• Big SUV Drag Race: 2018 Ford Expedition vs. GMC Yukon vs. Infiniti QX80 (Video)

    2018 ford expedition gmc yukon denali infiniti qx80 drag race video competition
    2018 Ford Expedition vs GMC Yukon Denali vs Infiniti QX80

    Which new luxury SUVs is the quickest? Is it a 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum, or a 2018 GMC Yukon Denali, or a 2018 Infiniti QX80?

    The Expedition is all-new for 2018 with an updated chassis, aluminum body, and a power boost for the Platinum model to make it a 400 hp and 480 lb-ft three-row SUV.

    The 2018 Yukon keeps the 6.2L V8, but gets a new 10-speed automatic transmission that was codeveloped with Ford (the aforementioned Expedition has their version of the 10-speed).

    The 2018 QX80 gets a mostly cosmetic update with a new front and rear lights and fascias.

    So which new technology is going to win this drag race? Is it twin turbocharging or is it big displacement? Let’s find out in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    59 thoughts on “Big SUV Drag Race: 2018 Ford Expedition vs. GMC Yukon vs. Infiniti QX80 (Video)

      1. Well Steve, wouldn’t you look kinda silly racing a turbo with your reliable Toyota Corolla?

        I find it amusing that everyone assumes the Ecoboost engines won’t be reliable because of the turbos. Then, they turn around and claim that turbocharged diesels are good for 500K.

          1. IOMike. Nonsense. You’ve obviously never had to fork out thousands of dollars to replace a burned out turbo or a cracked turbo housing in one of those “commercial/industrial” engines.

        1. Who said anything about Corolla? 1. Diesel engines are not twin turbos. 2. They run at half the RPM. And it’s not just about the turbos, Thes 3.5’s and 2.7’s are working much harder then your regular v8 engines. It’s like if you get drugged to work harder. How long would you last?

    1. Yeah that 19mpg is a pipe dream… Will never happen… On the other hand I’ve heard of 23mpg out if the 6.2 on the highway..
      Ford is eco or boost, GM is best all around, and can actually achieve better than rated mpg. Credit where credit is do though.. the eco boost is fast..

      1. Regardless of all the stories that the Chevy 6.2 gets better fuel economy than the ecoboost, it’s just not true. Check out the thousands of entries at Fuelly.

        1. PIck up trucks. Com did a test couple years back, 5.3, 6.2, 3.5 ft and others. Ford was rated at 23, 5.3 at 22 and 6.2 21 (2WD). They were tested same day, side by side. 3.5 got 22, 5.3 24, and 6.2 24, that’s real world test and not what ford only likes to look good on paper.

    2. Our 2011 F150 we have has right around 200k turbos are still good, but that truck is worn slap out and has been in and out of the shop for the past 40k miles…
      On the other hand my 07 Sierra 6.0 has almost 230k on it and has only had the throttle body replaced (due to no remote start) and pilot bearing replaced in rear diff after I put a boulder on a gravel road doing 60… Would much rather have the GM small block, they are just more reliable…

    3. Fun test though as usual very casual and impromptu…

      You guys need to do an opposite day where you go down to sea level and heat and see which is quicker. Turbos hate the heat more than N/A motors and there advantage at altitude would be gone. Would be interesting….

      Should also be interesting to see how the next gen GM big utes turn out . If the new trucks are an indication , they will be much lighter more powerful and fuel efficient.

      Currently , the all new Expedition/Navigator are the best large SUV’s out there.

    4. $80,000 freaking thousand dollars for these things?

      What real family can afford them? My house only cost me $83,900 when we had it built in 1993.

      Sorry but prices are just no longer affordable, people are having to take out 72 and 84 month loans on this things anymore and they are upside down the entire time period of the loan until the last few months which by then the vehicle is not even worth that much.

    5. $80,000 dollars minus $16,000 (20%) down payment comes out to $64,000 dollars not include tax, tag and fees.

      A 48 month loan of $64,000 dollars at 3.11% comes out to $1,420 dollars a month.

      A 60 month loan of $64,000 dollars at 3.11% comes out to $1,153 dollars a month.

      A 72 month loan of $64,000 dollars at 3.11% comes out to $976 dollars a month.

      A 84 month loan of $64,000 dollars at 3.11% comes out to $849 dollars a month.

      1. They’re overpriced, but no one pays full price either, especially the Fords. If you can wait until they’ve been on the market more than a couple months you can easily get big discounts.

