• Top 10 Pickup Truck Trends for 2019, 2020, and Beyond! (Video)

    pickup truck trends 2019 2020 beyond
    Pickup truck trends for 2019 and beyond

    What’s happening with midsize, half-ton, and heavy duty pickup trucks over the next fews years? We take a look at the top 10 pickup truck trends for 2019, 2020, and beyond with Kent “Mr Truck” Sundling.

    Performance Parts and Accessories

    More pickup truck manufacturers are putting forth performance parts and accessories from the factory or via a dealership installation. Take the recently unveiled 2019 Ram 1500 by Mopar or the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with a factory desert air intake. OEMs are seeing big money going to the aftermarket suppliers and they want a piece of the action.

    Trucks Leading Technology

    Luxury sedans are giving way to pickup trucks as far as leading technology is concerned. Once again, the 2019 Ram 1500 is a good example of this with its retractable chin spoiler, 12-inch infotainment screen, and Sirius XM 360L archive search service.

    More Storage Options

    The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 has introduced the in-bed storage boxes for the new generation of the truck. Ram still has the Ram Box, and Nissan Titan has the Titan boxes. Trucks are offering more bed cargo volume, additional storage boxes, and bigger interior consoles and cubbies.

    Bigger Wheels & Bigger Tires

    Pickup trucks from the factory with 33-inch and 35-inch tall off-road tires are getting more common. On the flip side, luxury pickups with 22-inch rims are as common as 18-inch rims were just a few years ago. Where does this trend stop? Will we see 37-inch off-road tires and 24-inch luxury rims from the factory within the next couple of years?

    Check out the video below for to see the complete top 10 list truck trends.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    75 thoughts on “Top 10 Pickup Truck Trends for 2019, 2020, and Beyond! (Video)

            1. And Daniel denied there was even such thing as automatic engine brakes, not he is using the term in his comment, haaaaaaaaaaaa!
              And they do help in panic stops, haaaaaa!

              When the European governments catch up to the science that diesels are cleaner than direct injection gas engines, those governments will again embrace diesels.

            2. I swear, its amazing how Daniel can’t resist saying the exact wrong thing. Absolutely amazing. Perfect material for Truck Nuts II, an Evidence Driven Book of Personality Disorders Using a Truck Website’s Comments.

            3. Hal, at what rate do you assume an engine can convert kinetic energy to thermal energy?

              Now tell me at what rate a set of disc brakes can convert kinetic energy to thermal energy.

              I apologize in advance if that’s too hard for you to understand

            4. Leave it to Daniel to then go off on a tangent. Distraction, distortion, abstraction, etc.. These are the ways of the troubled.

            5. Yup that was definitely too complicated. Please remind us your grade level and I’ll do my best to keep the discussion age appropriate

            1. The time it takes for auto engine braking to kick in might equal the milliseconds it takes you to take your foot off the accelerator to the brake and depress it. There is talk with electric motors that you will only need an accelerator and no brake pedal except for emergencies as the regenerative braking can be set at variable regenerative braking. As your foot comes off the accelerator the electric motors are already slowing the vehicle before you depress the brakes in an emergency. Most of the time you will never need to move your foot from the accelerator even in stop and go traffic. My old knees actually get sore switching from brakes to throttle driving for long distances. Be nice just to use the accelerator as a common brake and for acceleration.

            2. Rambro – With electric, it can absolutely be set up that way. Of course, my foot gets tired holding the accelerator in a particular position over long periods of time. I prefer using cruise control and taking my foot off the gas. If there were no brake pedal, how would you coordinate an emergency stop while in cruise control mode? There are complications to any scenario

            3. The brake pedal would exist only for emergency is what I eluded too. I doubt you can ever get rid of the brake pedal.

    1. Think about this one. Semi trucks are the leading way for engines and bodies. They have been using fiberglass and aluminum for decades and the car market is really just tapping into that market besides high luxury cars and super cars. Semis have been using Diesel engines for decades. Why haven’t they been using twin turbo gas engines? (Because they are not reliable for hauling heavy loads) if they were you bet your ass semi companies would have been using them. Electric trucks are way in the future. Semi trucks are just tapping into that market and it’s not proving to much at this time because of range. We all know electric would a beast of a motor for instant torque and power Tesla has proven that with how fast their cars go. But in the near future it only looks like range extenders at this time is feasible then all out electric. So the cost of the extra batteries and an extra motor under the hood and the polution to produce those batteries will on be a little cheaper then the diesel but produce the same emissions but in a confined space rather then out of your tail pipe. Semi trucks have been the leader when it comes to proving if a motor or body stuff will stand up to the test of time. I have never said diesel was the future but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

