Ford F250 “Rusty Boy” Is Alive and Well! (Video)

ford f250 rusty boy high
Ford F250 “Rusty Boy” is alive!

We could not be more happy to see our Ford F-250 “Rusty Boy” project truck back in action after we sold it. Rusty Boy is a 1974 Ford F-250 “High Boy” 4×4 truck. The truck originally received its High Boy nickname because of the higher ride height and off-road capability. It has a divorced transfer case: transfer case and transmission are separated by an additional drive shaft. The Ford High Boy also gave a start to the original Big Foot monster truck.

Glynn and Mark purchased the truck several month ago and continued to bring it into better mechanical shape ever since. They traced the truck’s options and origin as a Colorado truck. It is a fully loaded model with factory air conditioning, although the AC is currently missing.

Here is the latest update from the new owners: Glynn and Mark.  Do you want to see more of Rusty Boy? Let us know in the comments below.