• Is the Ford Ranger Raptor US-Bound? Report Says It’s a Slam Dunk for the US Market

    Ford Ranger Raptor : world debut

    There are four big questions rattling around off-road pickup truck enthusiasts’ brains. Will the recently unveiled Ranger Raptor be sold in the United States? When will it go on sale? What engine will the truck offer in the US? What is it like to drive?

    The first question is somewhat easy, and a recent report from Drive Australia confirms our thoughts. Jamal Hameedi, Ford Performance chief engineer, was quoted as saying “Raptors are a slam dunk for the US,” he told Drive. “I think it [the Ranger Raptor] would do really well in the states.” He then continued, “We haven’t said anything about availability in the US.” Specialty off-road trucks could not be more popular in the United States as evidenced by every major manufacturer coming out with their own off-road packages.

    The timing of the Ranger Raptor’s arrival on North American shores is simply unknown. Ford is launching the regular Ranger lineup in the United States in early 2019. If a Ranger Raptor was indeed heading to the US – it likely will not get here before 2020.

    Will the US-spec offer the 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine that was just unveiled? The answer to this is a nearly definitive – no. Jamal said “I think most American off-roaders would actually prefer a petrol gas engine, but a diesel is the absolute way to go for the rest of the world.” Will we prefer a gas engine over a diesel? It’s not that clear cut, but the US emissions regulations will likely prevent Ford from certifying a turbo-diesel in the US. It would be much less expensive to offer a small twin-turbo V6 under the hood. Hopefully, the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 fits fine under there.

    How does it drive? In a separate Drive report, Jamal commented that Ford spent the research and development dollars on the suspension and shocks development. The engine itself was not the focal point of the truck. Jamal said, “The Raptor is about the suspension, about the chassis and it’s about breaking the bank on the chassis, the suspension and the architecture. Literally, those four shocks costs as much as the whole engine.” The truck must have a smooth ride, but we will have to wait to find out.

    Here are all of the specs we know so far about the Ford Ranger Raptor with the bi-turbo diesel engine.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    159 thoughts on “Is the Ford Ranger Raptor US-Bound? Report Says It’s a Slam Dunk for the US Market

    1. A Report? You mean a Ford engineer says the Ranger is great.

      I don’t trust a Ford engineer to make a quality product, and I don’t trust them when they open their mouths either.

      That’s not hating, that’s learning from the past and present, and being… well… conscious.

      1. The Raptor is about the suspension?
        And this engineer is willing to have his name recorded saying this, after what has been proven by torture tests of the U.S. Raptor’s well known rear suspension flaws?
        If I were a PowerWagon or ZR2 suspension engineer, I would want to be interviewed, but if I were a Raptor suspension engineer, I would stay behind closed doors.
        He must not have a high opinion of the American public.
        Oh, yeah, seeing most of ye’all’s errant comments about the Raptor, maybe the Ford engineer will have no big problem putting another one over you.

        1. Can you please provide your source(s) for the “flawed rear suspension” because I can’t seem to find it myself after several attempts. The only thing I found was some random owners complaining that it squeaks.

          1. He’s likely referring to other publications and testers reporting the rear is unstable and “dances” more than it should under higher speed with rough terrain (you know, the terrain it was designed for). The Mototrend King Of the North comparison comes to mind, if you’re interested in reading.

      2. You nailed it, these review sites really need to distance themselves from the manufactures with Ford being the worst of the worst.

        Look at how bad Pickup Truck . com is with Levine taking the position at Ford and how Ford biased they were/are, Mark Williams is no better over there as Ford is clearly the brand they push.

        I see the same things happening here with Ford again being the worst of the worst.

        1. They shouldn’t stop reporting about trucks you don’t like just because Chevy doesn’t have any exciting news. “We copied the F150” just doesn’t cut it.

        2. They should still report the stories even if you don’t like the trucks or engineers.

          The team at TFL trucks is surprisingly neutral and reports everything equally. If anything I sometimes wish they’d be more opinionated.

    2. Did that ford engineer really just say: “Literally, those four shocks cost as much as the whole engine”. Now that makes me want to run right out and buy one. Not! That’s ridiculous and aren’t a trucks shocks “not covered” by the 3 year warranty, just like brake pads. (I’m not sure – so i’m asking here). Please tell us it’s not true and that the ranger raptor’s shocks will be covered by a special 10 year/ 100,000 mile warranty or something.

      1. The suspension is worth more than the engine.
        But independent torture testers of the 2017-18 suspension have proven it to be flawed.
        So the engine as well as the suspension is worth only what a low-information Ford customer will pay for it–upfront, as well as not much later.
        A fool and his money are soon parted.

        1. Now, to be completely true, we don’t have independent torture tests of this Ranger Raptor yet.
          But a whole lot of Ford past performance usually predicts future results.

    3. And what’s with the notion that even though an off-roader in America prefers the quicker more nimble responce of a gas powered off-road truck. If that same person were to move anywhere else in the world,lets say Germany. That he would absolutely want a front heavy diesel truck with its turbo lag instead.

      1. The whole idea that the United States believes diesels are more unhealthy than the new direct injection gasoline motors, is absolutely FALSE.

        And it shows that even with all our communication technology in this rich country, that same communication technology is just being used to communicate falsity and brainwash.

        If you really want to be informed, you ave to be proactive and assert yourself to find truth.

        Don’t just “absorb” your perception of reality emotionally by what is fed you or what you see around you every day or what you hear people say around you every day.

        You have to study it out yourself, and put yourself in touch with the most reliable and trustworthy people who actually know what they are talking ab about.

        The new direct injection gasoline engine emit invisible and odorless particles that are far more unhealthy than the visible and smelly particles of diesel.

        THAT’S A FACT!

        And it wont’ be too long until all the governments and agencies and people at large catch up on the science of this.

        so all this diesel scare stuff is just “stuck on stupid”. It had some truth to it before all our vehicles became direct injection gasoline. But no more!

        1. @ “Truth In Auto JJournalism”:
          Please provide at least one source for your statement that current-design diesel engines are “less unhealthy” in terms of exhaust emissions.

