• 2019 Ram 1500 Interior versus 2018 Compared: What’s Changed?

    2019 2018 ram 1500 rebel interior direct comparison
    2019 Ram 1500 Rebel (Top) vs 2018 Ram 1500 Rebel (Bottom)

    How has the new 2019 Ram 1500 interior design change when compared to the outgoing 2018 model? Let’s compare the off-road Ram Rebel and the luxurious Limited trim levels. Can two truck interiors be different yet very familiar? It is the case with the Ram Rebel interior.

    Ram 1500 Rebel

    The overall layout of the Ram 1500 interior has remained the same, including the overall steering wheel design. However, the updated design of the new “DT” generation truck make the dash look wider and more upscale than before. The functionality of the interior remains approximately the same in terms of placement of features and buttons, yet the new rotary transmission shifter, HVAC controls, and the rest are regrouped.

    Ram says that the rotary transmission shifter feel to the touch and feel of operation are very different than before. We will have to wait until we drive the drive in a couple of weeks to bring you our impressions.

    Ram 1500 Limited

    2019 ram 1500 limited luxury truck interior
    2019 Ram 1500 Limited (Top) vs 2018 Ram 1500 Limited (Bottom)

    If you choose the top-of-the-line Laramie or Limited trim levels of the new 2019 Ram 1500, then you will have access to the new 12-inch vertical infotainment screen. This basically allows the user to have two 8-inch screen one above the other, and control the functions of each separately.

    The differences in quality and fit between the new Limited grade interior and the previous version are immediately apparent after climbing into the truck. The 2018 interior was good and functional, but the new generation takes the experience further with matched wood inlays between the doors, dash, and the steering wheel.

    The 12-inch screen is prominent, but it is still surrounded by redundant hard buttons for those times when searching through digital menu options is just too much.

    Let us know you opinion on the side-by-side comparison of the old and new interiors. We want to know what you think. Do you think Ram did enough to update the interior? Do you think they could have done more or something different?

    Here are all of the details about the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 lineup.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    101 thoughts on “2019 Ram 1500 Interior versus 2018 Compared: What’s Changed?

    1. Put all the critical controls on the left so the middle front passenger cant’ hit them!
      If you don’t, you just don’t care about safety!

      And if you talk on your phone or text or even look at your phone while driving, you will never grow up to be a man or even ever know what that means.

        1. He is obviously referring to the Silverado’s trailer brake controller being on the left. The thing that nobody touches even in the 2% of the time when pulling a trailer. He won’t find that necessary anymore when he finds out GM is switching the location to the right hand side of the wheel.

      1. Who drives around with a middle front passenger? Kids should be in the back. Adults should know not to hit driving controls. Using your logic the gas pedal and brake should also be relocated.

        1. You are obviously a self proclaimed loner.

          When you have a life, you have a lot of people to take with you. And there is no way the big ones are going to sit in the middle front if they don’t have to.

          The smaller ones will always have to go in the middle front.

          And they don’t always intentionally hit the controls, especially when off-roading.

          Those of us will a full life need better tools.

          And you loners not only demand badly designed tools, you also are the designers.

            1. Your the moron, they have legs.

              Many many of them are tall enough to reach even while bucked up.

              It is amazing to me the intellectual level of many of you on this site.

          1. What are these vital/critical/safety related controls you’re referring that can be hit by a middle front passenger in this dash configuration?

            Since you’ve referenced offroad, then you’re not talking about the trailer brake controller. Which cant be just pumped and messed up anyway. Hvac, radio, seat warmers are not critical.

            So that brings us to the rotatory shifter? Lets see, which is easier to bump? A lever that sticks out, or a dial nearly flush mounted dial that has to be pinch and twisted?

            And i’m guessing you’ve never spent time riddling middle in a manual truck, or you would have never brought this up.

