• Truck Rewind: HUMMER O2 Concept – Failed Redemption

    Hummer O2 Concept
    Hummer O2 Concept [Photo: General Motors]

    Did you know HUMMER designed a concept for a 100% recyclable electric vehicle?

    GM West Coast Advanced Design Studio, based in Hollywood, CA, imagined the HUMMER O2 Concept back in 2006. It won the Design Challenge for the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. The requirements of the design competition was to build a 100% recyclable vehicle that has a 60-month (5-year) lifespan.

    Hummer O2 ConceptFour electric/hydraulic motors are located in and power each wheel. The hydrogen power cell is located in the middle of the vehicle and, aside from providing power to the motors, it supplies water to the hydraulic system. This HUMMER can ration out water to the algae-filled body panels as well.Hummer O2 Concept

    The HUMMER O2 Concept has algae-filled body panels that comprises a phototropic body enclosure. The hexagonal structure looks more organic than technical. It forms a safety cage that the body panels open and close on. The panels actually convert carbon-monoxide into pure oxygen. Then they redistributed oxygen both inside and outside the vehicle.

    The General Motors designers wanted the HUMMER O2 Concept to be the greenest vehicle.

    Its tires actually change shape to allow for optimum traction on the street and off-road. They pull apart to allow the fairly flat tread to transform into an aggressive tread pattern. With an electric hydraulic pump powering each wheel, and with its excellent approach and departure angles, it’s possible that the HUMMER O2 Concept may have had serious off-road potential.


    Hummer O2 Concept
    [Photo: General Motors]

    A HUMMER ahead of its time?

    Sadly, the HUMMER O2 Concept remained on paper and GM never built a working model. Sure, there was another company that built golf-cart-like electric versions of the HUMMER, but it was more of a gimmick than anything else. GM never equipped it with anything making it off-road worthy either.

    Having something this advanced on our roads within 10 to 15 years is a real possibility. Funny to think that the HUMMER company had this much “green” imagination.

    Speaking of HUMMER…check out the video below on our TFLtruck channel!

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    1. When each one of you experience a pickup that has an electric motor for each wheel, you will never go back to a mechanical drive(sorry all you mechanics–I know you want a lot of heavy and complicated and expensive to maintain linkages to work on).

      When each wheel can be independently turned in any direction, you will be ab be able to pull your vehicle in almost any direction easily and confidently.

      Brake jobs will become a rarity(if at all). Efficiency will go way up.

      And when these simple parts of an electric motor are mass produced, the price will be much cheaper than how we do it now.

      Its coming, and it will be simpler, cheaper, lighter, stronger, and more powerful. And we will never go back.

        1. If you were aware of what is already available to buy, you wouldn’t think of it as a futuristic thing.
          Ever heard of the Acura NSX? BMW i8? And more.
          Its not a futuristic concept. It is easy and simple and cheap to torque vector electric motors.

            1. I will repeat myself for the low I.Q. readers who obviously don’t understand.

              “And when these simple parts of an electric motor are mass produced, the price will be much cheaper than how we do it now.”

            2. Electric motors have been mass produced for a century. They have never been the expensive part of the equation

            3. Daniel has never taken an engineering or electrical engineering class at a major university every in his life.

              How do I absolutely know that?

              His comments.

            4. Hal has never unplugged from the internet to try and do something in the real world.

              How do we absolutely know that?

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