          Just you saying it does not make it so. Sources, please.

          1. If you can’t find the science done on this by about 5 seconds of searching the internet, you just don’t have the gray matter to try to help.
            Sorry, you have to grow up and do your own research.
            Its not difficult.
            I am not going to treat you like a child.

            1. @ “Truth In Auto Journalism”:
              You don’t have to be a dick about it, there is absolutely zero reason for you to react the way you did when all I did was ask a legitimate question. Any reasonable person with normal self-esteem would have just given a legitimate source and let it go at that. YOU are the one here who needs to grow up and stop acting like a petulant child. Either grow a pair and man-up to your statements with reliable, legitimate sources, or go away.

            2. I’m not sorry that truth hurts.

              That is the way it should be. Truth requires a price to have. You have to be willing to pay it.

              And the price in this case is very little, so get to it.

          2. @TFL-Truck-Fan:
            Tjhe Truth In Auto Journalism, aka Pinocchio is a compulsive liar. This guy posts under many aliases and that very fact says a lot.

          3. TTAJ is a worthless commenter, but I did find this on the internet:


            TLDR: A modern direct injected gas engine releases more soot then a modern direct injected diesel engine, due to a lack of filter on the gas engine. Port injected gas engines do not have this problem, a the direct injection is what leads to this soot creation. Diesel engines still put out significantly more NOx, however.

            1. Oh sure, I am a worthless commenter,,ad yet, you now have found the truth for yourself, and I turned you on to it.
              But no, I am a worthless commenter for some reason.
              Somehow, keeping the same screen name means everything to you, no matter if what I say is true or not.
              Listen, the truth is important in an d of itself. It is independent of itself. No matter who says it!

      2. @Dan Bush
        “That he would absolutely want a front heavy diesel truck with its turbo lag instead.”

        In a word NO. They would not even look at a Raptor type vehicle. Something with a considerable Off Road prowess reasonably nimble and has the ability to take a 1 Tonne (2,200lb) payload YES

    4. I bet when this truck comes to the US this will be mid 2019 I’ll bet, It probably be over priced like the f-150 raptor! Fox shocks are a fortune!

        1. At least a ZR2 comes with Multimatic spool valve shocks. The premium Toyota charges for the TRD Pro Tacoma is definitely overpriced though. Basic Fox Shocks and Rigid fog lights is not worth the huge price increase in 2017.

    5. Dang is it just me are does it seems like every on this website bash ford a lot and the other brands do no wrong but like they say haters going hate.

      1. Just ask Zviera whether or not anyone on this forum ever bashes any ram products. You’re wrong, Bunz! Many people on this forum are just like me and will bash any stupid idea ANY manufacturer puts forth without brand bias! We just call them as we see em’.


        1. Isn’t Grand Cardone the guy who claims he can make you a millionaire if you just buy his $4.95 booklet that tells you how. Just google: Grant Cardone!

      3. Agreed. Wether you’re a Ford fan or not everyone should be grateful for the Raptor.

        The original Raptor took the world by storm and made every other manufacturer step up to the challenge.

        I doubt we would have a Zr2 or the current power wagon if Ford hadnt paved the way.

        I’m not a fan of the new Raptor but it’s still an impressive (not perfect but certainly impressive) truck!

        1. Seriously? The Power Wagon has been around off & on for DECADES. One could just as easily say that the Raptor wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the Power Wagon. But both statements are silly.

          The Raptor is a completely different beast than a Power Wagon, they are each designed for completely different missions. Raptor is a light-duty, ultra-high-performance “skimmer”, designed to fly across the tops of the bumps. Power Wagon is a heavy-duty workhorse, designed to grind through the woods hauling heavy loads. Both excel in their respective areas of expertise, and both can be made to fail when operated outside of their areas of expertise.

          1. Again, you are brainwashed.

            The Raptor is flawed at going fast. Its rear suspension is flawed for doing that.

            Go read the torture tests done on the Raptor.

            The PowerWagon performs much better at high speed running, among other things. The ZR2 also is better, although it does have a tiny issue withs its rear dancing a tiny bit(very slight compared to a Raptor).

            If truth were food, you would starve.

            1. Csn you provide a link to your sources on the “rear suspension flaws” that you and the other guy are babbling about? Because I seem to have trouble finding it. The torture tests that I read seem to have nothing but praise for the Raptor. The only problems I found was random owners complaining about the suspension squeaking.

            2. Motortrend did a comparison of the three up in Canada and there was one section of the article where they mentioned that when driving at high speeds on potholed dirt roads the Raptor was all over the place. Didnt matter what off-road mode or whether it was in 2wd, AWD, or 4WD.

        2. I agree with your statement, to a degree, the Power Wagon has been in production since 1945…. IIRC, it was in constant production from 1945 to 1981, them from 2005 to current.
          On another note, it is a complete different animal than the Raptor. 2 totally different approaches to the 4X4 arena. Both great vehicles. You are correct, when any of the manufacturers bring innovative vehicles to the market, the others are bound to follow suit. We win as consumers.

        3. The current power wagon has nothing other than the name to tie it to the post WW2 heavy equipment power wagon.

          Yes the power wagon was released in 2005, 5 years before the Raptor, but look a total all the mods and improvements Chrysler made in 2014. Would those changes have been made if the Raptor wasn’t pushing the competitive landscapes? I doubt it.

          The raptor brought way more popularity to dedicated production off roaders in its first year than the Power Wagon brought to the arena in the 5 years prior.

          1. I need no convincing that the Raptor is a great purpose built machine, and yes, other competitors have offered different packages to try to capture some of that market. But, the Power Wagon, IMO , hasn’t been chasing the Raptor. Like the Raptor, it’s an actual built vehicle, not just skid plates, Offroad branded shocks and stickers. It’s recipe, as far as offroad equipment, has remained pretty much the same since ‘05, front and rear lockers, disconnecting sway bar, 12K winch….it has evolved with the rest of the industry as far as technology since then, but their basic recipe has remained constant. I know it’s worlds away from the original PW, but it does have heritage.
            Now, if Ram built or builds the TRX Rebel concept, which would be a great thing, then I’d agree with it chasing the Raptor market.
            The Raptor and PW are great vehicles, both are the yard stick in their respective arenas, I just don’t think they’re an apples to apples comparison. Just my personal opinion though. I’d love to own either or better yet, both.

