• First Ever 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor! Everything There is to Know (Official Specs)

    2019 ford ranger raptor bangkok debut official
    2019 Ford Ranger Raptor (official)

    The wait is finally over. Here are the first official images and specifications for the first ever 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor as it makes its world debut in Bangkok, Thailand. What is the recipe to make a badass off-road version of the Ranger midsize truck? How about taking an F-150 Raptor and just shrinking it a little in overall dimensions?

    The Ranger Raptor has all of the features and looks that you have been accustomed to with the F-150 Raptor, but in a smaller package and with a bi-turbo diesel engine to boot.

    Under the hood is a 2.0-liter diesel with two turbos mounted in series. Ford says – there is a smaller turbo and a larger one that work together to provide quick response and high output. Ford is rating the engine at 210 horsepower and 368.8 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission that is very similar to the one that is currently found in other F-150s.

    2.0L bi-turbo diesel

    For comparison, the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel in the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is rated at 186 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

    What are the chances of us seeing this diesel engine or the Ranger Raptor in the United States? Ford has said nothing about this. The company is working to bring us the regular US-spec Ranger in early 2019. Let’s all hope the Ranger Raptor is not far behind.

    The baby Raptor is riding on a frame that is constructed from high-strength steel. The track has been widened by about six inches over a standard Ranger to a total 67.3 inches. This is about 1.5 inches wider than a Colorado ZR2 and about 3 inches wider than a Tacoma TRD Pro.

    The Ranger Raptor use FOX Racing Shocks front and rear. Front shock towers have been reinforced, while the rear use a unique coil-over spring design with Watt’s linkage. Ford says this allow for vertical movement of the rear suspension without much lateral motion.

    The suspension is setup to give the Ranger Raptor 11.15 inches of ground clearance. This is once again considerably more than the Colorado ZR2 and the Tacoma TRD Pro.

    The little Raptor is riding on 17-inch rims and 33-inch tall BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain tires. Underneath are upgraded steel skid plates to protect critical components.

    The baby Raptor has the visual impact reminiscent of the F-150 Raptor. There are wide-body fenders and the FORD spelled out in the grille. There are unique Raptor front and rear bumpers and integrated tow hooks. There is a hitch in the back, and this Raptor is rated to tow up to 5,500 lbs.

    The truck features 32.5 degrees of approach, 24 degrees of breakover, and 24 degrees of departure. These numbers are overall not class leading, but are competitive.

    Here is our recent test of the Chevy Colorado ZR2 versus the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

    The inside of this right-hand drive Raptor is also familiar. Seats with “Raptor” badging and a red ring around the top center of the steering wheel. The Ranger Raptor offers many of the same 4×4 controls, including the Terrain Management System with six modes.

    Ford says,

    • Normal mode – emphasizing comfort, fuel economy and drivability
    • Sport mode – responsive for spirited on-road driving. This means fast, crisp gear shifts at higher engine speeds to aid throttle response. The mapping reacts to increased demand inputs from the driver by holding gears longer and downshifting more aggressively.
    • Grass/Gravel/Snow mode – Designed to inspire safe and confident driving on off-road slippery and uneven surfaces. This is done through smoother gear shifts and second-gear starts, minimizing the probability of wheel slip.
    • Mud/Sand mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for optimum traction and momentum in deep, deformable surfaces like loose sand and mud. This is achieved by maintaining lower gears with high torque.
    • Rock mode – Used specifically for low-speed rocky terrain where smooth controllability is key.
    • Baja mode – Vehicle responsiveness is tuned for high-speed off-road performance, just like drivers need in the famous Baja Desert Rally. In this mode, vehicle systems like Traction Control are pared back in terms of intervention to allow spirited off-road driving without fighting the vehicle’s on-board systems. Gear selection is optimized for maximum performance, and the mapping will hold gears longer and downshift more aggressively.

    We can only hope that Ford brings the Ranger Raptor stateside. In the meantime, we will have to admire it from afar.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    115 thoughts on “First Ever 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor! Everything There is to Know (Official Specs)

    1. With Ford’s plan to limit options for the Ranger, I’d say the glass is half empty with chance we’ll see the Ranger Raptor here.
      I’d like to be wrong though.