          2. Not sure what the correlation is between having a full life and an overcrowded car. What kind of hillbilly drives around with kids in the front middle, especially when off roading. That’s a rhetorical question. You don’t need to answer it.

      1. Agreed. Sat in it at the Auto show and the Limited was a busy cluster f***. It’s just overdone and tacky, they even wrapped the grab handles with this leather finger trap looking thing. Laramie was better, but still busy.

        Silverado interior looked classier and more functional. Although they only had a LTZ there, it looked a lot better in person than I thought it would.

    2. I like everything about it except the rotary shift knob.

      It’s a little closer and more isolated now, but I’m a column shifter guy in trucks!

          1. To many not intuitive buttons, just to select a gear. You have to look down and slightly right to select a gear. Rotary shifter is in front of you, with tactile feed back. You still have peripheral vision to see what’s happening around you, when moving rotary shifter. You can grab it, without even looking at it and rotate it with looking at cluster, until your selection is complete, while you still see, what’s going on in front of you. That’s not the case with piano. You have to look down at the piano keys all the time you want to make a change.
            Very impractical backing from the garage, or dryaway. Select reverse,get on the street and then select drive.
            I understand that old and rich peoples buys Lincoln and delays in their behavior are expected, but this will make it much worse.
            It makes old people from perfectly fine Roman, when he tested this vehicle in the garage.
            On the other hand, if they would change location closer under right arm rest, you could position your two fingers at the Reverse and Drive and press them alternatively , when snow plowing parking lot.

            1. One thing I’ve noticed is that Zviera will justify and defend literally everything that FCA/Ram/Dodge does.

              I am also in the camp that the rotary knob is a terrible idea. Not as bad as the push button shifters, but still bad. At least it doesn’t waste as much space as the oversized floor shifter Ford uses.

            2. Rotary shifter was a small adjustment for me coming from previous column and console shifters. I am fine with it now doesn’t bother me at all. I would have liked to see Ram put more accessible gear select buttons instead of the bullshit tiny steering wheel mounted ones on both current and upcoming Ram 1500. Would have been nice if I could have full manual control over my 8 speed. Oh well it does pretty darn good on its own and at least I can still limit gears in the more rare applications like off-roading and certain towing conditions.

      1. Agreed on the shift knob, but my opinion is entirely superficial, nothing wrong with the shift knob, I just prefer the column shift, aesthetically.
        Even with the shift knob, a very nice interior, IMHO.

    3. Electric Emergency Brake,Armrest are wider,more leather,center console stow tray and complete redesign.USB port locations,12 inch stack screen,Next generation UConnect class leading for sure,flat rear floor space,more rear leg space,rear back seat headrest fold down for more viewing out back window,Repostion glove box switch so that you don’t have to unbluckle your seatbelt just to open the upper box lid.Panoramic sunroof,telescoping steering wheel finally.Trim materials have changed as well. Bezel’s trim is color coordinated to exterior paint as well.The back seat vents are higher as well so A/C flow will cool down the rear really fast.The LED overhead lights in the rear roof are directed right on to the person’s lap for reading so as not to distract the driver. The sound system well after hearing it it is up there in quality and sound.I say this because I have not heard the Ford F-150 yet in a Platnium addition yet.The seat cool in the back just as good as the front no hestitation at all.I still like the fold down flat storage in the back seat as well and I say this because when you fold this floor and then go over to the 2018 Ford F-150 the F-150 seat back’s kinda protrude into the space a little.These were most of the feature’s I notice between the 2 redesign RAM 1500 and the Ford F-150. The most dramatic look is when you see both trucks together the Ford F-150 looks very conservative and almost dated after you look at the 2019 Ram 1500 and the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Power train wise Ford has a better setup. But from a fuel mileage stand point only by 1-2 combined from what was shown at the Houston Show. We compared the out going 5.7L with the 8 speed to the 3.5L TT, 10 speed. Mums the word from the Chevy people from Detroit they would not comment on hp/tq or MPG. They just smiled so we will see. You can tell these 3 truck manufacturers are gaming the system for more market share they diffentially what there return of investment on plant retooling and redesign.I think that they through that the public before didn’t think that the price point was worth the money for the previous designs trucks.People are expecting a lot from trucks now no more excepting something for something or putting up with some poor cheap design.Interesting is that price points for Ford trucks it has set the price point for 2018/2019 so expect to pay a lot more for awhile.I heard around 3700 more on 2017/2018 F-150,so I am assuming this may be the case at Ram as well.