          2. Joe S i think you’re a little off on your Raptor praise, as if it brought us offroad as we know it today. Just not true. It’s just getting to be a good offroader IMO, but still has obvious factory flaws. You’re also putting the egg before the chicken with believing the Raptor brought us the PW. Jeep/Dodge/Ram have been a consistent, strong presence in off road for a long long time. Easy to mod, easy to improve from factory. Competition always makes everyone better obviously, but look no further than fourwheeler.com where dodge/Ram has won 9 of 19 previous years. PW also beat 2010 raptor. 2012 OEM Ram runner kits beat Raptor. 2017 Raptor finally bested a PW on fourwheeler but the same year lost to PW and ZR2 on Motortrend king of the north.

            If anything, you could argue the Raptor brought us the Rebel, Ram’s practical answer to 1/2 ton offroad (until crazy hellcat/TRX). ZR2 was around in the 90’s.

            Of course i’m a mopar guy. So have my bias.

        4. @Joe S
          Raptor is more a NA phenomenen. Europe with it’ s 550-600 million is pretty indifferent to Pickups. Asia and Latin American see them.as work vehicles.

        1. @Rammins
          I drive a Ford, but I’m not much into the brand bashing thing. All manufacturers have offerings I like and dislike, they all have strong and weak points. I’m glad they are “one upping” each other constantly, makes for a better product for everyone. As far as a GM / Ram “bash fest”, a lot of Ford guys seem to see it differently, I’m ambivalent, but the d**k measuring contests takes away from any meaningful discussion.
          Some things will never change, I’m a member on a couple Ford forums and more often than not, there’s always a “my truck is better than your truck” argument……I’d imagine the other brand forums are similar. Ridiculous really, but you can’t account for some people’s children….

          1. Yeah, I am sorry, but you got it a bit backward.

            If the article is about Ford the comments section quickly devolves into people dissing ford buyers and absolutely crapping all over anything Ford. They design crappy chassis, their numbers are bogus, Ecoboosts explode after 60000 miles. You name it.

            Ram or GM articles generally stay pretty civilized because the Ford fans dont have some weird personal vendetta against other brands. I think most of us would like to think we recognize the pluses and minuses of each brand and we chose Ford because, at the time, their truck offered the best match with out needs. I dont think most of us would hesistate to go buy a Ram or Chevy if we thought they brought out a better truck.

    6. I think Ford will do the smart thing and move to an all electric Raptor. They obviously dont care about V8 sound and the current V6 leaf blower sounds worse than silence.

      1) Diesel is too heavy and being banned in Europe in major cities due to its dangerous emissions.
      2) We see how little choice and effort was made in the current Ranger
      3) we heard Ford say they are offering 40 Electric vehicles by 2020 via Mach 1
      4) The electric truck will have a lower center of gravity for increased handling
      5) Be able to Ford water better and will not require a Snorkel
      6) Can fit any tire size it wants as torque will never be a problem and component angles on drive yokes wont be so limited
      7) Will have a clean flat bottom with superior ground clearance
      8) Will be a truly updated new product
      9) Will not lose any power at high rocky mountain elevations
      10) Will be very inexpensive to travel anywhere with best in class miles per dollar
      11) No stupid drive modes to choose from, just one that says go
      12) No engine air filters to change
      13) No dirty oil changes
      14) No coolant flushes or top ups
      15) No rotted out or damaged Exhaust to deal with
      16) No transmission flushes
      17) No dipsticks to check
      18) Likely never need to do a brake job for the life of the vehicle
      19) No engine starter to fail
      20) No alternator to fail
      21) No 12 volt battery to change
      22) No timing belts to fail
      23) No more doubt that your gearing does not match your engine power because a manufacturer is trying to save fuel instead
      25) Faster 0-60 and 1/4 mile times
      26) Ability to power your house if the grid goes down
      27) No engine or tranny diagnosis to do with the millions of sensors that are needed to keep it working right
      28) Software updates would come via downloads from a computer instead of coming into a dealer and waiting in line.
      29) Have flat floors inside
      30) Have more storage volume and a Frunk
      31) Quiet
      32) Accelerate hard at lights without having your concious slapside you in the face for leaving dangerous rotten egg smell of fuel behind for the traffic behind you or having the rotten smell backwash into your own vehicle and no rev sound that can be mistaken for racing and have you holding a heavty fine.
      33) No fines for leaving your vehicle idling for too long
      34) No more bullsht start stop technology required
      35) Less brake applications via regenerative braking that slows the vehicle rapidly dependant on accelerator application
      36) In cold climates the vehicle heats up faster with instantaneous heat. If parked at the house you heat the vehicle off cheap electrical energy from the house when plugged in.
      37) GDP for the states will rise via better updated technology that the world will want and buy from the USA and Canada
      38) It wont be at risk to lose 10’s of thousands like buying an outdated neandrathal.
      39) Less trips to the dealer for maintenance and having to wait in lineups and deal with service countrrs that want to add more needless repairs to your bill that you dont have time for or the money for
      40) Without a Tranny, a motor, an exhaust and multiple other related parts in the way the vehicle can better be designed gor safety with more and larger area to act as proper crumples zones and we get rid of the firewall.
      41) No more smelly gas stations to stop at. Your vehicle will be full every day you leave the house.
      42) No regen cycles to live with or def fluid to deal with if you own diesel
      43) No annual emissions tests you have to pay for and waste your day in another lineup.
      44) You will have ample electrical power to run power tools no matter where you are
      45) No waking the neighbors up when you need to heat or cool the vehicle in the morning with exhaust smells and engine noises from the exhaust or other maintenance issue like squeeling belts

      I could likely go on but that is what may come to America instead. Australia cant even support its own electrical grid without the help from the USA via Tesla. So I would expect America to finally offer a better choice in a truck than a outdated engine choice. Likely why Ford is delayex because their resources have moved on to something more modern.

