• Diesel Truck Dyno Day: Regular Guys Go For Big Horsepower and Torque Numbers (Video)

    dodge ram cummins race-ready truck dyno power day
    Dodge Ram Cummins race-ready truck

    It’s time for the annual dyno day at the ATS Diesel shop in Colorado. This is a place for diesel truck builders from around the state and the country to come together and see how powerful their trucks really are. This includes truck from dedicated diesel shops and regular guys with modified trucks.

    The upgrades range from mild to wild. Some guys are using simple air intake and exhaust system upgrades in combination with an engine and transmission management tune. While others feature extensive modifications with a dual-compound or triple turbo systems and fully re-built engines and transmissions.

    I got a chance to speak with a few of the owners and drivers as they put their truck on the Mustang dynamometer.

    Join the friendly competition in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    18 thoughts on “Diesel Truck Dyno Day: Regular Guys Go For Big Horsepower and Torque Numbers (Video)

      1. Toycrusher – – –

        Yup. Was thinking the same thing. That in-line 6 frees up a lot of space under the hood.
        1600+ lb.-ft is getting into Semi territory!


      2. Toy, they do all the time. Both brands of V8’s in fact
        For 2 years in a row a Ford Superduty won the ATS diesel challenge with a 6.0L. But we all know none of those engines are stock.

        1. Jimmy and Brewhaha, I agree it’s doable, but Cummins is simply easier. Like the SBC of the diesel world.

          I personally have chosen SB Fords for projects, even though, if we are being honest, they don’t have the potential of an SBC and everything for them is much more expensive.

          1. How is it easier? It’s all nuts and bolts and in many cases it depends on the kit. Several of the V8 kits has a single in the V of the engine and the other 2 on the side. Pretty simple compared to other projects. One thing with an in line kit is you are working with exhaust plumbing all together in one small area on the side of the engine.

    1. I thought that in the socialistic republic of Colorado, it was illegal to “burn Coal” Or are the Commie regulators in Colorado able to be bought off? Next thing you know, they’ll let them have High Capacity magazines for their pistols. You know, the 10 plus round magazines that are standard on most modern pistols today.
      Anyway, it looks like people had some fun. Albeit expensive fun.

    2. While on the subject of Diesels, I see that Government Motors (they still haven’t repaid all the debt) have announced a 3 litre inline 5 cylinder diesel for the Silverado (or is that Canyonaro?) Does this mean that the 4 cylinder 2.8 Duramax is crap? It would be far cheaper and easier to bore & stroke a 2.8 to 3.0 and take less space under the hood. It would probably be lighter weight as well. Or is it possible that they are justifying the obscene amount of profit ($7,000 + per truck!) that they gouge the public for these things? Bear in mind that is before the auto dealer makes a penny. It is more than double the profit they make on cars, which, in many ways are harder to produce.
      Just wondering-

      1. Tote, what what is wrong with auto manufacturers making profit? In this case GM. Think of the huge financial responsibility they have between all of their plants, engineering buildings, hundreds of thousands of employees to pay, and to have enough cash reserve for the lean times.

      2. GM has paid back their debt and no longer owes the government. (And the gov has sold off the stock they were holding)

        It’s gonna be a 3.0l inline 6 not 5 cylinder and no real information or specs have been given so we don’t know how this engine compares to the 2.8l in the Colorado.
        I’m guessing it will be considerably more powerful and will have better NVH.

        I for one an glad to see a ground up new design just for this platform vs taking a smaller 181hp engine and trying to push it’s limits by upping the power and installing it into a heavier truck

    3. Anyone can show good numbers when you do surgery to correct it. Just ask my ex-wife. Why not show the numbers with what the good Lord gave you. I’d be curious to see stock numbers at the wheels for a lot of 1/2 ton and 3/4 gassers. Is the Ford 3.5L Ecoboost really 470 ft/lb torque where it counts; At the wheels? Most definitely not! And I’m a Ford fan, but know when to call B.S. in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

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