      2. I’m thinking that if it takes a 5-7 year loan to pay it off, a person might be better off just leasing it for 3 years. Lease payment would be less than loan payment, and you’d never have any warranty worries (because you’d get a brand-new vehicle every three years, just as the factory 36 mo/36,000 mi warranty expires). Also, if the dealer or leasing company throws in free maintenance for 36mo/36,000 mi with the lease, operating costs would net out probably better overall with a lease than a 6-7 year loan to buy, and a brand new vehicle every three years might be nice. That’s all assuming one has the cash flow for a perennial lease.

      3. Black Sheep, it is good to finally see someone think about the actual payments for these overpriced SUVs. I know a lot of people that don’t have a penny to spare from check to check because of their fancy SUV payments. So many people have no concept of the math/numbers part of the deal and get into the showroom and agree on a deal only to end up going 84 or even 96 months just to get approved through finance. Even then they are strapped to make 5ose higher interest payments. I also fear we are going back to the days of if you have a job and a pulse you’re approved. I’m sure many can afford these pricey rigs but there are so many people out there stretched thin just to pay a car payment. I decided many years ago I would never stretch our family for a car, truck, or you name it. It’s not worth it. Peace.

    6. Th aks TFL staff for a really fun video! I wasn’t surprised that the Ford won but was very surprised that it beat the 6.2 Denali THAT bad. Usually the 6.2 hangs tight with the EB so I wonder how much Ford is sandbagging on the numbers? The other thing that surprised me is the prices. Geez. I own a Yukon XL but these things just keep getting more and more expensive. I was impressed with the Ford and GMC but honestly prefer the look of the Nissan over the Infiniti.

    7. Fully loaded , with all the options available Durango SRT for $73,000 will wipe the floor with all of them and win the last sound test as well. Some people has no brain.
      Just saying.

      1. The Durango is a nice vehicle but smaller than the Ford and has a much more dated design. But, it is a highly rated vehicle, just not for me. They have too much of a minivan look for my taste but that is one quick machine with the right engine. And, yes, it wins the sound wars all day. LOL

        1. Ford looks like minivan, because it’s larger and has boring design. Dashboard from truck and thirsty V6 with 2 turbos. Clearly not for me. The selling numbers are very interesting.

        2. One more thing. The dated design is questionable. I would say, that Expedition looks dated already. I would say that Durango design is timeless.
          One example . The Dodge Challenger beat the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro to lead the muscle car segment in February.

          1. The dated design is not questionable at all. All that matters is the eye of the beholder. What looks good to you may not look good to me or others. If it looks dated to me then in my mind that is all that matters. This is why most of us drive different vehicles – different strokes for different folks. I look at the Durango (3rd generation that came out in 2011) and just cannot like it. I’ve tried but I’d don’t. More importantly my wife hates it so that’s a deal killer. Timeless is a great spin on dated, BTW. The same could be said for the “timeless” Challenger too, which I also like, but is just not for me. No big deal, Zman, I just don’t like the Durango.

            1. That’s all right,that you don’t like Durango, so say you don’t like it and not it’s dated. I don’t like Ford Expedition, because it looks dated for me already and it looks like minivan to me for Grandpa picking up kids from the school.

        3. The Charger was up 9% with 7,568 units sold while the Challenger was flat with 6,093 units sold, but the bigger story with the muscle cars is how the two-door compared to the competition.
          The Challenger outsold the Ford Mustang (5,800) and the Chevrolet Camaro (3,680) in February.
          New doesn’t mean better and successful.

        4. To my eye, the Durango, although an older design, is much slicker than the typical, tiresome blockiness of all of Ford’s truck & SUV designs. Dodge has the huevos to be bold and different, they are not afraid to bet the farm and swing for the fences (look how successful the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 have been. Ford is so conservative and so afraid of losing the sales race, they just keep tweaking the same old, tired, squared-off designs with straight lines along the bodyside. Just my opinion, to each their own of course.

      2. The Durango is a smaller less capable vehicle that fits a different niche. The interior is also light years behind these 3.

        I don’t care what Fiat says it will tow, the Yukon and Expedition are far better tow vehicles as well.

          1. Maybe the exterior looks a bit dated.but in reality,just how different can they make it? As far as the interior,I like it a lot. The driveline is good to go,different settings for changing the front to rear bias,I like that too. IF I was in the market for a 3 row suv,and spending stupid money on one didn’t matter,I would be hard pressed NOT to pick the srt. Just sayin’…

            1. Exactly. “Dated” doesn’t mean anything. Chrysler 300 sells over 50 000 of them every year. It’s incredible for this “dated” century old, rear wheel drive sedan. People knows where value is. And Durango 4×4 SRT starts at $64,000. Still lots of money, but to pay over $80,000 for V6 or Infinity ? Give me a break.

