• What is Included with the New 2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition? (Dallas Auto Show)

    2019 ram 1500 lone star texas dallas auto show
    2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star

    The Lone Star edition of the new 2019 Ram 1500 is being unveiled today at the 2018 Dallas Auto Show. The next generation truck has not arrived at the dealerships yet, but it already offers plenty of trims and customization options.

    The Lone Star edition uses the formula that has worked for Ram before. The truck offers chrome front and rear bumpers and grille surround. There are Sport and Black appearance packages and the 18-inch wheels you see here.

    The Lone Star will be available in Quad Cab or Crew Cab configurations with a choice of three engines and 2WD or 4×4. Initially, the 5.7L HEMI V8 will be available. Then the V8 with eTorque and the V6 with eTorque mild hybrid systems will join the mix.

    This Lone Star edition is not just about looks. It will be offered with a selection of the following packages: Bed Utility group, 4×4 Off-Road, Trailer Tow Mirrors and Brake group, Max Towing group, and Premium Lighting group.

    Here is everything there is to know about the 2019 Ram 1500 below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    71 thoughts on “What is Included with the New 2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition? (Dallas Auto Show)

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        1. yep! Wouldn’t ever buy just two new though. Typical here to have buy three get one with 80 bucks back on purchase of four. Then get the store card for first purchase percent off or credit to earn miles/cash back. If the other two have good life have them pulled to keep. The gm i have has a 16″ rim spare, so at least the scum used car dealers can’t pull the spare to replace a worn tire to leave a crap spare.

        1. Zviera – – –

          T: “If you only put two new tires on your vehicle, do you put them on the front or on the back?”

          I’d put them both in the back alright, — of the pickup bed — and wait to see which of the others already mounted blew out first…(^_^)


          1. Good answer! Me however, assuming the current spare is still new & tucked under the bed, would put the 2 newbies in the garage until I could purchase the other 2! Then, depending on what happened with the tires on the truck, would “salvage” & “Toss” as necessary, putting the new tires on all 4 corners.

            1. I rotate my tires and dont drive like an ass so I dont have to buy two tires.

              Had I bought 1 or 2 new tires due to a blow out I would buy them from Tirerack and have Tirerack shave them down to the same tread depth as my current tires that way there are no issues with my AWD system. This is really a non-issue.

      1. Yeah but its called lone star. Doesnt it make you feel like in man? Independent and tough? Only you and half the other people who buy Ram’s get to have a lone star badge.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ANSWER: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      When you only put on two new tires, they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, go on the back!

      Otherwise you set up your vehicle to spin. And spin it will–quite easily.

      It is actually illegal to put two new tires on the front in many states.

      And it does not matter what kind of vehicle you have at all.

      Dangerous Fools:
      Bernie Kressner
      Daniel(of course)
      Dan Bush
      Jay H In OKC(I could have guessed).
      Jay B
      The Real Jay S

      Wise:(on this issue anyway).
      Brewhaha(believe it or not, he even made the point to call the rear tires the “better tires), even more accurate–a seldom moment of sobriety for Brewhaha).

      Well, if you need any other proof that the majority of people on this site are FAKE and low intelligence voters who need to get an education before they assert the truth, then well, you are one of those.

      But even if you can’t be smart enough to know basic safety questions about trucks etc., at least TRY to drive safely.

      And don’t be a horse and kick against the only one willing to help you become half-way decent people.

            1. I still disagree Todd. With ABS systems they can control a vehicle from skidding sideways by independently applying brakes to one front tire and two rear tires in order to keep the vehicle safe. Most of the vehicle weight is on the front tires especially under hard braking most of your stopping ability comes from the front and allows you to steer. The vehicle with ABS will keep the vehicle straight even if you don’t touch the brake the vehicle can sense it and brake an independent wheel to straighten the vehicle. Most of the braking is from the front. This is why the Tacoma remains with drum brakes in the rear and has the best stopping distance because it is really the front tires doing all the work where you need the better traction. Computers take care of the skid steer on many vehicles by braking independent wheels.

            2. For simplicity Hal/Todd lets say a Tacoma weighs 4000Lbs. When it goes under hard braking the ABS and the ESC will keep the vehicle straight regardless where the old or new tires are located, even coming down an icy hill the ESC will kick in on a corner to straighten the vehicle on a turn using independent wheels to brake and with the combustion motor most of the weight is in the fron of the vehicle. Traction is equal to the frictional force times the weight. Again if the Tacoma is 4000Lbs = Weight what happens when it brakes. At least 80% of the weight is on the front tires during hard braking, 20% in the rear. Lets say the Old tires have 70% frictional traction left and the new tires have 100% of frictional value remaining and do the math.

