• Ford Aims 2019 Transit Connect Squarely at Baby Boomers, Entrepreneurs (News)

    2019 Transit Connect
    [Photo: Ford]

    Ford revealed a new version of their Transit Connect van for Baby Boomers, entrepreneurs

    Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Do you lead an active lifestyle? If so, Ford is aiming this van squarely at you. Meet the 2019 Ford Transit Connnect, a van the company is marketing toward Boomers that still want to live an active lifestyle.

    The new Transit Connect Wagon has room for five to seven passengers, houses new gas and diesel engines, and includes a suite of driver-assist technologies. It’s also available in two wheelbase forms and three trim levels: XL, XLT and Titanium.

    2019 Ford Transit Connect powertrains

    The Transit Connect features both a new diesel and gasoline powertrain option. On the diesel side, buyers can order a 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine. Ford’s targeting at least an EPA-estimated 30 MPG, with power routed through a new 8-speed automatic transmission. Actual economy estimates on the diesel are expected in early 2019. There’s also a larger gasoline engine – a direct-injected 2.0-liter inline-four with Auto Start-Stop equipped. As with the diesel, the gas engine also comes mated to the eight-speed automatic.

    2019 Transit Connect Wagon
    [Photo: Ford]


    The 2019 Transit Connect features Automatic Emergency Braking, for a start. On top of that, there’s Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and an available Blind Spot Information System. The van’s Lane Keep Assist system vibrates the steering wheel when you stray out of your lane, and steers you back on course to keep you centered on the road.

    Ford kept things fairly straightforward for the Transit Connect’s tech feature – it is a practical van, after all. Buyers get a 6.5-inch floating touchscreen, as well as a digital information center in the gauge cluster. You’ll soon be able to get Waze compatibility, and the van features standard 4G LTE connectivity for up to 10 devices. Ford’s SYNC 3 includes Alexa integration.

    2019 Transit Connect Wagon
    [Photo: Ford]
    The long wheelbase Transit Connect touts more cargo space than a Chevrolet Tahoe and a turning radius of 38.3 feet, if maneuverability is one of your chief concerns. The van can also tow up to 2,000 pounds with the available trailer tow package.

    Pricing isn’t available at time of writing, but the 2019 Ford Transit Connect will go on sale this fall.

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    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler is the Managing Editor for TFLcar.

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    20 thoughts on “Ford Aims 2019 Transit Connect Squarely at Baby Boomers, Entrepreneurs (News)

    1. Ah, automatic emergency braking, but no automatic engine braking?

      Bummer, that is what the diesel is for.

      Another new diesel in America. Gee, I thought everyone was going away from diesel, but all these new diesels have been coming out.

      Well, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

        1. 23,000. Only issue I had so far in 3 years was door sensor sticking in cold weather. Latch sensor was rusty from living right on a coastal channel. Love the room and gas mileage. Came out of an 08 Chevy 1500 (was a great truck except had 5.3L oil consumption issue after 70k miles) and no regrets leaving a truck for a van. Average 26 mpg. Windshield replacements are a “B” though. They cost $435 internal price which is $65 less than deductible. 🙁

    2. I would think they might sell more if they would increase the towing capacity to at least 3,500lbs. You could at least pull a small boat or fold down camper.

      1. Shawn, yes. At those ratings it was too industrial for my wife, we bought the Flex in stead (w/towing package). If the TC was more capable we would have made the compromise on NVH, style, comfort. I’m still waiting for the Transit custom. It’s the right size and capability. The Transit 150 and Nissan NV1500 are just too large for everyday use. I’d like a midsize van with midsize truck towing. The MB Metris is capable but we are over 100 miles from a dealer.

    3. This diesel engine is interesting, but it doesnt solve the three major issue swith the connect.

      that being it’s incredibly lethargic acceleration (a tiny diesel wont help this much), lack of AWD, and a puny tow rating. 2000 lbs? The chevy equinox isnt much bigger, and it can handle 3500 lbs while being much faster and getting the same if not better MPGs.

      The transit connect needs the 2.0T ecoboost, or 2.3T. The 1.5T diesel just isnt enough.

    4. I love the size and focus on utility. Got a Sienna instead, and it is a pig. But, the TC engine options were and for 2019 look to continue being terrible. Couple that with a price and fuel mileage that weren’t a big improvement over Toyota and Honda, and no thanks.

    5. Question: How the hell would the F150 get at least 30mpg with the 3.0 diesel and this gets the same with a 1.5L diesel?

      1. You could say the same thing about three or four smaller platform segments compared to F150 fuel economy, including the mid size pickup segment where the only power train/truck combination right now that beats F150 2.7L Ecoboost is the Colorado/Canyon with the baby Duramax and it looks like F150 is going to come up and match that 4 cylinder diesel with their 6 cylinder diesel in a bigger truck. I think this is more about great engineering from Ford in the F150 platform with respect to power trains than it is about weaknesses of other vehicles. Also, vans tend to suck fuel on the highway due to those large, flat panels. I’m not sure we can say that the Equinox 1.6L diesel is faster than the upcoming Connect with the 1.5 diesel, but it likely will be; again due to high drag of this small panel van and how good GM’s small diesel performs. Their 1.6L is nearly the same as the previous generation 2.0 diesel for peak numbers.

    6. @Jay in OK
      The most popular form of the Transit in Australia. It parallels the smaller MB and Asian Vans lie the Hyundai ILoad

      1. Thanks @ Robert Ryan. I don’t see that AU even gets the Transit Connect. Only the Transit Custom. I know that Ford UK gets 4 vans; the 2 car based – Transit(Tourneo) Courier and Connect, the midsize Transit Custom, and also the full size Transit. I don’t see them all @ Ford AU.

    7. Waiting to see if the commercial version has changed dimensions at the cargo area and rear door openings. Last generation didn’t measure up for me- I need to be able to load a full size motorcycle by myself in one. Mercedes Metris is just the right size, but the fact that it’s rear wheel drive and four cylinder only is a deal killer. Should have been V6 and front wheel drive! Metris is a failure in the market, that’s for sure- I’ve seen one in the last two years, and I live near 2 dealers in Chicago area. Will check out the new Ford anyway…

    8. Why doesn’t Ford make this vehicle available with the gasoline 999cc turbo three-cylinder like they do in Europe? It would really be a hit if Ford added this new eBoost on top of that.

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