Ford Ranger Raptor Spied in Michigan! Is It Coming to America?

2020 ford ranger raptor prototype michigan usa engine specs
Ford Ranger Raptor prototype in Michigan (Tyler Brogley)

Check out this blue Ford Ranger Raptor prototype that was seen testing in Michigan this weekend. Thanks to Tyler B. for sending us the image. This test vehicle has a “RAPTOR” decal right on the rear fender for everyone to see, and to avoid any confusion. The fenders, flares, wheels, tires, bumper, and hitch confirm that this is a Ranger Raptor test truck.

The non-U.S. version of the Ranger Raptor was officially unveiled in February in Bangkok, Thailand. That truck was a right-hand drive. Tyler tells us that the prototype he took a picture of here had the steering on the left. Is the Ranger Raptor coming to America?

Ford has not made any official announcements on whether the Ranger Raptor is coming to the USA. If it does come stateside, we expect that it will not offer the bi-turbo diesel engine that announced for other markets. The truck goes on sale in Asia near the end of this calendar year.

Although, there are no official news on the Ranger Raptor for America – Ford did announce a comprehensive plan to expand and renew their pickup truck and SUV lineup over the next several year. Here is a quick excerpt from their March 15th, 2018 press release.

  • 2018: New 3.0-liter Power StrokeĀ® diesel engine for F-150, updated version of the popular F-150 Raptor
  • 2019: Ranger returns to midsize truck segment; new F-Series Super Duty debuts
  • 2020: New F-150 debuts with new hybrid powertrain featuring a mobile generator

We already know that the Ford F-150 Diesel is coming this calendar year (2018). The 3.0L Power Stroke V6 is joining the F-150 lineup this spring. This turbo-diesel will be mated to Ford’s latest 10-speed automatic transmission.

Updated version of the Ford F-150 Raptor in 2018!?!

We anticipate this to be the labeled as a 2019 Ford Raptor, but no further details have been announced yet. Will it have another engine option in addition to the 3.5L EcoBoost V6? Will it have a new front-end design similar to the 2018 F-150? We will have to wait a little longer to find out.

New Ford Super Duty debuts in 2019!?!

How can there be a “new” super duty in 2019, when the current generation arrived in late 2016? We will be getting more details for you, so please stay tuned. There is a strong indication that this 2020 Ford Super Duty will have an HD version of the 10-speed automatic transmission. We do not yet have an official word on whether the rumored 7.0L V8 engine will also come to fruition.

Ford already announced the F-150 Hybrid at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, but now it’s confirmed that the truck is coming in a “new” F-150 in 2020 calendar year. This surely sounds like a thorough refresh of the current generation of the F-150, which made its debut in 2014 as a 2015 model.