      1. 46) call a wrecker out in the boonies to tow you back to an electrical outlet.
        47) wait for god knows how many hours for battery to recharge
        48) etc ect etc

        1. They only have to tune into the majority of buyers. Most buyers are not long range overlanders. Most buyers only want 300 miles of range. Superchargers are everywhere. The vehicle can also be recharged by towing it or charging it with a generator or spare battery pack that can be hauled to the site. For camp outs and can also be charged using solar packs if your parked for any length of time. Im sure other options will become more well known as the masses switch. Even another EV may be able to transfer energy. Lots of ways you wont require a tow truck. Fuel is not readily available in the bush either. And its a lot harder to find fuel in remote areas than it is to find hydro. Especially as solar ramps up, everyone will have power that does not need to be delivered via a truck.

      2. 1 and 5 are false. Look it up!
        Diesel is healthier than poison direct injection gasoline motors.

        And also the full EVs are not ready for prime time. Some day.

        But Rambro, you are correct on all the electric drive points. That is, make the wheels be powered by electric motors.

        That is absolutely the best way by far.

        1. We already argued this and I win every time. Diesel is only safer until the person modifies the diesel or fails to maintain them then they are 100 times more dangerous than a gas engine. Leading scientists are banning them in major European cities by 2025. Proven in Europe to cause birth defects and organ failurs and respiratory problems. Also a maintenance nightmare

          Full EV’s are already viable if you cared to educate yourself. Instead you keep walking into the same post and now you are brain damaged. Arguing with you would not be fair.

          1. “Proven in Europe to cause birth defects and organ failurs and respiratory problems…”

            So does tens of thousands of chemicals and naturally occuring minerals. Even SAND is considered a hazardous material in many circumstances.

      3. Just 10 Years of lease, only $1300 biweekly, order in any near by Walmart.
        Put down payment of $5000 now and be one of the first ones to receive it in 2025. Maybe.
        Or not at all.

        Sounds like a good deal. Not!

      4. @Rambro I am not going to troll, just hear me out.

        I know, that Ford and Hackett moved all the resources from ICE to electric and self driving cars. It’s big mistake in my point of view and I will tell you why.
        They must see by now, that gasoline price is staying low for very long time. Ford was on the path to meet MPG set by Obama administration. Now, White House weighs big cuts to mpg rules, because of Trump.
        NHTSA is looking at a range of options to lower future fuel economy and emissions targets, including one that would permit an average fleetwide fuel economy standard of 35.7 miles per gallon by 2026, down from the 46.6 miles per gallon under rules charted by the Obama administration.

        President Donald Trump’s administration is looking at ways to reduce future fuel economy standards for automobiles in a move to appease carmakers, who have asked to ease targets put in place under President Barack Obama.

        Under that scenario, the agency projects an estimated 10 percent of new cars and light trucks sold in 2030 would need to be hybrid or plug-in electric to comply with the standards. That compares to 61 percent under the Obama-era proposal, according to the document.

        That’s huge blow for Tesla and other electric cars manufacturers planning again.

        The draft analysis, dated Jan. 22, outlines several alternatives to NHTSA fuel economy standards for upcoming model years that were charted during the Obama administration. Other scenarios offer less aggressive cuts to future standards. The document doesn’t specify a preferred scenario.

        The draft also indicates NHTSA may propose standards for as early as the 2021 model year and as far in the future as model year 2026, giving automakers additional time to achieve reductions in fuel consumption.

        Now, Ford is in the panic room, watching how many hundreds of millions Tesla blows every single quarter and thinking, are we going to lose all those money too? Why ?
        Tesla announces biggest quarterly loss ever.
        Loss of $675.4m announced day after Musk’s car sent into space in test of SpaceX rocket. Wow. No one sane has big pockets like Tesla to blow each quarter on electric cars.
        Look at it positively. We might see this Ranger Raptor sooner than we expected , because of this, but electric Ford is not going to happen anytime soon.
        I would be surprised actually, if Ford survives this stupid Hackett decision at all.
        I wish them good luck though.

        1. I know Zviera, it doesnt help EV’s. Trump also put a 30% tax on solar panels coming from China. This means more people will back away from it. He is also planning to drill more offshore oil rigs. He will have a hard time changing California laws and a few other states. And without that car companies do not want to have to build cars to two or 4 different standards so the only way out is to still move to the Obama swing. But it doesnt look good for EV fans. Trump is an oil man it seems. He still has not made a decision yet but again doesnt look promising. The other problem with it is that Ford and Toyota admit Tesla got it right. How do you stop Toyota who stated they have a clear path forward? The other thing is that new EV manufacturers are cropping up and infiltrating the states and if other countries get there first the states will be left in the dark ages and globally no one is going to buy a combustion motor from the states when better options exist. Toyota and Ford and Tesla understand this. Trump would also have to prove the majority of what scientists already stated is false in order to lower mpg requirements. Its not that simple but I would put it past Trump to figure it out. I agree with everything Trump is doing, just not if he prolongs the combustion motor. Time will tell but Tesla is on a huge roll right now, very optimistic future for Tesla despite losses on paper they are considered a huge success with Boring, Mega batteries, Space X and their car division are all in very good standing and all of them bring unique a much needed tech that has proven to be successful except boring but they are a build now and contracted to start in New York state I believe.

    7. Yeah, Keifo has it correct it’s called extreme jealousy!

      Ford is at the top, leading the way and have been there quite some time now.

      The way the Raptor’s and now the Ranger Raptor are built is the proper way to do an Offroad high speed suspension. The others take the band-aid or add-on approach, slap on some stickers and 31” tires and call it a day.

      With the Raptor’s you get 450hp – possibly 325hp in Ranger, real widened A-arms, real heavy duty skid plates, 3” Internal Bypass Shocks, unique jounce bumpers, beefed up frames, unique custom tuned spring rates,?thick wall tubing unique rear axles, real lockers you can use even in 2Hi and 35” & 33” real Offroad BFG K02 tires!

      Nothing else OEM out there is even remotely close to being this thoroughly engineered and specific! Power Wagon is the closest, but it’s still mostly a 2500 HD with slow V8 engine, 33” tires that are way too small for this big of a truck! It’s a great rig for going slow, but it’s only one dimensional.