      1. Diesel makes sense in the commercial market because of old tool and die technology and because they pull with high mileage that does save a considerable amount on mpg costs only because of high mileage and heavy loads. In the pick up world even in the HD lineup a turbo gas motor making more torque at lower rpms has been proven and this is where high miles and saving on mpg is not a big concern for many buyers who prefer acceleration over saving on mpg or for many in the US market who wont buy a diesel if you gave it to them for a dollar. I agree with Aluminum in parts of the vehicle but reinforced plastic panels and stainless steel like what workhorse has done is going to be superior for corrosion resistance. Even Tacoma and Ridgeline use composite beds which is a big advantage from first hand experience with them.

        1. Stainless is great for longevity but it was a ton and It is really expensive. Not to sure if i would want stainless on my vehicles as it is salty to fix. Beautiful to look at until a hail storm comes by. Fiberglass is lighter still expensive to fix but I think it’s still a little stronger then stainless steel and if you use stainless panels that means all your bolts and nuts and screws attached to needs to stainless as well or it defeat the purpose. But with a 300 dollar programmer you would scream past the twin turbo gassers. It’s easier and cheaper to tune a diesel for speed and pulling then a gasser and still keep all the emissions on the vehicle. But to unlock the diesel potential then you have to do a full delete which is still cheaper then upgrading turbos and tuner for a gasser which may only give you 100 extra horses. For thousands more or get 200 plus by doing a full delete and a good tuner for about 2500 bucks. (Again I know some states won’t allow the deletes or you can’t pass an emission test.) if not a good tuner would do just fine.

          1. Emission standards are already defeating the diesel motor and will only get stricter as solar and electric grow. Diesel is a waste of time, nothing defeats electric power. The turbo gas motor, for now would be welcomed. The diesel options are just a waste of resources. I understand you can tune them but when you do the emissions are deplorable and extremely dangerous, proven to be true in the UK right now. Workhorse uses stainless steel in their truck and it is the cheapest truck on the market HP or torque per dollar. With electric designers have a lot more options on how to build a truck in a better way than old conventional tool and dies from the 1900’s

            1. Very interesting on the work horse being the cheapest truck out there. Yet that’s great but when you are spending 52k on a truck that is the size of a corn flake box that isn’t saying much. I would like to see that truck hook up to a 18k pound trailer and not break in half. It’s not a feasible truck to those who need it for a true hauler. If they built that truck with the same motor set up but in a 1 ton set up along with all of the tech features that would be a truck well over 100k so does that make sense? Just a thought.

            2. Workhorse stated they are building a W25 and a W35 and they are successful in the fleet truck market. Their step Van weighs in at 20,000Lbs But we shall see, coming in 2019 and 2020 possibly and these are not range limited with onboard generators. The current W15 offering is not a small truck, still a 1500 series. It only pulls 5000-Lbs but has a 2200Lb payload. So if you have a 4 door pick up with 1700Lbs for payload, there are not a lot of trucks that can still pull 5000Lbs with 4 doors with a 1700Lb payload. So from a majority standpoint they have a good offering that can compete and for cheap. Especially for in town driving and short trips you will always be on full electric mode at 75mpge. With Trumps new 25% hike on gas that mpge will start to sound even better if that kicks in.

            3. So Zviera, that article you posted is a super car built for racing and does 0-60 in 3 seconds and 205mph. Tesla has a 4 door 4 seater roadster in base form that does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and 250 plus miles per hour on pure batteries with a 610 mile range. And Tesla is known to be conservative with their range and 0-60 times.

