Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Other Midsize Trucks Continue Huge Sales Gains

There seems to be no limit to how many more trucks Toyota Tacoma or Chevy Colorado (among others) can sell in a month. The Tacoma sold over 20,000 truck in March. The Colorado sold nearly 13,000 units, which represents an astounding 51.9% increase over March of last year.

The aging Nissan Frontier had similar success with nearly 9,000 trucks sold. GMC Canyon turned around recent sales declines with an improvement in March. The only midsize pickup truck that is struggling is the Honda Ridgeline.

The half-ton truck segment had a successful sales month in March.


MarĀ 2018 # MarĀ 2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Toyota Tacoma 20,250 21.1% 53,779 23.7%
Chevrolet Colorado 12,798 51.9% 28,859 29.1%
Nissan Frontier 8,932 28.1% 22,825 46.6%
GMC Canyon 2,723 9.4% 7,213 -4.2%
Honda Ridgeline 2,690 -28.8% 7,005 -28.0%

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