Did Ram Trucks Go Too Far with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Super Bowl Commercial? (Poll)

Ram Truck’s “Built to Serve” Super Bowl LII commercial featuring a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech aired yesterday Feb 4, 2018. The commercial has raised a lot of eyebrows and controversy. The ad shows United States service men and women, emergency responders, hospital workers, and ordinary people working together or helping each other out. The new 2019 Ram 1500 as well several other Ram trucks are also featured in the ad as vehicles used by the people.

Many people found issue with the commercial because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also used this same speech to discuss the dangers of overspending on cars, consumerism, and being “taken by advertisers”. Has Ram Trucks stepped over the line with this ad or did the message inspire good will?

Feedback was immediate on Youtube and Social media. As you can tell by the comments, some are negative:

While other comments support the commercial:


Ram Trucks and FCA released this statement last night.

It is­ 50 years to the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave such a tremendous speech about the value of service. Ram was honored to have the privilege of working with the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. to celebrate those words during the largest TV viewing event annually.
We worked closely with the representatives of the Martin Luther King Jr. estate to receive the necessary approvals and estate representatives were a very important part of the creative process every step of the way.

We would like to hear from you.

Here is the commercial in its entirety. Let us know what you think in the comments below.