      1. Bravo1, I agree. RAM re-did the upper glovebox to be almost identical to the one in the 2017 Super Duty. Some of the features you list are only catching up to stuff Ford already had, though. For example, you can fold the rear headrests on an F-150 since 2015. Panoramic sunroof on Ford since 2015. Ford has always had individual reading lights in the rear, and starting in 2015 models without a panoramic sunroof get a single tiny dome with dual illuminated left/right switches. Push the button and an LED shines left, right, or both. Looks cool and functions great. With the moonroof and you get small outboard reading lights right above the rear windows, again with lit switches.
        I’d bet the sound system in the RAM is better than what’s in the F-150. The Ford/Sony system was always pretty low-end; now you can get a “B&O” system for 2018 but I’ve heard it’s only marginally better than the Sony (same speaker locations and audio architecture). The RAM Alpine has always sounded good in my opinion.

        I also agree on the Ford styling…it is conservative. The nose was refreshed for 2018, but its the same truck which debuted in late 2014. Nevertheless, Ford trucks have always been conservatively styled and that may be part of the draw.

      2. Of course the F150 is going to look dated compared to a truck launching this year as all new lmao. The F150 redesign happened in 2015 model year. The 2018 was minor cosmetic and mostly powertrain updates. Still a ton of tech and feature packed into the F150. The new Ram interior looks legit though as it should. Took 10 model years to get an all new truck. And from a powertrain perspective it doesn’t seem all new minus etorque. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my 14’ Ram.

    4. Roman, Nathan, Andre, Tommy Et Al.
      Please, oh please oh please proofread your articles before posting them. DO NOT leave it up to your spell checker to do it. I don’t mean to nag; but it is grating when you use words with meanings that you obviously don’t intend.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love your site, in fact I have it loading automatically every time I start my computer. I know that you can do better. I have to think that you are only spell checking, but not proofreading. A few examples:
      You, your, you’re and yours are not the same word-
      To, too, and two are not meant to be used the same way.
      Except and accept have completely different meanings. And so on.
      I expect this stuff from the readers as you only get a little box to type in and no chance to see how it appears in the actual response, so you can change it before it is sent. I have slapped myself upside the head after reading what I have posted, on more than one occasion.
      These are all things I see again and again in your articles.
      You have a great site (by the way, site and sight are not the same word) but it is marred by not proofreading.
      If you are proofreading then ouch! Maybe you need a new proofreader!
      Just an observation to help you improve the TFL site.
      Keep up the good work! As a motorhead who loves anything that has wheels, I think you’re great.

      1. Who cares about spell check?

        As long as you know what we all are saying, it is a waste of time in a pickup truck site to cross every t and dot every i.

        Don’t succumb to the fallacy of perfectionism.

        And certainly don’t foist it upon the people around you.


    5. I think RAM did such a great job with these. Still hate that stupid rotary dial shifter. What the heck is wrong with a column shifter if you want to save room by not putting in a stick shift?

      1. I think both the ram rotary shifter and the lincoln push button shifters are solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist. Everyone on this forum can use a stick shifter, whether on the column or on the console without looking, heck if i dare say so, almost without thinking about it. There’s a reason the stick shifter has been the design on choice for well over 100 years. It’s the best and easiest to use. The reason they are now going with these other designs is just to say, “look at my new cool design”. Other than these two “design flaws”, I think both ram and lincoln hit it out of the park with their interior designs this year!

