• Ford F250 “Rusty Boy” Is Alive and Well! (Video)

    ford f250 rusty boy high
    Ford F250 “Rusty Boy” is alive!

    We could not be more happy to see our Ford F-250 “Rusty Boy” project truck back in action after we sold it. Rusty Boy is a 1974 Ford F-250 “High Boy” 4×4 truck. The truck originally received its High Boy nickname because of the higher ride height and off-road capability. It has a divorced transfer case: transfer case and transmission are separated by an additional drive shaft. The Ford High Boy also gave a start to the original Big Foot monster truck.

    Glynn and Mark purchased the truck several month ago and continued to bring it into better mechanical shape ever since. They traced the truck’s options and origin as a Colorado truck. It is a fully loaded model with factory air conditioning, although the AC is currently missing.

    Here is the latest update from the new owners: Glynn and Mark.  Do you want to see more of Rusty Boy? Let us know in the comments below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    11 thoughts on “Ford F250 “Rusty Boy” Is Alive and Well! (Video)

    1. Too bad Ford does not offer a high boy. At least GM offers a 2 inch lift on standard models now. Trucks are mostly too low to the ground these days. This summer I am planning on buying a project truck, likely a 4 door Tacoma for about 4-6 grand for a bush pig for the camp rather than a side by side quad, stick some 35 or 37’s on it.

      I don’t mind seeing a High Boy Ford once in awhile, bring it on.

    2. Thomas – – –

      T: “I don’t mind seeing a High Boy Ford once in awhile, bring it on.”

      Yeah, but I’d like to see a current production “High Boy” to give the Power Wagon some competition (^_^)…


      1. Bernie…park a current Ford Super Duty next to a current PowerWagon. They sit at about the same height. Power Wagon rides on 33″ tires; Super Duty rides on 33.2″ tires if they are the commonplace 18″ rim or 34.1″ if they are the 20″ tires. Given the both trucks have solid front axles, their differential and axles sizes are roughly similar and therefore the Ford has the same minimum ground clearance or better than a PowerWagon. Stock tires on an FX4 package F-250 are GoodYear Wrangler Adventure w/ Kevlare; they are suprisingly decent but not as good off-road as the DuraTracs on a Power Wagon. Otherwise, the Power Wagon has a front locker which one-ups the Ford’s rear locker, and the front roll-bar disconnect which will help it flex better.

        1. Troverman the front bumper on mostly all trucks especially Ford and GM are terribly too low. You will say it is an easy fix but I say if it is so easy then how come the manufacturers cant do it. GM removed the air dam I believe on the Trail Boss finally and raised it 2 inches. Ford has a Raptor but especially for Canadians that is overpriced for the average Joe. Ram has the Rebel with a proper front bumper and Toyota has the Pro lineup and the Tundra is decent to begin with. Those HD Fords with that low air dam that is basically body moulding is way too low and the bumper is not designed to take even a small hit. The Rebel and the Raptor for example can touch some dirt with the front bumper and survive with minimal damage compared to a bumper where you just remove an air dam. Its not proper for an FX4. An FX4 should have a proper front bumper especially around the front wheels like what the Rebel does and the ZR2. That should be standard on an off road based truck. These front bumpers are ridiculous, some have worse clearance than some cars and they are off road based trucks???

    3. I’m looking at new 4×4 trucks. I’ll be looking for a long time. I find better prices outside my home town. But tax return season is a horrible time to shop for cars and trucks.

      I go to the beach 3 or 4 times a year. Kids camp on the beach. $500 dollars a month for 72 months to camp on the beach 4 times a year is just stupid. (That’s with 10% to 12% down.) And those are their 1/2 ton prices. (State campground is less than 100 yards from the beach and as a disabled vet I can camp there free. I can get out there and back without 4×4. But not with camper and trailer. And I’d like to spend the night on the beach with them).

      I want a 74 high boy. Lol

      1. @Gkozy
        We had the same dilemna when our kids were small. Ended up buying an older motor home and fixed it up as a family.
        Great memories and it was surprisingly affordable.
        Of course it “needed” headers/cam/intake/carb/ignition/short dual exhaust.
        I never held up traffic…

    4. I had a 76 Highboy. I wish i still had it, what a tough truck. Dark blue, chrome spokes with 35″ tires. Rode like a lumber wagon and would get around 9 miles a gallon pulling a camp trailer. OUCH!

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