              With Old tires in the rear we have a stopping force equal to;

              4000Lbs x 0.80 x 100% + 4000Lbs x 0.2 x 0.7% = A Stopping Force of 3760Lbs

              With New tires in the rear we have a stopping force of

              4000Lbs x 0.8 x 0.7% + 4000Lbs x 0.2 x 100% = 3040Lbs

              As we can see with ESC the vehicle stays straight and with the new tires in the front you get 720Lbs more stopping force from a common sense perspective.

            3. Wow,

              Tripling down on wrong isn’t making you look any better, Rambro.

              Your imagination gets you in trouble.

              You must have an anchor in the rear to keep you from spinning.

              You don’t want the front to grip as well.

              It is much more important to not spin than it is to have braking power.

              Do I need to spell that out?

              Yuck, I know I will have to spell that out.

              well, if you spin out, your front wheels will have ABSOLUTELY NO BRAKING POWER.

              Especially in a pickup truck where you have less weight in the back.

              That is why it is so important to bring this subject up in a pickup truck site.(One might say it is very SALIENT).

              Well, the law fortunately is wiser than you , Rambro.

            4. Wow, Todd, you need to read and understand what I said. A vehicle will not slide sideway with ESC and ABS. The only situation where you want new tires in the back is for hydro planning where traction is near zero and the formula therefore does not work. What if I want to stop faster? A pick-up truck never has more traction in the rear regardless of old or new tire, so all pick ups are flawed without ABS and ECR. Only with hydro planning do you have a case. But if you want to stop faster you need better tires in the front where the weight is.

            5. Ha! quadrupling down on being wrong again leaves you with absolutely no credibility, Rambro.
              Really, Rambro, I fell for you man. You just talk yourself right out of anyone taking you ever seriously.
              ESC cannot perform miracles. In slippery conditions, you are going to slide.

              Are you so naive as to think that all vehicles with ESC never spin out or lose control these days?

              Go do the research yourself.
              Please, pleas, please don’t take my words for it. Go look at the videos showing ESC and antilock vehicles spinning out and losing control in slippery conditions.
              Go look at the laws that require shops to put the best tires on the rear.
              This is not me speaking here. It is well known with all auto experts and legislators.

            6. Todd, I am just asking you very simple questions and debating but you always fail safe to internet searches rather than answer the basic questions. I have done the research on the internet and I disagree with it and disagree with you. Their only convincing point is hydroplaning. If you want to stop faster you need better tires on the front for most situations. Again I will make this truly simple for you. Lets just stick to 1 and 2 since I already researched what we both know; that the internet wants the tires on the rear. Now can we debate please and answer my challenge.

              1) Beat my formula, more traction always exists in the front of the stopping unless you are driving backwards.

              2) All Pick-ups highlight my point as they are very light in the rear. Since traction is related to weight as much as mu(frictional value) and weight is very bias to the front of the vehicle we always have more traction in the front regardless of old or new tires in the front or back. All pick-up will have more traction in the front regardless, thus as you point out will therefore be unsafe. By everything you stated this will be truth regardless of tire position as new tires in the back of a empty pick up will not have more traction than old tires in the front given the weight bias.

              Hal you need to challenge my questions or all will be unsafe, prove my theory wrong. Only hydroplaning is on situation where new tires should be in the rear but then all front wheel drive vehicles will be more at risk given that people fail to maintain them. There are more situations where my formula proves I have more stopping power with good front tires where the weight is which may save me 5 feet where a Semi is coming in at 80mph and I am able to stop short of it.

            7. Actually Todd here is a good way to strengthen my opinion and proves my formula is correct. Michelin put an end to this debate by going out and doing real world testing on multiple surfaces and situations proving everyone is correct based on their driving skills, their driving style and their opinion of what is a greater risk. It is a matter of opinion and this proves as I was trying to tell you that having new tires on the front has clear advantages and disadvantages and where you put the higher risk is subjective based on your driving habits and skill as to where you want your advantage vs a disadvantage. No one is right or wrong, read it and weep my friend.


            8. No on agrees with you, Rambor.
              Legislators nationwide don’t agree, and your arguments are very flawed.
              You need to anchor the rear.

              My word, you are becoming worse than Daniel at being wrong and being proud of it.

              Its the law, Rambro.