        1. I don’t think they’re fixing a problem that doesn’t exist, I think it’s a cost reduction effort… No linkage, no clockspring addition, no bent metal bar. Just an electronic rotary knob, integrated into the controls they would use for the 4WD system anyway. It’s cheaper… plain and simple.

          1. Cheaper, plain and simple. You mean like four corner air suspention. etorque, coolant lines that run to the rear axle, etc. How much cheapr, plainer, and simpler are they making the New ram.

            1. Common Dan. That’s completely different example, because it’s driving and Mpg improvement. Do yo question 3.5 EB with 2 turbos ? Why not just 3.5 without a turbos ?

            2. Yes i question the 3.5 with the two turbos and i’ve said i personally wouldn’t buy one myself. But the point is with ford you don’t have to buy the ecoboost. You can also pick either the 5.0 v8 or a NA 6 cylinder. If ram gave me the choice of either a rotary or a stick shifter in all their models i wouldn’t complain either.

            3. Well, you don’t have to buy four corner air suspension, Etorque, coolant lines that run to the rear axle , which only on one specific 2WD model anyway.
              All of those are options and someone might like them, like 12″ screen, which is option as well.

            4. But how about that rotary shifter. Is that an option on say the rebel? All of fords engines are available on all trim levels. Ram should do the same with the shifter choices.

            5. Why ? I don’t see nothing wrong with rotary shifter.
              BMW has rotary shifter on worse place than RAM and no one complains.

            6. That’s not his point Zviera. You might be fine with a minivan gear selector knob, but there’s no reason why Ram couldn’t give customers an alternative. Real trucks use column shifters.

            7. I don’t think so. My daughter’s Dodge Caravan has column shifter. I would be embarrassed to drive column shifter.

            8. Last Caravan I drove (2008, I think) had a dash shifter.

              Zviera likes it because Ram does it. If GM or Ford did it, and RAM did column shift he would flip his argument.

              Just adds to the busyness of a already crowded dash. Looks and feels awkward to use. You have to look at it to know what gear you’re in and you have to constantly defend how great you think it is to everyone else.

              A good column shift is butter.

            9. Arctic gog, the gear position is also on the cluster, right in front of you,like GM has. No difference, so you don’t have to look at rotary shifter to know, which gear are you in.

          2. I don’t believe the new designs are cheaper. For one thing, if you use a column shift, it can be used in both half-ton, mid-size, and heavy duty trucks. The rotary is only used in half-ton trucks. A column shifter has nothing to do with the clockspring, by the way.

            I’ve driven a Lincoln for a week with the push buttons. Not the piano keys on the Navigator, but just big buttons on the left side of the nav screen. When you push the button it flashes a light into the next gear. I guess it gives a “sense of occasion.” Its very easy to use, but still the answer to a question nobody asked. I like to move a mechanical lever and get the sense I’m engaging a piece of powerful machinery, which you are.

        1. If they make a Hellcat-powered Ram, it’s going to be so overpriced it won’t be worth buying. There I said it. I would prefer a Viper V-10 powerplant over the over-driven supercharger Hellcat engine.

    6. @Zviera
      I’m not too keen on the piano shifters either, initially at least, of course I haven’t driven a new Lincoln (or old one…LOL), but it doesn’t seem like it would be too intuitive.
      I don’t think it’ll be an issue, especially with the target audience.
      Kinda reminds me of the old Edsel and Ramblers from years ago….

        1. I have trouble every time I get in my son’s Ram, constantly reaching for a shifter.
          My daughter has a Mercedes, the damn shifter looks like a turn indicator stalk….LOL

          1. That’s pretty normal. My RAM has center floor shifter, I was renting Journey for couple of weeks with center floor shifter and I couldn’t find it, all the time.
            There is a learning curve for any. I don’t have to look at my floor shifter, or column shifter. You have to look at piano keys all the time, even if you drive it for 5 years.

