• New 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro to Get a TRD Snorkel

    2019 toyota tacoma trd pro
    2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

    Toyota released another teaser image ahead of the 2019 TRD Pro truck debut at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show this Thursday February 8th, 2018. The big news is the addition of the TRD snorkel that Toyota says will “breathe easy”.

    The teaser image shows a Tacoma TRD Pro, which looks a lot like the current 2018 model. This includes the grille with the “TOYOTA” badge, the hood scoop, and the LED fog lights.

    TFLtruck will Live stream the reveal of the TRD Pro truck from Chicago at 9am CST on Feb 8, 2018 on TFLnow channel.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    74 thoughts on “New 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro to Get a TRD Snorkel

        1. toyota’s weasel response of “they work better off-road?”

          Yeah, I’m sure thats why jeep wranglers, you know, true off roaders, come with 4 wheel disk brakes. And why the 4runner TRD off road, which is built on the tacoma frame and is just as off road capable, is sold with 4 wheel disk brakes.

          Sounds like you bought toyota’s BS excuses hook line and sinker.

        2. Just because Sweers says drum brakes are better does not make it so. Why didn’t the FJ Cruiser or Tundra TRD Pro have drum brakes if they’re so great for offroad applications? He seems like a nice guy but he’s shown on more than one occasion that he’s more than happy to toe the company line. When asked in 2014 why the Tundra’s fuel economy hasn’t been improved and what’s being done about it (17 MPG highway), he dodged answering the question by pointing out that they lightweighted the truck to improve MPG by using an aluminum transmission housing and aluminum engine. When Tim Esterdahl showed Sweers all the problems NoQDRTundra had with his Tundra, he brushed it off as though it was no big deal.

          Drum brakes suck. Especially when they fill up with mud, rust shut in salty environments, get out of adjustment, a spring breaks, brake dust causes them to hang up, etc.

      1. Toyota announced the Tundra and Tacoma Hybrids last month.

        Maybe they will unveil the there.

        The 5.7 liter hybrid system in the Land Cruiser and the 3.5 liter hybrid system they have for several Lexus’s and Toyotas will be used for these two trucks.

            1. Yes, the source is a little thing called Toyota.

              So, you back up your claims then.

              If there is no 5.7 liter Toyota hybrid system, if one comes out, will you never comment on TFL again?

              I thought not.

              Why does no one ever take me up on this?

              Because they know they are wrong.

            2. Oh, and by the way, the 5.0 liter hybrid also is a possibility as i originally stated.

              Funny that you did not catch that.

              Maybe you just are not too bright? Well, that has been proven before.

            3. @Sims- If you can’t cut and paste a link to a Toyota press release, I expect YOU to stop posting nonsense, if just for the rest of the week.

            4. No onw should be posting any links at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I have alreadyt said this many times.

              Links can contain virus and other malware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              And anyone with half a brain can find this information on the web, so go be an adult and find it yourself.

    1. Snorkel? Usually this implies deep water fording, like when water enters the cab, where a hole bunch of electronic stuff is located.

      Does a snorkel make sense for serious off roading in dusty conditions?

      1. Primarily, that’s its intended use. By moving the intake up around eye-ball level, its usually in much cleaner air than can be had down low. This goves you more time between knocking the dust back off the filter. The deep-water fording thing is not really recommended, but if it does happen unexpectedly, at least the intake won’t drown as long as you can still operate the truck from the drivers seat.

        1. @Mr Knowitall
          It is that especially with fine talcum powder dust you get here and for use in fording the many creeks in outback Australia
          They are VERY VERY COMMON.

    2. I’m expecting minimal effort, but curious to see what else Toyota brings beside a snorkel. If the “big news” is a snorkel, as indicated by this article, is Toyota’s words, those looking for anything else, i.e. mechanical (read power increase or transmission changes), may be disappointed.

    3. Toyota really needs to bring something here, not just for the ZR2’s game, but the (not yet announced) Rubicon version of the JT Scrambler. There is zero reason to think that FCA won’t bring their midsize truck with 2 lockers, 4:1 Low range, 33’s and a disconnecting swaybar. KDSS on the $Runner and Tacoma would be nice. The 4.30 gears (from the manual trans) and 33’s would be good, too.

    4. Oh Toyota. Hurry up. Ranger all electric is coming and so is Tesla. With aBattery you wont need this type of stuff so barbaric

      I see a lot of hype here with likely just a few TRD add ons, nothibg revolutionary. 2020 will be a lot more exciting when these monopolies are taken over. So far not impressed.


    5. No fing way they are adding a snorkel. That is way to hardcore for a company that has STATED we don’t need a rear locker. It wont even have a front locker, let alone a snorkel.

      1. Oxi is a legend. He increased the payload rating of his 2010 Tacoma in his garage with nothing more than elbow grease and some add-a-leafs.

    6. The snorkel is optional. Look for standard Duratracs and possible front locker as well. Other than that, stay tuned on Instagram.

    7. So many ignorant dumb haters.
      some of you should really grow up and put aside that butthurt tendency to hate whats has always been superior. Toyota is Toyota the rest is just landscape and peanuts

      1. So many ignorant dumb haters pointing out the legitimate gripes with the tacoma, and how many mechanical improvements would be much better then a snorkel that 0.01% of people will care about.