      1. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        The Raptor has been proven by independent testers to be flawed and even dangerous at high speeds.

        Its rear suspension is absolutely flawed.


        LOOK IT UP!

        The PowerWagon and ZR2 were proven by independnet testers to be great at high speeds as well as crawling.

        The Raptor was proven by these torture tests to be dangerous at high speeds with a rear suspension that stay planted and safe and in control .!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. It is not independent tested and proven. It’s the most incomplete test I’ve seen to date!

          It was a car magazine doing a road trip on mostly gravel pot holed roads and gravel roads is not really Off-roading.

          This is in no way a true Offroad test whatsoever and every single other real Offroad test always shows the Raptors Suspension performance coming out on top.

          There’s no doubt in my experience that if you take a wider track solid rear axle truck down a gravel pot holed road that it’s going to hit holes the other narrower ones won’t and skip around a bit.

          However, now take the others up to speed where lots of wheel travel and repetitive articulation is required and the Raptor reigns supreme.

          It’s the most complete thorough design out there and the closest to a true Offroad desert prerunner that you can get from any OEM.

      2. “With the Raptor’s you get 450hp – possibly 325hp in Ranger, real widened A-arms, real heavy duty skid plates, 3” Internal Bypass Shocks, unique jounce bumpers, beefed up frames, unique custom tuned spring rates,?thick wall tubing unique rear axles, real lockers you can use even in 2Hi and 35” & 33” real Offroad BFG K02 tires!”

        The Raptor doesn’t have a front locker, it has a Torsen limited slip front diff. A setup that’s infamous for chewing up the plastic gears in the IWE’s. And that issue is only compounded with an Ecoboost engine added to the mix. The lack of engine vacuum seems to have increased the unreliability of a vacuum actuated hub lock system. The rate of IWE failures has exploded since ~2015. I really hope Ford uses a tougher 4WD system on the Ranger Raptor, otherwise it’s all a waste.

        1. Why would failures “explode” in 2015 when the vacuumless ecoboost has been around since 2011?

          Also the Ecoboost has a vacuum pump. How do you think the vacuum assisted brakes work regardless of whether you are in boost or not? How do you think basically every turbo diesel that has constant boost even at idle can brake?

          My experience from spending way to much time on F150 forums has been that IWE failures are generally related to the vacuum line getting damaged when a mechanic works in the wheel well, not because the system has issues.

          1. “Why would failures “explode” in 2015 when the vacuumless ecoboost has been around since 2011?”

            You would have to ask Ford why but I think it’s primarily due to Ford dealers stocking fewer 5.0’s and flooding lots with 2.7 Ecoboosts. Based on what I’ve seen in person, on the forums, and on websites like Carcomplaints, the rate of IWE failures has been huge the last few years. I have seen multiple 2015+ F-150’s with Ecoboost engines that have had as many as 4 sets of IWE’s destroyed. It’s a shit system to be honest. Even when the plastic gears are locked up, they get torn up by the Raptor’s Torsen front diff.

    8. Jealous of what? A new full-sized raptor that ford refuses to release sales numbers on? At least chevy has released sales figures on their zr2. Why the difference? Because only a small number of truck owners have been willing to pay a small fortune for a supposed off-road king, that doesn’t even fit on most of America’s off road trails. It’ a good desert runner and that’s it.

      1. Will people stop saying the Raptor is a good desert runner!

        ITS NOT!

        Proven and documented bye the best auto journalists doing independent torture tests over thousands of miles!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. They sell the Raptors to fakes. The vast majority of Raptors never go off-road or do anything more than go to the grocery store.

          And if they do go off-road, or even on road, they noticed their rear suspension dancing ll over the place, and they don’t know any better, because they are not smart and experienced drivers. If they were serious men, they wouldn’t be buying a fake truck.

          The Ford Taurus was the best selling car in America too for a good while.
          People are fools.

          1. The only fake is you Hal!

            It’s obvious TFL is trying to eliminate you and all of your bashing because the names keep changing when they ban your previous name

            Everyone has a right to decide what’s best for their needs.

            Hopefully they can permanently find a way to clean you up and out because you really degrade every thread you post on!!!

    9. It was pretty fun on tflt watching the rock crawling up truth or dare and the raptor and zr2 easily make it while the power wagon failed horribly completely digging the trail up in its flawed design.

      1. On previous tests, on the same trail, the PW made it up with ease….not sure what the difference was that particular day. The PW is a beast when the pavement ends. I’m a Ford guy, but credit where it’s due.

        1. Based on the first very easy and successful attempt , Nathan underestimated second one and went with to much pressure in the tires and to slow, without any momentum at all.
          That’s my point of view, based on the video and not everyone have to agree with me.

          1. Nathan seems like the least skilled of the tfl team when driving offroad. Not only in the power wagon attempt on cliffhanger 2, but also on his attempt to get the white frontier up gold mine hill. In both cases, you can see he doesn’t know how to use momentum to just keep moving. He keeps slowing down until he gets wheelspin and then just punches the gas and digs himself in. Sorry Nathan, but its true!

            1. Actually, it’s not completely fair. He was doing very well when they tested Raptor ,Tacoma and Power Wagon at Moab a year ago.
              I think, he just got spoiled over time, how easy Power Wagon goes over any obstacles and he will do better next time, so we can have argument with Ford horde again. LOL.


            2. To be fair, he owns a 3rd gen Tacoma. That 3.5 V6 needs to be be revved up just to generate anything resembling torque 😉

              Also, it’s not fair to judge somebody’s driving skills based on a youtube video created by paring down hours of footage into a 10 minute video.

            3. Roman did the same thing in the mid size mega review with the ridgeline, and several other members have done the same thing in various truck and jeep videos.

              IMO, nathan seems decently skilled, during the moab offroad mashup, he was the only one not scraping his rear, while the taco and raptor left skid marks.

        1. No other independent source took the Raptor and PowerWagon and ZR2 over thousands of off-road miles under many different conditions.

