• Nissan Titan with an ICON 3-Inch Lift and Nissan Factory Warranty: In Depth Look (Video)

    2018 nissan titan xd icon lift warranty
    2018 Nissan Titan XD with ICON 3-inch lift

    What if you could add a three-inch lift kit to your brand new truck and keep your factory warranty? Now you can with the laster performance suspension package from ICON Vehicle Dynamics and Nissan. The two companies worked together to come up with a bolt-on kit that is relatively simple to install (at your Nissan dealership) and will not void your Nissan truck’s 5-year / 100,000 mile warranty. ICON warranties the suspension package.

    The truck shown at the Chicago Auto Show also showed off customized running boards and a sports bar in the bed that can serve as a mounting platform for additional lights and speakers for your next tailgate party.

    Nissan also showed an Armada Snow Patrol concept at the show. The SUV sports a suspension lift from Pro Comp in order to clear 35-inch Pro Comp MT2 tires. Special running boards, a customized front bumper with a winch, and special interior appointments round out the Snow Patrol concept.

    It was all about winter and snow at the Nissan pavilion at the show, and the company reminded us that a snow plow package is also available for the Titan trucks. It includes a more heavy duty front suspension setup to increase the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) and allow for a heavy plow to be attached.

    Take a look at all of the details of the Titan, the Nissan Armada Snow Patrol concept, and a Titan with the snow plow package in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    20 thoughts on “Nissan Titan with an ICON 3-Inch Lift and Nissan Factory Warranty: In Depth Look (Video)

      1. The Cummins that is loaded with problems??

        As any Nissan tech will tell you the Cummins has been a mess to keep running. As for the tranny a quick Google search will break the bad news to any would be Titan buyer.

        I almost bought a Cummins XD Pro 4x. It was such a great value and my wife LOVES her QX80. Unfortunately the awful reviews swayed me to stay away.

    1. Automated battery assembler.

      Coming to Tesla on a transport from Germany. will solve the Model X slow production problems.

      It would get there faster if they transported it on top of the self landing Tesla rockets.

      1. Those crickets you hear are because your comment is irrelevant to this article and no one gives a shit. You should hang out with Rambro.

        1. If you think my comment was irrelevant, you have another thing coming.
          Just because your mind can’t connect the dots, does not mean they are not connected.
          This Nissan will absolutely be affected by the happenings at Tesla.
          Mark my words.
          You can always tell the quality of a mind, by the vulgar words that come out of it.

          1. Care to explain it to us simpletons? How does Tesla’s lack of a proper battery assembly equipment have anything to do with a factory lift kit from Nissan?

      2. @TFL this comment is the reason I come here less and less? These comments that are completely irrelevant to the article need to go. Though the name we see changes, I’m sure these out-of-wack comments come via the same IP. Please block/screen or regulate.

        This is the last good community left in auto blogs. Good articles, opinionated comments (which I love as long as they are relevant).

        I don’t want to lose the appeal of everything you guys have built!

    2. This feels a little like panic mode. They killed off the Xterra,(after letting it die a bitter death) refuse to bring the Patrol so dress up an Armada that is never going off-road and add some nice window dressing to the Titan. Meanwhile Power Wagon, Raptor, Zr2 and probably more coming take over the adventure segment. I applaud the efforts, but had they made the Warrior instead or a SERIOUS upgraded factory 4×4 package there might not be a Power Wagon sitting in my garage now. And I am certainly not alone. Right direction….but roll out the Warrior if serious and want to grow the brand.

      1. Agreed, I’d buy the Warrior without hesitation. On another note, I stopped by my local Nissan dealer last week, they have a couple of in house “upfitted” Titans, they installed a 6” Pro-Comp lift, 35’s…etc. trucks look and drive great, but they are asking $72K……I didn’t go ant further, either they’re way to high on the truck or the aftermarket parts, or both. For example, there is a 2018 Ram 2500, Laramie, Crew cab 4×4, 6.7 CTD,with a 4” BDS lift, 35’s, Amp Research steps and a couple more goodies and it’s priced in the low $60K range. There is no way I could buy the Nissan over that…..
        Nissan needs to bring a little more to the table with the Titan to ask the price they are. They’re in the same price range as the Big 3 HD trucks, not the lower level HD’s either, I’m talking Lariat, Laramie and LTZ trims. Not sure how much you can negotiate a Titan down, just going by MSRP on the Titan and locally advertised prices on the other brands (discounts included).
        Having said all that, I was impressed with the Titan, it’s a solid feeling truck, it could use more power, but still nice.

        1. The truck market is too competitive and the buyers too loyal for the half-hearted approach that Nissan did.

          Wasn’t worth the effort. It simply sucks less than it used to, but not a good choice for anyone.

      2. Couldn’t agree more!

        I love my wife’s QX80, it has been amazing. That being said I was so disappointed there was no locking diff!!

        The patrol has it I don’t know why they didn’t carry it over to the US market.

        An Armada with a locking diff, some under armour and a 2-3 inch lift would be a monster off road!

    3. Whatever happened with the Titan Warrior? Nissan should have put it into production. They probably would have had a lot more sales success with the 2nd gen Titan if they had.

    4. Front bumper design seems to hang pretty low in spite of the 3″lift. Maybe it’s meant to plow when you don’t want to bother installing the real plow. I’d rather spend more and get a 6″ lift. I wonder if ICON offers it…

      1. Just looks that way because the wings rise so much. I would say this is the nicest full guard bumper I’ve seen for the XD. No mention of who built it.

    5. The base S XD is a phenomenal work truck with a substantial savings and better warranty than the Big 3 offerings. Maybe there’s no room in that segment but that’s the market I’d target to build brand panache.

    6. redesign its look from the windshield forward. it looks awful and mid 90’s looking.i’d spend my monies there. you can’t sell a ugly truck.

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