    7. Artic dog- please explain your post,
      cluster F, tacky etc. I’m starting to think you have beer goggles on if you truly believe the Silverado interior is better. Your posts are starting to make me laugh and shake my head in disbelief now.

      1. I’ve sat in the Ram and seen the Silverado in person, have you? It’s a busy mess. I was there with a die hard Dodge person who agreed.

        There isn’t a surface on the Limited that didn’t have some gawdy plaque or glued on texture/ material. They actually wrapped the handle on the A pillar with oversized stitched leather that reminded me of a Chinese finger trap.

        The Laramie was better, but it’s button paradise.

        I take it you subscribe to the thought “more is more”? I’m a firm believer in less is more. Just because you can glue some trinket on a surface doesn’t mean you should.

          1. Sorry bro, but they did. They said the interior was busy and the current one was better. Note they don’t own a current one, so it’s not a case of the typical “mine is still better”.

            We looks at the Laramie and Limited. Not sure if they had lower trims, I didn’t look that hard.

            I did like the wheels they used on some of them.

            1. Then he was not a die hard RAM person.
              Read your comments. That’s how GM die hard person looks like and I am happy for you.

    8. The dash layering and materials used are very nice. But the dash is overdone in my opinion. They took the knobs for lights and other things which were on the left side vent area and easy to reach, and placed them down lower behind the steering wheel by the left knee. The rotary shifter now has 4×4 buttons right around it. A Ram dealer who got to play with it told me he tried shifting the knob with gloves a few times and twice his thumb pressed one of those buttons by mistake (perhaps not an issue once used to it, but still a possibility). The “basic” radio screen is actually a nicer layout than the monstrous 12″ which is extremely busy with buttons/icons and will no doubt be overbearing at night. With the 12″ screen, they put the buttons vertically on each side of the screen and people will have to reach across the screen to access buttons when wearing gloves. The multi slide center console is nice and adaptable. That’s a plus. But they took a nice tall upper glove box area and made it a low narrow one, which I think is a miss. Overall the materials used will likely be best in class, but the functionality of the dash has some issues in certain areas, which is more important to me than luxurious touches. AS for the seating, the sliding rear seat is a nice touch but I’m not sure how often anyone would use it. Vented rear seats is a nice touch. As for the panoramic sunroof, I’m not a big fan of them. I like either a single sunroof or a dual pane with a roof panel between so the front moving glass can still slide into the roof instead of over top of the roof.

      Overall, interior is nice. A little overdone and it seems they changed the layout just for the sake of change. It’s the rest of the truck I wish they had done more with other than just adding an electric hybrid assist to the same old engines. Other than a few things like coolant lines running to the rear diff (I’ve never had an issue with rear diff temps when towing legal truck-rated loads), slight mods to the rear coil suspension, reprogramming the 8-speed but no major updates, and new sheet metal, they could have really made some changes to the exterior and powertrain. The coil rear suspension will be better with dual rate springs, but still not as dependable and low-cost maintenance as leafs (which ride really nice in the Fords and GM’s). The air suspension is a great idea if it worked in cold temps. A fleet manager at a local Ram dealership has had so many in with issues during our -30C and colder temps over the last few years that he rarely suggests it anymore. Even he tells people there is a reason Ram stayed with leafs in the 3500HD’s.

      1. I didn’t read everything, but that’s not standard high end option from 3 dashboard / screen options you can select. This Rebel version is perfect for me. Just make extra click at the picture to zoom in.
        Very clean, everything in perfect position, not overdone. I am missing only AWD Auto mode in Rebel, which I am not happy about.


      2. Dpach, the Ford panoramic sunroof drops down and opens below the rear pane of glass. I hate sunroofs that open on top of the roof. They tend to be cheap and look ugly.