        1. Things like the howling rear diffs and the stalling/hesitation issues with the 3.5? Yeah, it would be nice to see those addressed. Same goes for the 6sp auto’s issues. TSB’s and letting the transmission adapt doesn’t seem to fix the issues for many owners.

          1. Yeah, if they fix the howl they can keep the snorkel. Very few, if any, will ever use that. I wheel but not in high enough wat to justify this. I suspect more pavement princesses or mall queens will use it. Hopefully there is more coming than this.

      1. Wow, I have now read the science showing tht th new gasoline engins are more unhealthy to breathe than the diesel enignes.
        So diesels are great!

        1. So someone went as far as copying my photo and my current handle unreal. You have to do something Andre and lock names to emails. These are just personal attacks and dont serve the site well.

            1. I changed it now. We will have to how how pathetic this gets. I obviously have fans. Caught someones interest.

            2. It has nothing to do with you Rambro, as much as you want to believe that.

              It has to do with the inane idea that putting an avatar on your comments MEANS anything.

              A little wrapped up in yourself, aren’t you? And, a little wrapped up in your participation in a lousy pickup truck comment section?

            3. Trent you are obviously trying to play this out as long as possible because you got talking to yourself. Think about that. Now you want to convince everybody that what you are doing is what everyone else should agree to and talk to themselves. You need to get off the ibuprofen. Most humans like their identity because that is their choice. Stop trying to convince us otherwise just to hide your embarrassment. You are further embarrassing yourself and a proven hypocrite. Just be humble Hal and lose the ego….. and stay away from drugs.

            4. Just trying to keep it real. No one should care that much about their participation in a pickup truck comment section. That says something about you.

              And I am not the one using other people’s names. I don’t care about that. I am just showing you that doesn’t matter to normal and balanced people. You need someone to hold up a mirror to you.

          1. You don’t serve this site well when you post under a dozen different handles pushing electric and turbo gas engine propaganda (fake news).

            1. Brewhaha, the bproblem is if you were an a$$$$$$$, you wouldn’t even know it.

              Better to be true, than stupid and wrong and spreading falsities.

    8. So, no replacement for the shift happy ADHD transmission, or improvements to the lethargic V6, or rear disk brakes like the 4runner, or fixed for the howling diffs, but HEY YOU GET A SNORKEL NOW!!!1!

      Toyota needs to be shaken up in the midsize market, they are getting lazy again.

        1. @Sims, aka Sybil: you’ve made about a dozen posts asking me to look it up. Don’t you think I did that, knowing that the legit information doesn’t exist? That’s why I keep bugging you to post it–it doesn’t exist!

      1. What does that have to do with anything that we are talking about with the hybrid thing?

        You must be another paranoid commenter, thinking I am someone else.

          1. no one should be posting links. It is not netiquette.

            Links often times contain viruses. Much malware is spread that way.

            But I don’t expect someone who can’t even find it themselves to know proper netiquette.

          2. I’m not asking for a link to embed streaming video from a porn site. I’m (we’re) asking for a simple link to a reputable source.
            I don’t think he knows how. Maybe, if not links, he (or perhaps “she, ze, or hin”) could cut and paste instructions for this “netiquette”.

    9. @Sims, aka, Sybil, aka Offroader2, aka Oxi?: Proper “netiquette”? It’s clear you’re a compulsive liar, plain an simple. If I make a claim, I’ll state why or I’ll site my source to prove credibility. Example, my post about the the Tacoma’s frame coming into question about how robust it would be for aggressive off-road use comes from an article I read from a reputable source–I sited my source. By the way, it’s a good read and contains great information.

      So, do you have a better way to back up a claim without posting a link to the source of information? If so, I’ll all ears.

      In response to your earlier about me visiting this site if you prove your comment about a hybrid 5.7: I can do better; I’ll stop posting as NoQDRTundra and refrain from critical comments and facts when they own up to the new Repair/Repeat/Tundra I bought from them.

      1. I have posted all you need to know to find the hybrid system by Toyota in about 3 seconds. 10 seconds tops.

        Again, if you think anyone should be putting links in any comments section for any reason, you are incredibly ignorant as to proper wasy to use interenet.

        People like you are the reason hy we have so many virus’s and malware spreading all over the internet.

    10. Toyota just released the last no awaited fix for the rear end howling that has plagued the Taco. It’s about time but I’m glad the fix is here. TSB-0013-18-

      1. Don’t get too excited. This TSB only covers double cab trucks with the 8.75″ rear end. The “all other except TRD pro, manual transmission” is where the sport, sr, and sr5 comes in. Those with the manual have the 8.75″ rear end. OR and Pro automatics have 8.75″ rearend, all other automatics have the smaller 8″.

        AND this TSB seems to be a bandaid intended to mask the noise instead of addressing the howling diff itself. The fix involves a foam pad and “dynamic dampeners” aka hydraulic rear cab mounts. So while the noise is deadened, our differentials are slowly burning up still.

        1. I’m aware of the fix being a noise dampener but so long as the issue is resonance and not a mechanical issue with the differential I’m ok with it. Most diffs make noise, but what matters is resonance vs something inside the diff going wrong. Many expected this fix all along while others had hoped for something bigger. The problem is that people are getting brand new diffs dropped in and they make the same noise, literally all of them do. But, like many others, I’m hoping and praying we don’t see diffs start seizing up.

    11. Snorkel for the intake and not for the exhaust? This so stupid.
      yet I’m surprised none of you guys didn’t pick this up.

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