      1. For sure wrong. The market is hot for off-roaders in the US. It means so much for brand image AND the mark-up is crazy!

        This will definitely make its way here, it’s more a when not if and with what engine question!

    2. The first Ranger was built by Germany./ Now this one is built by Thailand.

      It would be worse if it were built by Ford. We all know the flaws in the big Raptor. At least the small Raptor will fit on an off-road trail.

      Lets’s hope the small Raptor has smaller flaws than the big one(bad rear suspension, too heavy and slow, too long a wheelbase etc.).

      Truth to the masses!

      1. Perfect. I now know the diesel is the best way to go. Cleaner and more healthy than these new direct injection gasoloine engines making odorless and invisible particles that are tiny killers.

        But no aluminum? It will rust!

        Hey guys, I really wan tot thank you for being my whole life.

        I mean, if I did not maintain an identity on this site, I don’t know what I would do with my life. My avatar in your eyeballs means soo very much to me.

        That fuzzy little JPEG that works itself into your hearts along with my carefully crafted and spell checked commnents are… well,. just everything to me.

        Andre, please take time away from delivering the truth about the auto industry and protect my identity here on this comment section. Because truth just isn’t that importatn. But my identity to all you pickup guys… well, is just more than I can express right now.


        Really, guys? Really?
        Is you being right or your identity really important, or more importatn than getting down to the truth? Come on, now.

        1. You guys are ruining this site!! And the comment section!!

          Commenters like you are the reason most auto sites have dumped their ability to leave response and interact with a community!

          Andre please please please block their IP’s, emails and posts!

      2. Wow. I’ve got better things to do with my time than be toyed with by whoever this child is using my name and pic. You’ll have to find someone else to play with, I’ll just be watching the videos from here out. This comment section has turned into a real sh!t show.

        1. Ya, I can see your other Avatar’s updated when you changed it. That was Hal/Sybil again. Not good to police a site but TFL, honestly this guy is personally attacking the people on this thread, not just once but consistantly. Do you guys at TFL even know what is going on here or is this all fair game. Maybe we should all be Hal and steal others avatars and handles and talk to ourselves.

          1. Exactly stop worrying about your identity and YOU, quite frankly.

            Heck, this pace would be a lot better if we used no names at all and just dug down to the bottom of the truth about the auto industry. Citing evidence and only posting assertions if we have researched it.

            Personal experience is good, but often not the whole picture and often takes away from the truth.

            be more committed to the truth.

            And less obsessively committed to your fake digital reputation on a comment section.

            It would be a far better comment section if we used no names at all.

            1. Well, my daddy can beat up your daddy.

              Care to comment on anythign to do with the auto industry, there Sparky?

      1. Your kidding me!

        Its only one inch less wide than the regular Raptor.

        Dead on arrival.

        It won’t fit off-road anywhere!

        Another pavement princess for skin deep boys who think they look like men.

        1. Why are you such a hater? It’s one thing to not like a product but to be so condescending of someone for what they like shows just how immature you are.

          Keep your bigotry.

          This is the first Ford truck I actually like. Hopefully it has a 2.7l ecoboost option here.

          1. To be fair, a ranger this wide completely ignores the point of the ranger, being a smaller truck, by being as wide as a raptor.

          2. Bigotry is not anywhere near the correct word to use in this context.
            Learn to not be so emotional when someone is pointing out the reality that the auto companies are peddling a bunch of fake toys to drain your wallet, rather than good off-road tools that real men can use to get the job done.

            1. To Quote you-
              “Another pavement princess for skin deep boys who think they look like men.”

              intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

              Sorry dude, but that’s bigotry. If you like this you’re a shallow boy who wishes he was a man? Grow up guy.

            2. Its not an opinion that this Ranger is five inches wider than a F150 and can’t fit on most off-rod trails.

              Its a pavement princess for people who want to appear like they go off-road.

              To make it wider, ti will be too heavy, wide and over-priced to take off-road.