        I’m with you on the big screen, though. It will win customers, but the amount of night-time distraction is incredible. The old Saab “Night Panel” mode allowed the driver to push a button, immediately killing illumination to every interior light except the speedometer. That would be a very useful option on almost every vehicle.

        1. My wife Trailhawk has option to kill screen with one button and of course, you can adjust intensity of any button backlight in the car.
          I like it off ,when driving at night to see better. What I don’t like is intense blue cluster light for high beams, which blinds me , so I cover it with something all the time, when driving few hundred miles during night time.

          If you look closely, this RAM has same button on the right, of the red triangle hazard button.


          1. Yes, I noticed the screen kill button in the RAM. Much better than Ford’s option to do the same, which is 3 menus deep. But there are many more lit buttons causing light pollution than just the screen.

            1. Yes, but like I sad you have a rotary wheel to adjust their brightness ,or shut all of them down on the left side of the steering wheel, right under the vent, new RAM is no exception.

        2. Interior dimming switch is to the left by the headlight switch. Dims all lights. Switch lights are already much lower than screen light. There is also a screen off switch.

          Hard switches for everything (on each side and below screen) are much better than having to run things through the screen. I believe the low light of a hard switch to be safer than fumbling through screen menus while driving.

    9. I’m currently renting a ram 1500 with hemi and 8 speed. Dial shifter took one drive to get used to, hemi has tons of power, 8 speed shifts better than any other truck I have driven, and I’m getting 18 mpg after 900 miles of driving.
      I can’t believe how far ram trucks have came in one generation. I love my Sierra but ram will get a look from me next time.

    10. Probably the biggest difference that nobody has mentioned is flat passenger floor board. NO more big hump like a van that had plegged the truck since at least the mid 90’s.

    11. I would if i was asked. Don’t believe me! Remember a few months back, Andre took a ride in the new “ford” expedition and he showed us its new rotary shifter! Now if you look up that article you will see that i posted that i didn’t like the rotary shifter on that either. You see unlike you I’m not a fanboy. It’s not that i don’t like ram or gm or ford or whatever. I will give my opinion on any brand’s features or options; whether i like it or not. I know better than to try and get the last word in with you. So if you don’t understand me yet, you never will. So goodnight! Will talk another day, ok. 😉☺

        1. Did you drive RAM with rotary shifter ?
          I don’t think so.
          Anyhow, you don’t have to like it. I like it. I wouldn’t want to have piano keyboard, or column shifter.

    12. GM is the only truck with the hump in the rear seat & no panoramic sunroof, I’m surprised they never took those high end features into consideration? I will predict the High Country will be more expensive than the Ram Limited and close to the F-150 Platinum . What does that say about consumers that pay…….. more for less?

      1. We haven’t seen everything GM will offer yet. I would be surprised if they didn’t have a premium sunroof option.

        The GM floor is almost flat. To make it flat they would have had to raised the floor on the sides making it more difficult to get into, not worth it in my opinion. GM trucks are typically easier to get into than Ram and Fords and people appreciate that.

        1. There is no panoramic sunroof on the new GM trucks. The TFL interview at the auto show with the GM engineer stated it will only have a standard sunroof. Knowing Ford had it since late 2014 and RAM would likely have it, I’m surprised they didn’t offer it as well. Ford still lets you have a standard sunroof on extended cab models.

          1. I saw that interview and he said something to the effect of “this truck does have a standard sunroof”.

            I’d be surprised and disappointed if it doesn’t have something more premium. I think if they do, we will see it on March 1.

    13. Reason being, I believe Silverado will loose #2 to Ram and Ford better watch out. The next two to three years sales reports will be fun to watch, unless GM and Ford step it up fast.

      1. @Oipinions,

        I agree, I’ve stated on other comment sections that Ford and GM better look out, Ram is coming on strong with this redesign.

        1. Especially after Mopar rolls out all the extras to improve the truck, I can’t wait until the HP increase the new intake gives the Hemi! Ram is continuing to be extremely progressive in this market, best in class.

