel-drive van that is converted into a camping/RV vehicle.

Here is a look at a Toyota Land Cruiser and a family who are making their away around the globe.

Please give us your feedback using the poll and comments section below.