          3. The 2.7 Ecoboost is an unlikely option but if Ford does manage to fit it in the engine bay, expect the Ranger Raptor to have a significantly higher base price than either the TRD Pro or ZR2. Ford won’t allow the Ranger Raptor to eat F-150 Raptor sales, so they’ll make sure the price of the Ranger Raptor protects those margins.

        2. Weird my raptor hits off-road trails in Michigan and fits! Shut your mouth until you own one, they are the best trucks u can get for off-road work.

        3. I don’t know where you’re getting your specs from – a F150 Raptor has a 74″ track for an overall width of 86″. This Ranger Raptor has a 67″ track which will likely give it around a 77″ width depending on wheel offset. Even standard F150s/Expeditions are wider at 80″, and people off-road them all the time.

    3. “…the rear use a unique coil-over spring design with Watt’s linkage. Ford says this allow for vertical movement of the rear suspension without much lateral motion.” Impossible. Ford says something I did more than decade ago and no one protests.
      Wow. My 2004 Dodge Durango had Watt’s linkage and Coils. Godd choice Ford. Better than leafs. It looks good , very feminine, but will work for millennials though.

      1. I don’t know that anyone owning up to a 2nd gen Durango should throw rocks about styling. The rear suspension is probably borrowed from the Everest SUV, which will be the basis for the 2020 Bronco.

        1. I am not throwing rocks. I am happy,that Ford used Watt’s linkage. I just pointed out, that ford horde was throwing rocks before, because leafs were the “best” for them. Now, Ford says something different.

          1. To be fair, this has a terrible towing and probably payload rating. Like a certain other product with that rear suspension. Different product, different needs?

            1. Payload and towing will always suffer at the application of larger tires and more terrain-compliant rear springs. Always. Anything thing that doesn’t concede this compromise is either overstating the hauling or off-road performance (or both). Is the other product you’re referring to the Ram 1500? Did you happen to see the specs for the 2019 trucks? Looks like you can finally carry a cab of people and still haul something.

            2. If you look at the 2019 Ram Build and Price, the GVWR of the new Crew cab hemi is 6900 lbs which is exactly what it was in 2018.

              So really, the Ram didnt increase the spring capacity, they just lightened the truck and kept the GVWR the same.

        2. @Mr Knowitall
          Yes it will have the Everest suspension
          It does have the small 2 Litre diesel engines that I posted here sometime ago.
          How it goes in sales is anybodies guess. Toyota has a Hilux TRD,GM has a twin turbo 3.6 Petrol engine Colorado.Amarok has 3 litre 250hp 405lbft of torque model coming same as it’s forthcoming competitor Mercedes Pickup.
          Have to say outside the VW and the Mercedes niche models at best

    4. Way too wide to be called a Ranger. This is wider than a F150 Full sized truck. Is it just me or are we really going down this path that its a Ranger and will compete with midsize truck. Blows my mind. Theres no standards, this is just human stigma developing. Soon midsize trucks will be bigger than a full size truck, oh wait were here!

          1. If something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t. Basic ranger is about 73″ wide. This has a 6″ wider track. While that does put the width in the high 70’s, the cab is still the same size as a regular T6 Ranger.

            1. Mr Knowitall,

              That’s a terrible philosophy. Many things and even most big and most important things are counter intuitive.

              If your philosophy was right about just “sounding right”, then we would still think the universe is slowing down its expansion, and we would have no idea bout dark matter or how the fiber of the universe can be bent to go around things.

              Hear me now. The MOST IMPORTANT things in life go against what you think ‘sounds right”!

            2. @Steve- it isn’t a “philosophy”. Its cynicism to numbers from the first media releases. The 2180mm width from the Ford media release just doesn’t compute, unless it’s just a mirror figure (which would then probably match that of a regular ranger.
              This stuff happens all the time.

          1. Okay but at what point do you still say it competes with other midsize trucks. Just because of a name tag?, I thought it was a size thing? Am I losing my mind? Actually its 85.8-inches wide. Round that to 6 inches bigger than an F150. At least the ZR2 and TRD pro stay below the full size dimensions.

