• New 2019 Ram 1500 Online Configurator Is Here: All Trims and Options

    2019 ram 1500 tradesman v6
    2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman V6

    Ram releases the online configurator for the new 2019 Ram 1500. It allows choice between three engine options, two transmission, two cabs, two bed lengths, six trim levels, three rear axle ratios, 2WD/4×4, and much more. It all starts with a Tradesman quad cab V6 4×2. Please remember that Ram will continue to offer the regular cab current generation Ram 1500 along size the quad cab and crew cab all new trucks.

    While all of the options are available via the configurator, price is currently not included. We will have to wait to get the pricing information.

    It’s interesting to note that the 2019 Ram engine options are 3.6L Pentastar V6 with eTorque mild hybrid system, and two versions of the 5.7L HEMI V8 – one with eTorque and one without.

    The e-Locker rear axle is only available with 3.92 rear axle ratio and the max tow package. Maximum towing capacity on the 2019 Ram 1500 is 12,750 lbs.

    2019 Ram 1500 Rebel

    The new Rebel comes with three main configuration options: quad cab 4×4, and crew cab with a choice 2WD or 4×4. Each are still available with the three engine options: V6 eTorque, V8, and the V8 eTorque. The Rebel carries a 6,900 lbs GVWR, which other configuration go up to 7,100 lbs GVWR. There is a choice between steel or air suspensions, and you can option up to 26 or a 33-gallon fuel tank options. The Rebel offers five two-tone and six solid color options.

    The Rebel is rated to tow a maximum of 11,34o lbs.

    What is your favorite 2019 Ram 1500 configuration? Let us know in the comments below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    28 thoughts on “New 2019 Ram 1500 Online Configurator Is Here: All Trims and Options

    1. Well, I hope those color choices change.
      I hate metallic pearl white. Apparently if you want a Laramie or higher trim bright gloss white is no longer offered. If they don’t change that back I am out.

      I did confirm the LTD and a Laramie sport force the bucket seats, so only way to get the 40/20/40 with the 12″ screen and all the other top features is the Laramie , which was really no surprise.

      Biggest surprise was Ram pulling that only metallic pearl paint crap on the high end models. They will bring back bright gloss white to the Laramie trim level or I will never buy one. That really pissed me off when I saw that. It was the only truck I could get everything I wanted until I saw that.

      1. Yea the colors are meh. Rebel is back to having only black and red interior from what I saw. Stupid because they added the red delete in the current model for those like myself who don’t want red. Now they went backwards again. What happened to True blue on other models? That was such a nice darker blue.

      2. Yeah, Wow . . . on bummer ! #MeToo!/ha – oh those color options, AGAIN ! I wonder is it even possible to buy a 4×4 REBEL (can’t believe they even suggest a 4X2 REBEL) with ONLY 1 or 2 (stand alone) options . . . NOT !? Crap, add one thing and the next thing you find is that it’s TIED INTO some HUGE Package with a bunch of Crap you don’t want/need but wind up paying for if you click yes ! “ANGRY” is my Mild Choice of words (to be civil) ! THEY ALL do it and it just sickens me ! First its Gentrification in Housing and now (apparently) Gentrification in Vehicle buying !
        I don’t think it’s possible to buy a REBEL for Under $$ 50,000, if you add the 8.4, cause IT piles on the rest of the crap you may not want/need . . . THAT IS INSANE . . . and I’m not “Crazy Eddie” !
        Wonder if I can “Settle for” a Big Horn with the add-ons that will make it as Off-Road Worthy as possible (from the factory) and be under $$ 50,000 !? UGH !

        1. That’s encouraging . . . (not really) . . . this we already knew from the Great Interview YOU did Andre with the 23 minute Everything Ram Video !
          Really that beat Every other Video on the RAM, Period. ! More videos like that and I just might become a “paying” member ! ! !

    2. I didn’t recall seeing late availability marked on the v6 option like news would suggest. There are options in the configurator that say late availability.

    3. Wish THEY could Pin Down ‘Late Availability’ to say – April 2nd (not on Fools Day) or . . . ? THEY’VE been at tis long enough to know these things .