      2. I don’t see Silverado losing to the Ram unless Ram continues to undercut on price.

        They just didn’t do enough with the RAM.

          1. Lost twice? You either sold more or you didn’t and Silverado sold more trucks in 2017. Not only did they sell more Silverados they also sell a twin Sierra, so by all accounts Rams 1 truck should have sold more than either of GMs separately, but it didn’t.

            Don’t forget that for every 10k off a Silverado commercial I hear, I hear a 13k and 0% financing commercial for the Ram.

            That’s a double negative for Ram.

            1. I am just saying. I don’t really care who sells more.
              Well if this RAM is last in sales, I would still buy it, if priced reasonable, because I like all the improvements and I like what I see.

      3. Be reasonable. The current Ford F-150 platform came out in late 2014. There will likely be a new F-150 in 2020. Ford will pile on incentives if they must to remain sales leader, but I doubt it will be necessary. These new GM and RAM trucks are nice, but many of the features they are offering are things the current F-150 offers. Also, neither are made of aluminum, which doesn’t rust in road salt. Ford arguably still offers the best engine lineup, with five engine choices including diesel, turbo V6, V8, and base V6. RAM has the somewhat innovative mild hybrid drive system, but people are getting tired of the 5.7L Hemi. GM may bring out a very potent 6.2L or a strong EcoBoost competitor turbo V6.

        1. I think it’s you that needs to be reasonable. Aluminum doesn’t rust but it does corrode. Look at all the Tahoes and Expeditions out there with ugly corroded tailgates. Then look how wavy and imperfect those “superior” aluminum panels are. Yikes. The quality of them is embarrassing.

          I would definitely not give the Ford the best engine lineup title either. Even Ford techs will tell you to stay away from the Ecoboost. The v8 is finally decent, but it’s far from the best.

          I also doubt we will see a new 2020 F150. 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.

          1. I’m being reasonable. I’ve seen the tailgate corrosion problems on Navigators. Corrosion occurs because of galvanic reaction. Those older Fords were mostly steel, and the tailgates were not designed well. The 2009-2014 F-150 used an aluminum hood. Those are not corroding. So its all about process. The 2015+ truck is all aluminum, except the frame which is separated from any aluminum by rubber and hydraulic body mounts, and the firewall…which is steel encased in a coating so no corrosion will occur where it touches aluminum. I’ve had an all-aluminum Audi A8 (never corroded) and a variety of aluminum-skin over steel Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Those had some areas that would corrode. My truck’s aluminum panels seem pretty straight but I have seen some that weren’t. But Chevy is using aluminum doors now, too. So I would expect they might have the same issues.

            As for Ford’s engine lineup, we could argue all day. I can cite example after example of great, trouble free EcoBoost engines that were / are long-lived…and I’m sure you can cite an equal amount that have problems. Just like you can with ANY brand. My point was that the engine “lineup” is arguably the best, in terms of choice. RAM offers a base V6 and a top level V8. Diesel will likely come back but not this year. So far, GM is offering a 5.3L and 6.2L, and a 3.0L diesel…plus maybe two more powertrains. A base V6? A hybrid? A turbo V6? We don’t know. But Ford offers a base V6, a proven diesel, a very potent, cheap, and reliable 2.7L turbo, the V8, and the 3.5L EcoBoost.

            I don’t consider Ford’s 5.0L V8 to be the “best”…it is superior to GM’s 5.3L but not the 6.2L. I consider it an equal engine to the Hemi in terms of performance, but better in terms of refinement.

          2. Ford techs will tell you to stay away from EB’s….come on now.
            I don’t have one, but the “widespread” issues folks keep bringing up in these social media threads just isn’t so. Yeah, they have problems, but to listen to theses forums you think they’re about as stable as nitro glycerin. If you take the amount of issues of the EB’s and divide that number with the number sold, the percentage rate isn’t that high.