          NO other tester reported the TRUTH aobu the flawed Raptor suspension. Yet we know it it true. Even Troverman who owns a 2017 Raptor has reported to us on this comments section about the exact flaw in his Raptor.

          You guys are not in the right on this matter(like usual).

          Stop posting if you are not in the right.

          Motortrend/TruckTrend/4-Wheel Magazine conducted this torture test, and are more reputable and proven for far longer than any other source. 50 years of experience in these tests.

          1. I didnt say you were wrong on your point about the Raptor. Just funny how you try to use a bias auto journalist to uphold your claim. And if I am wrong and they are not bias then they are incompetant in many of their mashups. But I get that the Raptor has a bad rear end suspension, even Troverman said so.

    10. There should be a simple rule – If you have no experience with offloading or no clue about how a suspension works then you should not comment on these topics!

      Truth to the masses, Always next year, The truth in Auto Journalism, and basically anyone else that Hal dreams up, its painfully obvious that he, you, have no experience offroading!

      Brand bashing and ruining Forum’s seams to be the only agenda?

      Myself, I have over 40yrs Offloading, I currently complete in the Pro class in several Offroad racing events, and am currently contracted by a major OEM brand as a Professional Stunt driver for filming and marketing.

      I can tell you without a doubt and with a completely unbiased opinion that nothing is even remotely close to the level of suspension performance as a stock Raptor in a true high speed offroad setting.

      This machine can be driven at a level that will completely destroy anything else in minutes!!!

      The fact that it comes with a warranty absolutely blows my mind!

      If the Ranger Raptor truly is a downsized version of this it’s going to be phenomenal!

      1. I have at least 40 years of off-roading myslef, and I don’t get paid by any brand of the auto industry to prop up any brand like you do.

        You have revealed that you are a shill.

        Either get off the comment section, or write a disclaimer for full disclosure on all your comments from now on.

          1. Looks like you shut him up. I saw the same comments on previous TFL articles about the raptor. I didn’t realize it was the same person until I scrolled further down. I asked him to provide sources for his claims because I couldn’t find any except a few random owners on the forums reporting about their rear leaf springs squeaking… that’s it. Big whoop!!

            1. Just because you are incredibly unresourceful enough to not find all the obvious evidence of the huge flaws in th eRaptor, that does not mean it is not there.

              So you sire, on on the opposite side of truth.

          1. Probably “drove one on Gran Turismo in his mothers basement. When you still live off mommy and the only world experience you have is online/ video games etc you have to REALLY use your imagination. Just like having multiple personalities so you can claim you have some friends. I suppose this is a good distraction from writing/drawing his coloring book, but unfortunately for the rest of us he’s spending MORE AND MORE time on here with even more aliases acting like an even BIGGER !@$hole. It’s funny how anyone who actually has real world experience he attacks and accuses them of working for a manufacturer. Im guessing a girl he had the hots for earlier in life dumped him for someone with a Raptor (or Ford). Hopefully mommy decides soon its time for him to get a job and join the REAL world

        1. @Tjhe Truth In Auto Journalism, aka Pinocchio: Why do you post under many aliases? Why do you resort to personal attacks?

          1. Because so few of you are committed to TRUTH. Only a few of you seem to even care about truth, or be able to find truth.

            You just care about your reputation(which of course I don’t–which I prove by not keeping a screen name).

            You are like emotional children who are bending over backward to protect yourself, and not the TRUTH.

            And I have probably done more serious off-roading than any of you. I don’t know that for a fact, but you all are so superficial, that I am quite sure you all have never spent over 40 years towing tens of thousands of pounds over rocky mountain trails in full sized trucks, vans and all kinds of vehicles from the military and well.. customized so it will do the job.

            I dare say none of you have had to do as much. I don’t know that for a fact, but the way you all talk, you are just fuddy duddie mechanics who can hardly read and don’t know the statistics of the auto industry or have ever taken any engineering classes from any any major university.

            So, do you all ever get tired of being wrong?

            Obviously not.

            Just because I stick it to you , don’t blame me for you being wrong.

            1. And I have never played a video game in my life. Well, a little pong decaees ago once or twice for the novelty of it.

              So, again, do you all ever get tired of being wrong?

      2. “The fact that it comes with a warranty absolutely blows my mind!”

        Based on my experiences with Ford, their written warranties might as well be printed on toilet paper. Oh your diesel engine failed? Must have been your fuel, get lost. Your timing chain rattles in the morning? They all do that, it’s normal. Your truck shakes at 65 MPH? It’s not designed to go that fast without a load on it, it’s not a race truck.

    11. These really expensive suspensions on some off road models (Raptor, ZR2) seem overkill. How many customers are going to have the budget to not only buy but then maintain a new vehicle they treat as a pre-runner. I doubt many. So, it is just for show.

      For the majority of customers, these shocks are going to hamper any off road pursuits, as they hang so low that ground clearance is affected, and people have to worry about them getting hit and suffering the huge repair bills.

      1. You are up to something. I am not saying, those shocks are not good, but honestly for the cost of the new engine good ? I don’t think so. Not even close. No regular customer is ever going to test them to the full potential . Manufacturers are cashing in big money when factory optioned.
        I use to replace OEM shocks with Monroe, then Rancho 5000 series, then Bilsteins and I have Rancho 9000 9-position adjustable series for four month now and I am impressed. I tested them very well last hunting season on very rough forestry roads with washboards all the way and potholes left and right.
        Loaded 2″ quick LIFT Complete Strut Assembly C$196. I couldn’t care less about Raptor, Ranger Raptor , even Power Wagon. I invested for the new shocks, Complete front Strut assembly with 2″ lift and 1.5″ rear aluminum spacer under coils to get rid off the rake ,of course new KO2 tires and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve setup shocks on the firmer portion of the rotary knob setting, where it performs best for me on road, off road, when towing.
        Minimum investment, maximum happiness for me after 6 years of owning this truck. My truck makes me smile, all the time I unlock the doors with remote .

        1. Do you find the Rancho Quick Lift perform better than the Bilsteins? Which series Bilsteins did you use?
          Looking a leveling my truck and wavering between the Bilstein kit (5100’s) and the Rancho Quick Lift with the adjustable shocks. I have read the Rancho springs will sag some after a while.