            1. Are you just assuming the 85.8″ width is without mirrors? Because you are using the F150 width without mirrors. the F150 with mirrors is 96.8(raptor and regular F150)

            2. So what you are saying is that a truck with a 67.3″ track(measured at the center of the tires) and tires that sit pretty much level with the fenders, is 85″ wide? That would mean those tires would have to be 18″ wide each to make it that wide. So Ford is running a 465/xxR17 tire size?

    5. If Ford marketing decides that this should be kept from the US market, they need to be checked for closed head injuries. Just use the same cal as the Mustang on the Ecoboost 4.

      1. @Mr Knowitall: My thought is that it may take away from Raptor sales. A Raptor Ranger with a tweaked 2.7 would be something to contend with though!

        1. It might, but I think Ford needs a quasi halo model for the Ranger rollout- it will be getting crowded in the segment- New Frontier, Scrambler, New Tacoma in ’20, Refresh on the Colorado around ’20…. This could give them the attention.

      2. @Mr Knowital
        Answer would be Diesel, Diesel.
        Not an Ecoboost in sight.
        US and the EPA have a massive phobia about Diesels.
        Although all States in the US have Diesel SEMI’s and HD Pickups

        1. Phobias are not real science.

          Hard science shows the new direct injection gasoline motors are far more the silent and invisible killers with smaller and more unhealthy particles.

          No matter what the commenters on this site say who think emotionally.

        2. Explain why it should be diesel? I own a 2.8L diesel Jeep Liberty but if I had the choice between a 2.3 ecoboost and 2.0 diesel, I will take the ecoboost every time.

        3. Emission regs are what they are. In America, diesel fuel costs on average 10-15% more than regular unleaded. Light duty diesels can return around 20% better fuel economy than gassers while meeting emissions regs. The price premium for a diesel is HUGE- $4-9k. If you don’t need the diesel to do heavy work- and an off-road toy doesn’t- then you will NEVER recoup the cost.

    6. Not sure a Diesel is the right choice for this vehicle. I snubbed the HP rating but I always forget you have to look at the torque on a diesel. 369lbs wow. Have to get over the width. For safety they really have no choice. Even the Power Wagon is widened although not as much to prevent roll overs. The Gen 2 Raptor problems go much deeper with un-tested drive trains and horrific reliability.

      1. @Lloyd
        Because a Ecoboost outside NA would go down like a lead balloon.
        Ford is trying to make an impression in the Asian market
        Hilux 600000 salesan Isuzu Pickup 300000 sales are the main competitors. Ford currently sells 100000 Rangers Globally.

    7. Interesting. I’d like to know more about that 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel Engine. In addition, I would like to see a model like this in the U.S. market, but I am thinking Ford would have to incorporate another engine choice for our market. It would also be interesting if that engine could meet, or be cost effective to bring to the U.S., as that would be nice competition for the 2.8L Duramax in GM’s Colorado/ Canyon products. I’m not really interested in Diesel products, but I would give it a good look for sure. It could also be that I enjoy I4 Turbo engines.

      1. @Joseph
        They have reduced internal friction so that should help it’s performance despite the smaller engines. Twin turbo make the Pickup a lot more responsive. That being said I do not think many here in Australia would be excited by the smaller diesels in the Ranger. Just hope the Lion Diesel is 3 Litres as the competition is. Amarok and Mercedes will have 250hp 3 litre versions

        1. @Zviera
          Thanks for the link. I came across the same a few months ago. I figured it would be part of Ford’s EcoBlue engine technology/ architecture, but the use of the Bi-Turbo threw me for a loop.

          @Robert Ryan
          Indeed, I’d be curious how it would fare in the U.S. market. The 2.8 Duramax does only satisfactory on the sales front from what I can see here in the U.S. I don’t see the U.S. Ranger receiving a 3.0L Turbo Diesel, considering the larger F-150 is said to receive such displacement turbo diesel. If Ford can package a V6 in the U.S. Ranger, their 2.7L TT Gas EcoBoost is most likely.

          1. It looks to be good engine, designed from the scratch in European part of the Ford. They have some good engineers in there.
            I don’t know ,how that timing belt sliding tensioner is going to work, but it could be a complete disaster, or absolute win.
            I’ve never seen sliding tensioner on the timing belt, but it looks it’s lubricated by the oil, when you skip to 0:55 in the video.

