• 3 Inches of Lift! Nissan Debuts Factory-Authorized Lift Kit for Titan, Titan XD (Video)

    Nissan reveals bolt-on factory-authorized lift kit for Titan, Titan XD 4×4 models

    For the first time, Nissan is releasing a bolt-in, factory-authorized lift kit for Titan and Titan XDs. Developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics, the kits provide up to 3 inches of suspension lift. They’re available on Titan and Titan XD Crew Cab 4-wheel drive models from this spring.

    Nissan Titan factory-authorized lift kit
    Nissan is now offering a factory-authorized lift kit for the Titan and Titan XD. [Photo: Nissan]
    These kits give you adjustable-height coil-over shock absorbers specifically tuned for the trucks. The kits also feature custom rod end bearings and Delta Joints. The kit’s USP is the ability to just bolt it on the truck, so you don’t have to cut or drill any pieces to install it.

    Nissan claims they can install the factory-authorized lift kit in under four hours. The kit’s installation won’t void the company’s 5 year/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. The suspension kit itself is warrantied by ICON Vehicle Dynamics. No pricing information is available at time of writing, but we’ll provide updates on TFLtruck as that information becomes available.

    Check back to TFLtruck.com for more updates from the 2018 Chicago Auto Show! Watch the video above for our TFLfrontrow livestream of Nissan’s press conference. Subscribe to The Fast Lane Truck and TFLnow on YouTube for more videos.

    [Photos: Nissan]

    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler is the Managing Editor for TFLcar.

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    34 thoughts on “3 Inches of Lift! Nissan Debuts Factory-Authorized Lift Kit for Titan, Titan XD (Video)

    1. IMO this lift kit option is unique compared to the competition because presumably it will be available for any trim level, opposed to the TRD pro, Ram Rebel and upcoming Chevy Trail Boss, which are dedicated models. I understand there are two trims for the Trail Boss. Raptor is still in a different class IMO.

      what would be great is a factory sunroof option and locking diff for more models than the pro4x. bring back the large rear sliding window and add a larger navigation screen with more updated tech.

      while they are at it, switch to aluminum doors, hood and tailgate to reduce weight on XD and non-XD models to increase payload/tow ratings.

      1. GM has already announced the same with the 2019 trucks. A 2″ lift that can be dealer installed, warrantied and backed by the manufacture.

        It will be standard on the Trailboss (and probably the All Terrain) but an option on the others.

        1. I’m sure you can get the Ram lift as a Mopar part as well.
          The Titan ICON lift retails for $2-4.5 grand, depending on the version. Curious which level will be in the Nissan offering.

      2. I agree with much of what you say. As a Toyota owner I say good for Nissan because it at least shows they are committed to doing everything they can to compete (except for the dated Frontier). Nissan and Toyota will never break into the top 3 in fullsize sales but at least Nissan is trying. The Tundra is a great, but very dated, truck that needs to more updates now, not later. It’s also about time some of these manufacturers are figuring out people will pay for factory lifts and accessories and this will cost a fraction of what the dealer would charge for aftermarket add ons.

      3. I wonder if Nissan will refund these lift kits when they have to buy the truck back under the lemon law for being complete pieces of shit???

        1. hahahahaha.

          I searched for Titan XD’s the other day as I was curious about this. In the Salt Lake valley there are a totally of 11 used titan XD’s for sale on Cars.com and all of them have less than 20k miles.

    2. The presser says “Select Titans…” what years exactly are they going to cover? Is it just new Titans (2018) or will they cover prior years? I have a 2017 Titan I’d love to get this for…

      1. The write-up says 4wd crew cabs. Because of application (weight) specific tuning, They’re not specified for regular and extended cabs. Model year should not matter. If your truck is an extended cab, it would probably be fine, There’s only a 24lb difference between the two. Around 500lb less for the regular cab though. The XD and XD diesel will be different again, but weights should be respective.

    3. If Nissan wants to increase interest in the Titan, all they need to do is greenlight the Titan Warrior concept for production. At this point what do they have to lose?

      1. EXACTLY. I truly believe if they had put the Titan Warrior into production, the Titan would be doing so much better sales-wise right now.

    4. (Nissan Rep) Our customers want more, and we listened. A 3″ lift kit? How about an exhaust brake on the Cummins, how about a couple hundred more pounds of payload. Christ, how about Power extending mirrors? A lift kit?!?! GTFO!

    5. Great to see truck manufactures adding mild lift kits so customers can run larger tires and have a more aggressive look!

      Also at the end of the video it was said that theres another truck in a few days that’s going to offer a factory lift??? I’m guessing this is the New 2019 Sierra??

      1. Yes its great they offer a lift so people can put on huge MTR’s on their mall-crawler and kill any hope they had of towing a trailer over 5000 lbs without exceeding payload capacity.

      1. And probably sold at a markup over what you can get the Icon kit for yourself. Warranty is by Icon not Nissan so this is really a non-story.

    6. I supposed they can do this and still hit thier CAFE numbers. I wonder if any auto maker will just start making a lower riding truck as standard to get better mpg. Then sell the after market lift. Dealer only install would keep the dealers happy.

    7. The lemmings will flock to the ‘factory’ lifts, wheels, etc you can go buy yourself with no markup and make your truck exactly how you want it. Not the factory. But I guess the factory version comes with the cool stickers.

    8. Interesting move, now how about making the towing/payload numbers more competitive, along with the MPG numbers, and fixing the horrendous gearing in the 7 speed trans?

      Its still got that ridiculous 2K RPM jump from 2nd to 3rd.

      1. YEs, the overall ratio spread is considerable- and comparable to the 8speeds out there. The 2-3 ratio is 1.56. That means a WOT shift takes the motor back down to peak torque. I’m sure Jatco will move to a 9-speed setup eventually, but don’t hold your breath. The press has mostly praised the Endurance/7speed combination. The real fix is needed for that 6 speed dump truck trans.

    9. I dig the bumper on that show truck, but couldn’t make out the manufacturer. I haven’t seen another that follows the lines as nicely.

    10. Not bad looking for 3″ lift, though the video really doesn’t show how high it is compared to a standard xd. Not a lot of pazzas in this introduction like some other announements.

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