            2. My daughter bought the 2018 SRT Durango. We looked at other SUV’s but the Durango is a completely different animal. Like a sport SUV that actually performs and has capabilty. I wanted to see the srt drag race the expedition.

              The final ratio of the GM 10 speed is 4.7 x 3.23= 15.18. The 7 speed Infiniti is 4.89 x2.94 =14.38 in first gears. Sometimes the smaller diff will beat the final ratio of the larger diff. The GM and Ford have the same transmission so you can say the diff has an advantage but depends on tire size as well, as to how much power gets to the ground. I dont know why TFL keeps comparing diffs to different transmissions like the bigger diff has an advantage. If you look at the GM 8 speed in 3rd gear it has almost no advantage to third gear in the infinit with the 7 speed tranny.

    8. I believe we all expected that the turbo charged expedition would beat the NA Denali 6.2 at one mile above sea level. But the reason it won so easily this time was also do to the rear axle ratios (3.73 vs 3.23). Honestly, the results were a no brainer. And for those people that believe it’s only the final gear ratio that matters and that the new 10 speed transmissions make a vehicles rear axle ratio a non issue, check out the above results. It still matters, namely faster acceleration and higher maximum towing ability.

      1. I dunno. If it was just down to axle ratio in terms of this drag race, wouldn’t the GMC have begun to close the gap towards the end? Seemed like the Ford kept its lead to the finish. Although I don’t know how long TFL’s drag strip is, so maybe the GMC would have passed the Ford with more room to run.

        On a separate issue, I thought it was interesting that the Expedition has a rotary gear selector, and no one said a word. But when most people see the rotary gear selector on the Ram 1500, they’ll comment on it negatively. Seems like a wee bit of a double-standard to me.

        1. It’s pretty normal for this forum , or any forum. Moondog is going to like it as well. And this is not trolling, just a fact.
          RAM has it on better position than Ford, but babysteps are welcomed.

            1. But you didn’t mention it in your Expedition comment and you are going to buy it and use it every day. You buy something you don’t like ?

            2. No Zviera, because Moondog is someone that calls things as he sees them! He is not just a fanboy that says that everything about the brand he owns or likes has zero faults. By the way i don’t like the rotary shifter in either the ram or the expedition or in anything else that may have one.

            3. I asked Moondog, if he is going to buy a rotary shifter and use it every day even he doesn’t like it.
              Dan Bush. Don’t give me this bs speech . Everyone is biased in here. I am not exception and you and Moondog either.

            4. Zman, I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t like a rotary shifter on anything. We are also not buying the Expedition after seeing it and the Durango in person. To me the Expedition looks like a cross between the Ford Flex and my Yukon. I like the EB but not enough to buy it because the Expedition doesn’t do it for us.

            5. Oh, and what brand am i biased against and before you answer just remember i have mentioned many times that the 96 dodge v10 dually that i had for 17 years was the best truck i ever owned. So let’s hear it!

            6. Ok Moondog, let me know, what you’ll end up with. I am just curious.
              I like rotary shifter, where RAM positions it.

            7. Zman, as I’ve said before, I just don’t know. We are either going cheap and getting a VW Atlas or Subaru Ascent or will go premium and I’m not sure where that will lead. The Yukon is going up for sale soon.

            8. Have a look at the Tesla Model X. Lot of various advantages and disadvantages. Too bad TFL cant get one on the gauntlet. Be nice to see.

    9. @ TFL Trucks:
      That was a fun video. Although the outcome was a no brainer it’s still fun watching you guys run these uber expensive vehicles down the asphalt. I guess taking them up cliffhanger isn’t gonna happen anytime soon,lol.

    10. If you guys have not gone and driven new expedition I highly recommend you do so. I did some pretty extensive research before purchasing our new platinum 4×4. In my opinion it clearly wins in all categories that should judge a modern full size SUV. Looks are so subjective one can’t declare a winner, but she is a beaut. Gets lots of attention everywhere we go. Spacious in all three rows, interior is absolutely top-notch, highest towing of any full-size SUV, rides like a dream (much better than the GMs), etc. Highest towing score of any full size SUV on Ike’s Gauntlet, and unanimous winner from Motor Trends beasts of burden full size SUV test.

      The dodge is a unibody crossover at best!! It’s size puts it more against the explorer than the expedition. Motor Trend did however place it second in the above referenced shootout.

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