          1. I don’t remember which Bilsteins I had before on my truck, I will try to check my files. It wasn’t anything special, standard OEM replacement, Yellow color, blue mud cover.
            I found Rancho 9000 series definitely much better, which I am surprised, because I had a Rancho 5000 series at my Durango before and wasn’t happy. 9000 series is much better, because I could adjust dampening and compare it on the same forestry road with washboards all the way and potholes I drive 40 times every year. Rancho 9000 series handles that perfectly compare to Bilsteins. I was a big fan of Bilsteins before, so they have to up their game again. Maybe they have something better right now, but I am completely satisfied with Rancho’s.

          2. It was 4600 series, so I don’t have experience with Bilstein 5100’s series. They could be good. I just really like the option to setup dampening at 9000 series Rancho’s.

            1. I have to point out, once I set the knob at the position between 6 and 9 a clock, I am not touching them anymore.

            2. Yeah, the adjustability would be nice. I won’t do anything until I wear out the stock tires, I plan to level it then, with either the Bilstein or Rancho system.
              Thanks for the info!

            3. I’ve currently got the Bilstein 5100’s on my f350. They’re ok, i think i would go with Fox shocks doing it over again. I bought a 2.5″ Icon leveling kit with all new shocks originally. Rode awesome……but stat away from Icon shocks if you live in a cold climate. I went through 6 shocks blowing out once temps dropped. Thought it was a fluke when the front two went out so sent them in for rebuild, happened again. Best riding shocks I’ve had on it yet and $$$$ expensive unfortunately. Had the Rancho 5000 series on my Cummins and wasn’t impressed by them. Wad thinking about the 9000’s but then traded that pos off lol

            4. I have no experience with any other shocks, but those Ranchos 9000 survived
              -33°C roughly -27F for a week this winter. I will see how long they will last.

            5. @Brewhaha,
              I had the Fox 2.0’s on my 2014 F250, Had them installed with a 4”BDS Lift, it was the 4-link system and in lieu of a rear block, I lifted with all springs….not sure if it was the shock, tires, springs or a combination, but that was a rough riding M’fer…..it would rattle your fillings out! It was great off pavement, but on long highway trip, unloaded, you felt like you went 12 rounds with Tyson…..LOL

            6. My leveling kit from Icon was new progressive coils, 2.0 shocks, caster adjustment shims, and an adjustable track bar. 35×12.50 Toyo MT’s. Drove and handled awesome when first put on all the way till the first week below zero when they blew out.
              I would venture a guess with yours it was more of a spring issue but I’m not a suspension engineer lol. If I was gonna do it over again I think I would give the Carli leveling kit with Fox shocks amd Radius arms a try. I need a setup that does well on and off, nothing extreme but some pretty masty logging roads hunting etc

            7. I was looking at the 4 link setups bit was told for them to wwork properly you jad to have a massive swaybar which i didnt notice on most kits i looked at. Haven’t heard anything bad about bds

          3. Rancho Quicklifts definitely settle after a Quick Lifts on his 2014 Silverado and did a 2″ lift in the rear. The truck sat level for a couple months. It eventually settled about 1/2 to 3/4″. He put 9000’s in the back too. He seemed to like them and he hated the cheaper Rancho stuff.

            Fox shocks are nice but man do they love to leak in cold weather. And the cost to have them rebuilt is insane.

    12. Will the Ranger Raptor come to the US? Seeing it was a Ford US iniative .Yes.
      Problem is Ford US wants this to make a BIG impression in the Asia Pacific Area, that is why the 2litre diesel engine. Ford is going nowhere in the Asia Pacific Region ( despite sales of the Ranger in Australia and New Zealand)
      Again the Ranger Raptor is a question noone asked. Think of it as a Cricket Bat manufacturer supplying Bats to a major Baseball Club.
      Interest in Raptor type Off Roaders is pretty tiny in Australia / New Zealand. Forum reactions has been outside NA very very negative.Raptor Ranger has seemingly ticked every negative comment tou can think of.

      1. @Brewhaha,
        The BDS was very robust, it worked as advertised, but without a load, it was just too rough for my taste (I’m not a spring chicken anymore…LOL) The truck was fine towing or with an adequate load, and was great Offroad, but get it on an interstate with uneven expansion joints….look out.

    13. Robert Ryan, Forum reactions coming from inside NA have been mostly negative as well. Since there is still time before the ranger and/or the ranger raptor are released in America, i hope ford takes these comments to heart and makes some adjustments before their release. With just a few changes these trucks could grab a sizable piece of the midsize market. We are all hoping they do!

      1. For the ford’s sakes, I hope they do with 2.7 turbogasoline. It has Watt’s rear linkage which is a big plus over competition and Raptor. I hope that Hackett pulls his head from his …and do it quickly.

        1. The 2.7 Ecoboost is a no brainer for a vehicle that will probably MSRP close to $50K – but will the engine, transmission combination fit?

          From what I’ve read, Hackett wants to reduce $10 billion in material spending and engineering outlays $4 billion over the next five years.

          Look for a Jacques Nasser repeat.

          1. They can fit a 2.7 into a ford fusion, so I believe it would be 0 issue to fit it into a ranger. It cal already fit the 3.2L I5 diesel.

            1. A custom engine swap is not the same thing as producing a truck with the same engine. Engine swaps usually require heavy cutting and lots of not-so-legal modifications to work.

      2. Same here, my friend. Ford needs to get its act together and listen to its customers. I’m not sure how the Ranger, which we will not see until this time next year, could have been more “me too” in virtually every department. How could they let Toyota and Chevy offer so many more choices/options if they were truly serious? It seems like the internal old guard political structure at Ford is alive and well and further, they will do anything to keep getting those fullsize sales trophies. It appears GM is not the only ones that likes their trophies. I really hoped Ford would push the market forward as opposed to just finding a place in line.

      1. Same as the “regular” Raptor, with being more focused on Offroad performance, it will lose payload and towing capabilities. Just a fact of life, even the Power Wagon has less towing / payload than a comparably equipped Ram 2500 4×4.