    14. Ram has been moving up and capturing more and more market share for years now, mostly at gm’s expense i believe. Whether it will continue to move up will depend a lot on how dependable many of their newer innovations like etorque, lighter, thinner thickness stainless exhaust, cooled rear differential, 4 corner air suspension, etc. Work in the real world, plus how much they add to the price of the truck. The same goes foe gm with their skip fire cylinder deactivation. If there are unforeseen problems the bad publicity will hurt sales. If on the other hand the system works flawlessly sales could skyrocket. Ford i believe will mostly just sit back and observe for a year seeing what works or what doesn’t work for ram and gm. At that point ford will simply play catch up on their competitors successes while avoiding their fai!ures. I don’t see ford losing the no. 1 spot in a year or two. Their number of loyal customers and lead is just big for that.

      1. @Dan Bush

        I agree that Ram likely won’t knock Ford off its perch, but I believe they’ll capture more of Ford’s market share.
        As Troverman mentioned, Ram is offering pretty much the same tech features in the 2019 as Ford and as bad as I hate to say it, material quality in the Ram is better. I know folks will say all the “tech” features aren’t necessary in a REAL truck, doesn’t change the fact that it does sell trucks though. At the end of the day, Ram did level the playing field a bit with this redesign and I’m glad they did. Just proof positive that no manufacturers can get lazy and rest on their laurels.

    15. Wow, give it up! Let it go people! We get it, you don’t like any new ways of shifting. Get a heavy-duty or another old ass design with the type of shifter you want.

      Personally, I think the dial is the best of the electronic shifters available. Feels great, extremely tactile, and intuitive motion.

    16. ASK NATHAN – Can you do a similar compare of the 2018 & 19 Big Horn &/or Rebel EXTERIORS (ALL 4 SIDES and perhaps some ariel fly-by & pauses !?

      ASK NATHAN – HAD a 2003 RAM 1500 Standard Cab which had the Larger behind the seating storage tray.
      Then they got Cerberus-Cheap and shortened it just like the Others! Do You have ANY intel or Insight into what the new 2019 Std. Cab will be like; Behind the front seats? I’m waiting & hoping for some “suicide” doors and a “RamBox-like” lockable setup.
      something just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the ’19 Interior & as Functional as say the RamBox can be. Nathan, Roman, Andre ? Thoughts ?

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    18. If you want or need a regular cab, and you choose Ram, you’ll be relegated to an ever-aging truck, inferior safety, inferior ride, old styling and outdated interior. Might as well just do away with the 1500 regular cab and stick a drop side box on a Pro Ram Chassis cab. The regular cab Rams will soon be inferior to, not only the competition as time goes by, but also their own brand, because Ram has decided to abandon their “real pickup” customer base and not let us share in the excitement of an all- new Ram 1500. Thanks Ram. Today, one can choose a 2018 Ford F150 std cab, 2wd, short bed XL: all aluminum body, high- strength steel frame, four power train options, starting at 4057 pounds curb weight, $27,610, 19 city, 25 highway; with start-stop. Most all their latest engineering in a value truck. For $995 more, 1 mpg higher city and highway, ten speed tranny, 400 ft peak pound torque that weighs still under 4200 pounds. Soon you’ll also have a choice of an all- new-designed Chevy or GMC short or long bed that will be safer, more advanced and fresh styling, or you can get the old Ram V6 with 269 ft lbs peak torque in a 400 pound heavier truck and worse mpg via a 2012 MY design, but you’ll save a few hundred bucks. Ram and Toyota has left real truck buyers. Nissan has a long bed this time around, but only one power train. Ford and GM are the only manufacturers left to serve “real truck” customers. Please Ford and GM, remember the customers who began this segment as suburbanites have hijacked this segment and are taking away our truck and are replacing it with a luxury sedan with a small bed on the back.

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