Old vs New: Hummer H2 vs Ford Raptor vs Snow Storm (Video)

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TFL Old vs. New: Hummer H2 vs Ford Raptor

Which truck is better in the snow? Is it a Hummer H2 or a Ford SVT Raptor? More importantly, which tires will perform better in the icy and snowy conditions? Will it be the BFGoodrich KO all-terrains on the H2 or the second-generation KO2 all-terrain tires on the Raptor?

Both of these trucks are heavy (around 6,500 lbs), both have big V8 engines, and both are riding of 35-inch tires. The H2 has a full-time 4×4 system with low range, while the Raptor a more sophisticated selectable 4WD system.

Another random fact: while the Raptor is wider than the H2 overall, the H2 has more shoulder room on the interior.

Check out all of snowy fun in the video below.