    4. It is my belief that RAM put this “incomplete” configurator up this Early – to get an idea of the Interest of possible buyers and their choices – via the “hits” each item gets ! ! ! I only wish they’d add a COMMENT section so they would know 1st hand how WE Feel about the Options/Choices Configurations !
      . . . THEY “Slurp” ! Let me clarify; They are NOT Consumer Friendly – unless you have $$$ to Burn !
      Isn’t the Profit Margin ENOUGH on these Trucks ??
      Stick-It to US even More in the Build It ‘ConCrapulator’
      . . .

    5. As bad as I wanted to buy a 2019 Rebel, looks like I will buy another Tundra.
      No Red or Black INTERIOR for me, in Sunny Florida.

    6. I really feel underwhelmed with the 2019 Ram 1500 configurator. No standard cab Tradesman edition, less color options, and just very ho-hum overall execution. I actually gave up 1/2 way through, and went on to the RAM 2500 configuration builder and was far more impressed with the options, colors, etc..

      1. Ditto Mike, and throw in an OverWhelmed too, because – unless I goofed – when “configuring” a Big Horn as simple as I could AND try to have “Premium CLOTH Seats (3-seat front), CAN”T DO IT ! Must have the Center Console which than ADDS “this & that” other Crap I do not need (Only Because of the COST Factor), but truly want! Next thing I know I’m probably up around $45-G’s – but won’t know till they put in place the Pricing info.!
        One thing about the Big Horn that’s more appealing than the Rebel – the choice of interior color patterns!
        I too am not a fan of the ALL Black motif, though the Red accents are Very NIcely done, too much black. Ideally the Big Horn with one of the 2 (can’t remember which) with a brownish color has the Seats brown also – I like that because lighter color hides the lint / dust . . . ! Black Shows it off, ugh ! Yea Yea Yea, I know, grow a pair . . . but I’m retired, don’t use my (past) truck for work or yard-duty (apt.) so it’s man function is carrying OutDoor Camp/fish Gear to & fro !
        I try to do A LOT of that !

      1. So far Ram is sticking with “calendar year 2019” for the Gen-2 Ecodiesel in the 2019 1500.

        Which means it could be as soon as 11 months (if it’s January 2019) or as long as 23 months (if they go out as far as December 2019).

        You can still buy a brand-new Ram 1500 Ecodiesel, but only a 2017 (the Ecodiesel is not offered in any 2018 model).

    7. I wonder if the ‘next gen’ 8-speed will be tune-able. Tuning is the only way I would pay good money for any of the latest half-tons. They NEED it.

    8. I wish the Rebel had a black interior, the red just don’t work! Also I notice the SPORT packages are late availability!! And the large sunroofs are only on the longhorn and limited models.

      1. That’s because we “pee-ons” (yes you can interpret that as read !) aren’t “worthy” – Hey You, yea you; stay in “your place” ! Well sorry I just had a moment of ‘anxiety-feedback-loop’ . . . got the best of me I’m afraid. psssst, just a little humor ?

      1. Too bad they don’t offer removable rear bench with a hot tube option . . . damn that sounds GOOOOOD !
        more bad humor I guess . . .

    9. Flame red is the best color. But its true the rest are boring. Cannot believe no adaptive cruise. By 2019 it will be sorely over due.

      1. “Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go” is available as an option, but only on the Laramie and up (doesn’t appear to be an option on the Tradesman or Bighorn). It’s included the optional “Advanced Safety Group” package.

    10. Funny, I just went through the Build & Price screen-by-screen, and I didn’t see any option for RamBox, yet Ram has shown photos of the 2019 with RamBox. I suppose RamBox might be included with the “Bed Protection Group”, but it is not specifically listed in the Details section of the Bed Protection Group (at least not on the day I checked – Feb 8th).

      1. They offer it with a BED ? Queen size available with memory foam? AND it seems the BOX only comes in ONE size & thus ONLY on the Larger Cabs ! They’re at it AGAIN . . . egging us on, daring us to spend a “little bit more” ! ALL OR NOTHING RAM FANS . . . suck it up or buy the Bland, Cheap looking Interior and the ridiculous steel wheels 4×2 ! 4×2’s are for mall-crawlers . . . sorry (again) to all the tied down “happily” married’s with all those kids hollering in the back row ! Isn’t Life Grand ? Then we die and don’t get to pay taxes . . . or do we ? hee hee !

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