            1. “Minimised crankshaft bearing diameters” – Not the most reassuring statement. Neither is the whole belt driven oil pump. This engine seems like it’s purely designed for fuel economy and not necessarily longevity like a typical diesel engine.

            2. I wanted to play nice, but I have to say, I wouldn’t touch this engine. 2.7 turbogasoline would be better choice.

          2. @Joseph
            As I have posted above a Petrol / Gas engine was not even considered. Why? Maybe someone will ask the Ford executive.

    8. Looks like a great platform to put the anticipated new BRONCO on…. Wider stance to help with a taller center of gravity, more off-road capable than the ’19 Ranger and narrower than the F150 Raptor. Next year should be interesting to see it.

      1. It could make the Everest stomach-able as a Bronco. Otherwise, a 4-door mall crawler with the Bronco name? Nope. Do it right or say “our bad” and let the Bronco concept die… again…

    9. So much WANT with this one. Like AWYO said, if they made a Raptor Bronco, with the wider stance and 2.0L turbo diesel, I would start grunting like Tim Taylor.

    10. LOOKS great outside….inside , meh.

      I am sure it will be capable , though the ZR2 is a fantastic competitor in this segment.

      2.0 Diesel ….more hp and same torque as GM’s larger diesel and paired with the 10 spd . Sounds good

      Price ….hmmm. Raptor is expensive so I am sure this will be too….who knows .

      I wonder how they are going to position this in the US market though….F series will definitely take a hit in sales with new Ranger coming. Raptor sales will take hit also if smaller Raptor Ranger comes…

      1. Have to agree with you on everything there Shriker. And I’m very curious how marketing is going to handle it.

        GM allowed the Camaro to outdo the Vette, maybe Ford will actually skip a hierarchy too? Let vehicles be all that they can be?

        1. The ZR2 pricing isnt THAT bad for what it is. I mean you can get a diesel ZR2 for mid to high 40’s. The gas is low to mid 40’s. Thats not terrible for what you get.

    11. They will over price it making it a good draw to bring in shoppers. But sales will be low.
      Once they get the shoppers in the front door. They expect to sell something.

      Standard Ranger/f150 will be offered at a much lower price. And will of course will sell.

    12. Meh, an 85 inch wide ranger raptor isnt a ranger, it is a full size raptor with some of the cab cut out.

      This thing will have the same issue as the normal raptor, IE unable to fit on smaller trails due to width.

      Credit where credit is due, the Colorado ZR2 is 10″ narrower, and the wrangler continues to be the narrowest offroad car on the market.

      1. Do you know its 85″ wide without the mirrors thought? The F150 is 80″ excluding the mirrors but with the mirrors is 96.8.

    13. The 2.0L 4 cyl twin scroll TD is new.

      Is Ford going to continue to offer the Aussies the current 3.2L, 5 cylinder diesel?

      1. @OldandSlow
        They may eventually drop it, it has major lubrication issues.
        3 Lion would be a good replacement. It can go against the Amarok and Mercecedes diesels

    14. I keep forgetting that the basic Ford Ranger is still a full year away from showing up in dealerships. This is likely 2020 some point, and will be expensive and most likely be sharing the drivetrain of the other US-spec Ranger models.

      1. By 2020 Ford is offering Mach 1 electrified whatever that means so while these other countries build up their ICE engines the USA via Tesla supports their failing electrical grids with the USA’s technology. This Raptor in my opinion will be old technology once Ford releases Mach 1

    15. It would be wise because it’s made from cheaper steel, but this Raptor will never come to NA. It’s just 1/2″ narrower than regular Raptor. It would eat from “full” size Raptor sales instantly.
      2.7 Turbogasoline would be great choice, but Hackett is not Marchionne.

      1. True statement about the engine, Zman. Hackett better stop being so philosophical over this business and start getting more fresh products out soon. They royally screwed up the Ranger intro, which he said they had to get right. Well, they didn’t. I’m not doubting that the engine they picked is a decent choice, it’s just nowhere near what they could and should have done. I’m also mixed on the Ranger Raptor but bring it here, stick the 2.7TT in it, and watch it sell, because it will. I was excited about Hackett at first but now not so much. Sergio and Mary are auto industry lifers so Hackett needs to roll the sleeves up and get some good right hand people to duke it out with the competition.