            4. @Rambro that’s a good point for town running that it would all electric and no gas. Has anyone actually done the math on the money it takes to recharge with a 240 charge? I would be interested in that. I like the regenerative braking and slowing down for recharging the batteries. I wonder why they can’t do that to recharge the batteries going down the highway and use a small gas engine to use a “generator” as needed to recharge the batteries and then the gas motor shuts off when fully charged. I can’t imagine that they would need a very big engine maybe a 1000cc to do that. Instead of plugging in the car to recharge the batteries. It’s the opposite for Hybrids and if they can reverse that the way it works. But I guess that’s what Rambro was saying about the workhorse W25 and W35. Will be interested in seeing where it goes. we can see baby steps in this direction but I think every manufacture is afraid to take the leap of faith like Tesla did. But that stands true with the real Tesla that he went all in on his ideas and believed in it. To bad people werent listening 80 years ago because we would be in a different place right having wireless charging for our cars. Crazy if think about it

            5. The W15 has an 80KW battery but never goes below 20KW. You would only ever charge 60KW. You can do that from a standard plug, 110Volt but it takes longer. Overnight it would almost be at full charge I think if depleted to 20KW. At 8-10cents a KW overnight that is about 6 dollars to use 60KW at 10c/KW. I pay 6 c/KW at night plus delivery and taxes, depends where you live or if you have solar as well then its free to charge minus the solar costs.

              I only do 10 miles to work and back and the electric range is 80 miles on 60KW. Any other truck with close to 460HP is only going to get 18mpg. So 80/18 x 2.75/gallon is $12.22 So twice the price to run a gas truck. In Canada we pay about 4.75/gallon With solar it don’t matter where you live, hydro will be hydro from the sun and you have independance

            6. Yes Rambro, but that technology would be scalable to the truck easily and I can fill up 21 Gal of diesel in no time.

            7. Yes Zviera but majority of people do not need to fill up in 5 minutes. There are a majority of people that this truck will work for and they may never need to stop for fuel other than to add fuel conditioner to keep the fuel in the tank for the generator from spoiling. The average consumer travels 16 miles to work and the majority of people in a study for Tesla said they don’t require more than 300 miles of range. And as stated the generator tank makes the truck not range limited. Drive all day and all night only stopping for fuel on long trips. Most of the time for the average Joe he will never have to stop for fuel, always leave with full charge from the house.

            8. Rambro, go park at gas station and ask all of those people, if they are willing to wait 2 hours to charge their batteries. Let me know their answer.

    2. Everyone can stop reading the comments from this point forward because it is just going to turn into a blithering mess of fools talking about electric cars. Consider yourself warned and don’t waste your time reading.

        1. Gee, Daniel and Nostradamus believe TFL and the whole auto industry are blithering fools. Electric and hybrids and diesels are all the auto industry is talking about.
          Its not just Tesla. Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Honda etc. are all talking about electrification and announcing their five-year plan and putting their money where there mouth is.
          That makes Daniel and Nostradamus look like the fools. Well, its not the first time.

          1. I will make another prediction. Hal/John and Rambro will not put their money where their mouth is and invest all of their savings in Tesla. They love to insult other people who hedge their bets regarding electric vehicles, but Hal and Rambro sit on the sidelines making predictions with no skin in the game. They most likely don’t even own one electric vehicle, thus not even supporting the industry. I respect those who walk the walk, and all I see is “do as I say, not as I do.”

            1. So by your logic, since I have not invested all my savings into Tesla(not diversifying one’s investments and putting it into one company would be idiotic),

              then the statement that all the industry has put their billions into electrifying their auto lineup is not true?

              My goodness, you sure have exposed your limited ability to think straight.

              I swear, pickup truck sites have some of the stupidest commenters out there.

            2. Your right Hal they do. Pretty much every comment you or one of your personalities posts falls into that “stupid” category. Although you made me realize why tou use so many aliases on here. If you combined all the ridiculous posts you’ve made under one name everybody would realize quickly this is one mentally challenged individual. With your method we still think that but it just took a bit longer for everyone to catch on

            3. You mean screen names.

              Only you would think personalities and screen names are the same.

              So, Brewhaha, by your logic, Brewhaha is a whole second personality of yours, since you don’t use your real name here.

              Until you use your real name here as your screen name, then your own argument is only against you.