              Go do more research. You are not going to listen to me. You are too emotionally involved and messed up.

            9. I dont care what you think TomD. Fact is Michelin did real world testing that proves when you put new tires in the front you will stop in a shorter distance on dry and wet pavement and in snow and ice. That is far more important to me driving in the city; to be able to stop faster. It also allows the prevention of hydroplaning at higher speeds. These are clear advantages listed in my article. Now they still recommend overall to put new tires in the rear but it is not for everyone. Let the user decide what advantage he wants over the disadvantages. It is not the law. It is only the law in a few states. You still approached this in the wrong way. Your implied intent was that new tires in the rear was an advantage period, leaving out key disadvantages. That is a fact. Putting new tires on the front vs the rear has clear advantages and disadvantages in different cases. Give your audience more informed information next time.

        1. Only the ignorant call it disrespect, because they deserve it.

          The wise who answered the question correctly, know how important it is to safety.

          It is only logical the dangerously stupid are trying to cover up their own culpability by projecting their blame on the one that reveals the truth.

          You only make my point more completely.

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          But may of you are just not men enough to even recognize that, much less defend their safety.

          In fact, by your own admission, you contribute to the death and destruction and misery

          1. No. Yo wanted us all to fail and everyone recognized that and make fun of you. I said all the time on the rear, doesn’t matter what car , when you asked about it first time, but it didn’t count for you and I really don’t care.

            1. No, you said, and I quote…
              “I still don’t know”.

              Don’t follow up being wrong with lying too.

              And I didn’t want everyone to be wrong.

              Rig, Fred and especially Brewhaha were right, and I made a point of that equally.

              You are just trying to excuse yourself.

              The guilty hate truth, and fight like mad to excuse themselves, which further demonstrates the reality of their arrogance.

              Truth and peace and safety is what matters, and if you can’t clearly see that,. you are in a psycho-emotional state of self deception which in this case caused death and destruction on the roads.

              If you must get only two new tires, then put your two new tires(or two best tires–thanks to Brewhaha!),


            2. We have been told that in driving school 35 years ago. I still don’t know, if is it bs ,or not. You didn’t quote me and I am pretty sure, that no one in here cares.

            3. I absolutely did quote you with just cutting and pasting your comment.
              Come on, you are continuing to add one mistake after another.

            4. Oh, and it is true, its even the law.

              Unless you are too stupid to look it up for yourself with trillions of dollars of internet search capability at your fingertips.


            5. You can’t wuote someone with cutting the right answer..
              This is what I said.
              “In poor socialist country we have been told in driving school, to put new ones always on the back, doesn’t matter what car. It’s something to do with, when you brake, rear end won’t pass your front. I still don’t know ,if is it bs ,or not.”

              Yes, I still don’t know, because I didn’t test it and not going to.
              Have a great day everyone.

            6. Exactly, you said you heard about that , but that “you still don’t know”.

              You are proving yourself wrong in your own comments!

              Can’t you see why you all are so incredibly stupid?

              Anyway, just look it up. Its the law. and put the better tires on the back on every vehicle you have.

            7. It’s different to hear about it and learn it in driving school.
              Does it mean, that you are stupid, because you read about it on some web site? Not in the school ? Don’t believe everything you read about.
              What does it mean and I quote you “better tires”? Can you put “better” winter tires at the rear and summer at the front ?

            8. My post above clearly shows that Michelin did real world testing and putting new tires in the front means you stop faster in snow and ice and on wet and dry surfaces. But they still recommend the rear but in both cases front and back each situation has advantages and disadvantages and is dependant on the users decision unless you live in a state where it is a law to put them on the rear.

            9. And how do you know, that ?
              Old tire can have better traction than new one from different brand in some situations . Does it say on the tire ? Your answer is completely stupid.

        2. In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll’s amusement.

      1. In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll’s amusement.

    2. If this lone star edition is only going to be sold in Texas. I have to ask why should anyone from any of the other 49 states care what it looks like,what options it has, or anything else about it? I’d rather discuss a trim level i could actually purchase!

      1. Exactly, this page is just fluff.
        so why not talk about an important life and death matter that can be easily fixed with a little education?

        You all may very well think someday to thank me when you remember to put your “best” tires(thank again Brewhaha), on the rear.

        It may save your life.

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        1. You must be one of the trolls if you are defending them.

          Tires have nothing to with this story and comment section.

          The same troll posted the same exact tire BS in another comment section that had nothing to do with the story.

          All you trolls should be banned.

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