        1. That’s exactly my point of view on this issue. Ford has all the components to do it right on the shelve already, Hackett is just not the right person to realize that.
          I think, his focus on electric cars with all the resources is wrong and very costly to ford.
          IKEA can sell solar panels and LED lights, but car company should focus on cars making money.
          I wish they bring this “smaller” Raptor to NA. It would put more heat on competition, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, knowing Hackett and his out of car industry decisions.

          1. Good points. He better get up to speed on selling more cars and less philosophical ideas soon. I will say that Car and Driver has a bit more details on the actual dimensions of this truck and while the track has increased, overall width of the truck is only 7/10 of an inch wider. I’m not sure why Ford would want to make a huge splash by dropping this truck in NA. Oh wait, yes, I know. They don’t want to lose that sales crown for the mighty F-150.

        2. @Moondog
          In regards to Ranger debut. I agree it was on the weak side. That made me believe Ford wasn’t ready to debut it. The journalist outlets began speculation considering the timeframe from 2017 NAIAS “Ranger 2019” preview. The news got super hot and anticipation grew and Ford realized, last minute, they needed to show something that resembled Ranger or they’d take more criticism. That may be just me, but that sure is what it seemed.

          1. I truly hope you are right. But, this whole Ranger debacle has been disappointing. It is hard to believe that Ford got caught flat footed by missing out on this market. But, they did. Then, we get one bed and one engine. Not good. I’ve been a Taco guy for many years but I really thought Ford had the tools to give everyone in the midsize market fits, but instead they bring a “me too” type offering. I had hoped they would singlehandidly force this marke t forward, and we all know they could have. Also, if they were going to offer only one Bed, maybe make it longer than 5 foot Bed. I’ve always been advocating for the “tweener” Bed as the perfect option. Make it 58” and you have the perfect midsize truck bed. :). I just hope they don’t mess up the Bronco.

            1. I’m terrified for the Bronco! I have a feeling we are going to get a softUV with a horse on the spare tire cover on the tailgate

          2. Not ready to debut it? What’s taking so long? Rumors that Ford was bringing back the Ranger started way back in early 2014. It shouldn’t take that long to introduce a pre-existing truck to a new market. Especially when that market is the manufacturer’s home country.

            1. @Brick
              Ford US management has many questions to ask on it’s rather lethargic reaction to changing conditions. GM is almost as bad in that respect

            2. @Brick and Robert, I couldn’t agree more. Like I said, Hackett needs to get his nose out of the philosophy books and start building vehicles (new and updated ones) soon because Mary and Sergio know how to play the car game. I’m not impressed with Hackett (so far). Big talk does not always equal big action. I almost wonder if Ford was secretly delaying so long in hopes the midsize market would cool to the point they could say there is no business case for the Ranger.

    16. I do wonder if there would be a market for a performance based street truck, such as a trim level of ST (or dare I say, against Ford purists, RS branding) in the Ranger platform, in lieu of an off-road “Raptor” variant and how sales would be represented? Think along the lines of Ford Edge ST, with the up-tuned 2.7TT and some decent modest exterior sheet metal adjustments.

    17. If only FORD were not so “embarrassed” not to reveal it here in America ! NICE Concept; love the Midsize Thing, but full disclosure . . . not a “Ford Guy” !
      Hope JEEP doesn’t disappoint US when their JT Wrangler /Ram based pickup is revealed come (hopefully – at the 2018 LA Show / 2019 Detroit for sure !? Too bad I’m not young enough to not seem ridiculous in owning one of those JT’s ! Or am I ?

    18. All this excitement for the Ranger and it is not even out yet ! If you notice the Raptor Ranger is not being tested in the USA ,It is in Bangkok Thailand! the engines need to be US emission certified ,before it an be released here in the states . So come on guys, lets hope all those things are taken car of and testing start here in the USA .