            4. Pardon my gaffe, u meany alias not personality. Your personality average from all of your “aliases” is arrogant ignorant asshole

            5. Ah, so you change your story now.

              How predictable. You can’t face your own stupidity and conquer it, so you project it to others.

            1. There is a zinger. Good one. Tell me again what electric car you own? Time for you to stop preaching so much, and start practicing what you preach or is the electric car technology not quite there yet for you to take the plunge? Hypocrite.

            2. I have to agree with Rambro that the future is electric, but it’s not feasible for everyone. I frequently tow 350 miles plus to go camping so at this point there is nothing out there that will do it. If there was something i would be seriously considering it. I would also cover my yard in solar panels. Living at 6500’ has a huge benefit for solar panels.

          1. Robert – – –

            Thanks for the link.
            There was a “First Shift” piece this morning on Toyota’s new EV’s getting around the cobalt shortage risk, using less of it and more cesium and lanthanum, with no loss in motor performance.


    3. Hal. If in fact Tesla and electric vehicles are the future (and it is a 100% guarantee as you and Rambro insist), investing all of your money in a sure-bet stock such as Tesla would be the opposite of idiotic. You would be the self-proclaimed genius that you claim to be on this website. Tesla stock still has plenty of room to grow because most investors are not as bullish as you are on the future of electric vehicles.

      Also, answer my question. Do you or Rambro own an electric vehicle? I know Rambro doesn’t own one based on his past postings. If you do own one, why haven’t you talked about it already?

      1. Just ask the 4 TFL guys if they own an electric vehicle.

        They are the ones asserting that electric is the top truck trend, and putting their professional auto journalistic reputations on the line for it.


        Ah, you truck commenters couldn’t think straight if your life depended on it.

      2. And WOW, just read your comment again.

        You equate investing electric with investing in Tesla.

        Tesla is a drop in the bucket compared with GM, Ford, VW, Toyota, who have all invested 100s of billions into electric.

        Man, you are so backward in that noggin of yours, you make me look like a genius. And I am just a normal guy.

    4. @Rambro
      No ICE engines are being banned in several major European Cities.That means Gas engines as well. It does not mean there is a blanket ban in those countries

      1. Yes there is enough reserves and that is an old article. There is an abundant supply now and in the future when they start looking for more mining locations the supply will grow even more so and they are 70% recyclable and 99% of the material is re-used 1% goes to dust. So no significant waste.

    5. Its a shame that all those batteries are recharged by coal or natural gas.
      Some tree huger should really look into the environmental effects of lithium mining. I think its the old out of sight out of mind trick. lets mine for lithium in someone else yard.

      1. What about oil spills in oceans, on roads, people dumping oil in their driveways and into the septic system that later ends up in lakes along with transmission fluids and antifreeze and gas. What about off shore oil rigs. What about all the gas trucks on the road delivering fuel and the risks involved with that along with the congestion of delivering the fuel and the fuel burned to deliver the fuel. What about running fuel over ice roads in the winter, instead of solar power available to all when it becomes main stream and cheap via volume demand. What about smog that you breath in 24/7 in large populated areas. what about noise pollution in cities with exhaust noises. Oh we could go on and on here, safety, weight distribution, handling, high center benefits, maintenance costs, time loss, stagnation, monopolies, Tesla leading the autonomous world with better technology, more jobs, independence, refreshing new ideas coming to fruition and more to come.

    6. I wonder what the primary source of energy used in the mining industry equipment to get the minerals for the batteries?

      I wonder what energy the Recycling plants are running on and all of their equipment?

      I swear this is the stupidest argument that some of you guys keep having! ”

      My energy source is better than yours”

      Fact is they are all needed at this point in our timeline of the clock.

      Nothing wrong with alternative energy, Solar, Electric, Natural Gas, Coal, Oil etc sources, but one can’t happen without the help and support of the other!!!

      Give it up already – every thread does not need to turn into this big baby argument!

      1. There are mines and new mines being built that run on electric period, powered by water dams and soon to be powered by solar. The article is related to future products and most companies have told us they are invested in electric. Power will come from solar in the future as it is now completely viable for future infrastructure.

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