            1. You’re probably correct, but a lot of folks in the U.S. make impractical purposes, not saying that’s good or bad, just the way it is. So, I figure it’ll sell, initially at least, in the U.S.

      1. Who needs payload in an off-road truck?

        People who have a life.

        Some people actually have work to do. and need the tools to do it with.

        By definition, a truck is for payload.

        If you just want to go off-road, then there are jeeps and such for that.

        If you are going to make an off-road truck, make it able to take a good payload.

        That is a purpose of a “TRUCK”.

        1. Then buy something else with a higher payload if that’s all you need or want your truck for! There’s many others available from all the brands.

          Power Wagons, ZR2’s, Raptors, Jeep Wrangler’s and anything else to come out are specifically built with Offroad performance suspensions as their priority not heavy payloads!

          To work well and properly articulate Offroad it needs to be soft and supple. To carry heavy payloads everything needs to be completely the opposite- stiff and rigid!

          The combination of large flexible tires, soft flexible springs, different jounce bumpers, missing overload leafs or single rate rear coils, are all specialized to produce the best Offroad ride as possible – not carry extra loads!

          Most on here already know and understand this! You’re just up to your usual self Hal – nothing to add, bash, bash, and bash!

          1. Except PowerWagons and ZR2s are better desert runners as well as being better payload haulers and tower.

            So what does that make the Raptor? Don’t take my words fro it, read the expert torture tests, they are good for taking fools money.

            1. Say Hal,

              Have you actually driven a Raptor?

              Have you driven one off-road against the ZR2, and Power Wagon on a high speed test course?

              Have you actually read the yellow payload sticker in the door of each of the vehicles – ZR2, Power Wagon, Raptor, and know exactly what it is?

              Do you already know the performance, handling, and payload of a new possible Ranger Raptor that’s not even released or tested yet?

              Surely someone as great as you are would know all of these machines or at least have driven them by his own experiences before he bashes very capable products???

            2. Except the powerwagon is a 3/4 ton truck with a payload as poor as the worst half ton on the market, also a Ram coincidentally.

              I mean if you wanna carry payload off road the Powerwagon isnt a good choice.

            3. I don’t see either being able to handle high speed runs as well as the Raptor, I agree there will be situations where the PW &ZR2 will perform better, but not high speed desert runs, jumps, etc..

            4. The PowerWagon and ZR2 are proven to do high speed desert runs better than the Raptor, since the Raptor has a flawed rear suspension and very little payload.

              I don’t waste my time as a “drifter” jumping trucks all over the desert.

              I have work to do, and I leave the torture tests up to people who will do that for me so I don’t have to waste my valuable time doing it.

    14. They way I remember it ford said they woulden’t bring the ranger to America because it was to close in size to the 150 and it diden’t. Now Nuts are complaining its as big as the f 150 well duh!.Wasn’t the chevy brought over as a clone of its aussie division with some front end treatment like the ranger.The Tacoma is what 12 yrs old now in its design. It looks to me the ranger will have the most tech and engineering of any mid sized truck. I think the ecoboost 4 for the ranger will be twin turbo charged and as always trump everything in its class.

      1. I agree, I believe it will sell here in the US, because of the “type” of off-roading, I assume, it’s designed for. But, in other parts of the world, I feel the audience is a little different.

        1. @Rig
          Correct very different Off Roading.
          One Truck/ Pickup you can buy here that can scale pretty difficult terrain Off Road has a 4000lb payload

      2. “I think the ecoboost 4 for the ranger will be twin turbo charged and as always trump everything in its class.”

        In unreliability for sure.

    15. Personally, I think that ford should release the 2019 Ranger Raptor with the current 3.5L HO EcoBoost V6 that is in the current F-150 Raptor. They should then move the current raptor to the 7.0L V8 that they are currently testing. It would be the best of both worlds, the big raptor with a big engine and the smaller raptor with the smaller engine. This way, both people who love the V6 and V8 can have their truck

    16. I like the idea of a Ranger Raptor in the U.S. market, too bad I’d never use it “off-road”.

      I’ve mentioned this before, show me something like the 2019 Ford Edge ST, but in Ranger form; upgraded engine, some sheet metal adjustments, suspension adjustments and I’d be sold. It would be more “on-road” oriented, which is where I would be 99% of the time, but in the U.S. “off-road” in relation to trucks may sell better.

      Those people with the 2.3L Ecoboost Mustangs are netting nice gains with upgraded bolt-in intercooler, downpipe, air intakes and ecu tunes. From what I gather, stock boost pressure is around 17 psi peak, where tunes are safely bringing additional power with +5-6 psi peak, over stock (22-23 psi). Maybe the Ranger becomes the new “tuner sport truck”? Who knows? There is a market for everything, and the manufacturer will initially provide what yields the most profit.

      I would be curious to know how much a 2.3L Ecoboost/ 10 Speed Transmission weights vs. 2.7L TT Ecoboost/ 10 Speed Transmission combination.

      1. @ Jim
        Already been designed in Australia for the 2.3 Ecoboost. Raptor Ranger was tested here with the 2.7/ 3.5 engines but they decided to go with the 2 Litre Diesel engine instead. From a PR point of view a BIG mistake.

    17. joseph I don’t know of anyone I have ever met taking a corvette to the track or a mustang or a Camaro for that matter. About the only time a 4 wheel drive truck is used is in the snow 3 or 4 times a yr for most folks. Construction workers and off rd guys are usually 10% of the 4 by 4 crowd.We all buy more then we need because we can so if you think you want a raptor ranger buy it. If you want a mustang buy it.Most off rd people are going to buy something they don’t care to get beat up not a 50 thousand truck no matter it’s off rd ability.

      1. @Rusted Yota
        Good points. I am typically a cautious buyer, extremely predictive and over analyze everything, mostly because I keep and intend to keep my next vehicle 12-15 years, as the trend with my current. I must be able to still look back, and smile every time I get in and out of it,… as my current vehicle provides. I just hope I can find that in the form of a pick-up truck product.

      2. @Rusted Yota
        Very few Off Road in the US. Very different too Australia and the Raptor style ” jumping” is not considered Off Road.

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