    19. It would be interesting to see if this was a big hit in N. America, would the F150 Raptor see a next generation, or would they just stick with the Ranger Raptor? Having smaller more efficient engine would help Ford’s overall emission requirements and it would eliminate the “F150 Raptor is too large for some trails” complaints and go head to head with the Yota and ZR2.

    20. @ Louis O Salazar
      That is where it is built and it is the market Ford is trying too impress.
      They have a small presecence in Asia and are trying to build it up

    21. This truck would be awesome if it got the 2.7tt – the rest of the world can keep the diesel.

      Do we really know that the 10 speed is similiar to the 10r80 or is a much weaker version?

    22. Man, Ford is really driving their fans nuts, by saying they won’t be bringing the Ranger Raptor stateside. Ford needs to take a look at the off-road midsized truck market, right now, and, then announce the arrival of the US spec Ranger Raptor; with left hand drive, mind you.

    23. If Ford could get the same specific power and torque per liter out of the 6.7 (and I’m sure they could), it would have 704hp/1,236lb-ft. Wouldn’t that be something?

    24. I would expect it is just a matter of time.
      Ford would have to be nuts not to offer the Ranger Raptor here in the US.

      With the TRD pro and ZR2 doing very well in the market, I can’t imagine Ford not wanting to offer the Ranger Raptor as a competitor in that specialized mid size off road segment.

      Ford is really behind the curve where the mid size segment is concerned, and could use something like this Ranger Raptor to really hype up the Ranger in general. I would think this mean Ford would likely be bringing this Ranger Raptor to the US market sooner then later

    25. Reading comprehension isn’t the strong suit of the comment section here…. Right from the TFL article

      The baby Raptor is riding on a frame that is constructed from high-strength steel. The track has been widened by about six inches over a standard Ranger to a total 67.3 inches. This is about 1.5 inches wider than a Colorado ZR2 and about 3 inches wider than a Tacoma TRD Pro.

      85″ is with mirrors out which is the same as any other Ranger with mirrors folded out as that is the widest part of the vehicle.

      Ford f150 Raptor is the same width as a regular f150 with mirrors… 96″

      The ranger raptor is almost 1 foot narrower then the big brother f150 raptor.

      1. OMG THIS IS BIGGER THAN A F150!!!?!?!!??!?!?!

        Glad you substantiated this. I asked everyone who made the stupid width comments if it was with mirrors or not. How the hell would a truck with a 67.3″ track and tires that sit right at the edge of the fenders be 85″ wide. It would need 18″ wide TIRES to have a track that wide and be 85″ wide total. I seriously doubt they put 465/70R18;s on it.

        But those people can just spout off whatever they want without substantiating it.

    26. Mirrors are an important part of a truck”s width on the trail. The fact that this little Raptor is not little, excludes it from serious consideration off-roading.

      Its almost like ford just is content to sell to fools, and let the Zr2 and Toyota take the “smart” market.

    27. It’s the same old story with most of you big babies.

      Every time Ford builds a proper off road suspension with longer travel, internal bypass shocks, real skid plates, custom tuned spring rates, and real off road 33” tires you guys complain that it’s too wide!

      WTF? You guys just don’t learn or get it!

      It’s no wider at the mirrors than a standard Ranger which is the widest part of the truck!

      Yes, the Ranger Raptor is wider in track width and at the wheel wells, but this is because it’s properly done and not just some sticker upgrade or shock package upgrade!

      To make an A-arm suspension have more travel you must increase the A-arm length which increases the track width. To run real off road 33” or 35” tires and have full travel without ripping out the fenders you must properly widen the body/wheel wells!

      This is the reasons the Tacoma, and ZR2 have way less travel because they are the band-aid or add-on approach rather than the complete engineering approach!

      Why do you think they only come with basically 31” tires???

      Same thing with the full size Raptor- it’s no wider at the widest part – the mirrors than a standard F150 but the suspension is done properly so the track width and wheel wells are wider!!!

      If you still don’t understand and think it’s too wide – buy the standard ones or something else!

      Just quit sounding so stupid?

    28. Since this ranger raptor is not aluminum I wonder if it will be as heavy as a raptor? I’m not sure calling it a baby raptor fits looking at the demissions?

      Dsl just doesn’t sell here as they do over in that part of the world.

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