A Shocking Difference? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 2019 Toyota TRD Pro Trucks (Video)

Toyota has revamped its TRD Pro lineup for 2019 with revised shocks and new accessories

For those waiting in the wings for Toyota to revamp its TRD Pro lineup, your wait is over! The Toyota TRD Pro Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner were not drastically overhauled from the previous models, but there are some important changes to note. To that end, Andre was on hand at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show to ask the Design Engineering Manager to TRD Performance Parts, Jakin Wilson, about the upcoming changes. Here’s what we know:

2019 Toyota TRD Pro lineup: 4Runner
[Photo: Toyota]

2019 Toyota TRD Pro Changes: 4Runner

One of the biggest changes to the 4Runner for 2019, as with the rest of the 2019 Toyota TRD Pro lineup, is in the suspension. On the 4Runner, Toyota went from Bilsteins to 2.5″ internal bypass Fox shocks. The new shocks utilize a piggyback reservoir to house extra oil for improved cooling and to prevent shock fade.

As with the previous generation, Toyota lifted the front end one inch over ordinary 4Runner models. Ground clearance and track width remain unchanged from the previous generation.

2019 TRD Pro lineup: Tundra
[Photo: Toyota]

2019 Toyota TRD Pro Changes: Tundra

Toyota’s bringing back the Tundra TRD Pro for the 2019 model year, after its omission from this model year. As with the 4Runner, there are big changes in the suspension. Again, you get 2.5-inch Fox shocks, but the Tundra has 2.5-inch piggyback reservoirs, more bypass zones. TRD also tuned the Tundra’s suspension specifically to provide better damping performance, given its larger mass over the Tacoma and 4Runner.

The 2019 Tundra TRD Pro features bespoke rear leaf springs, and its also rolling on some new forged wheels. TRD was able to save 3 pounds per wheel with the new design. Fitted on those wheels are Michelin LTX All-Terrain tires, and each TRD Pro model uses different tires.

2019 Toyota TRD Pro lineup: Tacoma
[Photo: Toyota]

2019 Toyota TRD Pro Changes: Tacoma

The Tacoma has a unique change over the other two TRD Pro models: its Desert Air Intake. No, it’s not a snorkel, despite its appearance. At least, Toyota doesn’t recommend a greater fording depth for the 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro than they did before. Rather, the Tacoma’s bespoke air intake is meant to provide cleaner air during high-speed desert driving.

In addition to the intake, there’s also Fox suspension, as well as a skid plate – traits that are shared among all 2019 Toyota TRD Pro models.

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