Why The Hummer H2 Deserves More Respect Than You Might Think! World’s Most Hated Truck Pt.3 (Video)

2003 hummer h2
2003 Hummer H2

Some call the Hummer H2 the most embarrassing or the most hated truck out there. I wager that the H2 deserves more respect than many people might think. This truck (and it is a truck frame-based SUV) has military vehicle heritage, unique rugged design, miles of interior space, some cool features such as the rear air suspension, and a nice ride.

First there was the military Humvee that entered service in 1984, then came the civilian version – the H1. 2003 was the first model year for the H2 that rode on a unique frame (heavy duty in the front and light duty truck in the rear) with a H1-inspired body.

The H2 launched with a 6.0L Vortec V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission that is hooked up to a full-time four wheel drive system with a transfer case for low-range gearing, and a rear locker.

Yes, the front suspension components were not quiet strong enough to crawl this heavy truck over difficult terrain, but we are planning to address it on our H2, we call Frank.

Let us know what you think. Do you agree with Andre, Nathan, or both? Does the H2 deserve more respect? Is it cool, or is it the most embarrassing truck out there?

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