• How to Make Your Dodge Durango SRT More Badass? Add These Mopar Performance Parts

    2018 dodge durango srt with mopar accessories
    2018 Dodge Durango SRT with Mopar accessories

    How do you make a 475 horsepower Dodge Durango SRT more badass than it already is? How about adding these Mopar performance parts and accessories that make their debut this week on the Durango R/T and SRT at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show.

    Parts and accessories include a suspension lowering kits to get the Durango R/T or Durango SRT more hunkered down. There is a performance exhaust system, double stripes, and carbon fiber accents on the inside.

    TFLtruck team is in Chicago this week, and we will bring a lot more from the 2018 Chicago Auto Show over the next three days.

    Do you want to see a Dodge Durango SRT drag race a Ford Raptor and a Challenger Hellcat? Look no further! It’s right here.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    9 thoughts on “How to Make Your Dodge Durango SRT More Badass? Add These Mopar Performance Parts

    1. Hope the interior trims/bezels are backwards compatible to 2014. Really don’t like the plastic shiny chrome interior trim in my 15′ RT. At least the hoods can swap.

      Typically not a big fan of racing stripes, but i don’t think these look too bad.

      1. My daughter just got her SRT Durango (2018). She has 3 month old twin boys and needed the walkthrough to the third row otherwise she would have kept her 2015 SRT Grand Cherokee. She needs the walkthrough for her 6 year old daughter and the twin go in the second row. She is Dodge fan and loves the V8, refused to buy a minivan. Next time she said she might go with the Tesla model X however because of the tech and it has even more power and good seat configurations. But she obviously still loves the Durango or she would not have bought it. Its already low enough unless you live on perfect roads you could get away with lowering it but even steep parking lot transitions will become a problem.

        1. I hate when ppl say “I’m never gonna buy a van”as if they think they’re to “cool” or “good” to have a van. Such a shame some ppl live in such a materialistic world.

          1. I tried to talk my wife into a minivan, but it was a not acceptable.

            There is not a more practical vehicle in my opinion.

            That being said, very happy with the durango. Its a very good value compared to Tahoe/Expedition.

        2. I swapped out the large center console b/w the captains that came with the used RT we bought for the mini-console/pass through. Makes the back feel much bigger.

          If money was no object i’d trade our 15′ RT in on a 18′ SRT tomorrow.

    2. I’ve got a Durango GT v6 right no in MA as a rental. I like it. It rides well and just drives nice overall. The 8 speed works very well, Only issue is we are getting an ice storm and this thing is RWD.

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