• Slammed Widebody Ford Raptor: Great Idea or Plain Wrong?

    [Photo: Pandem]
    Check out this slammed wide-body Ford Raptor by Pandem. TRA Kyoto is the parent company for Japanese body-kit manufacturers Pandem and Rocket Bunny. Typically, you would expect to see these kind of body kits on Japanese sportscars like the Toyota 86 or a Subaru WRX. However, for this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Pandem has come out with a widebody kit for the Ford Raptor.

    [Photo: Pandem]
    This kit, like many of Pandem’s designs, features super wide fender flares, adorned with a bolted-on look to give the truck a wider stance. Of course, this one appears to be much lower than a standard Raptor. It is possible that the truck is on air suspension so that it may also go on rougher terrain every once in a while. To match the wide fenders, Pandem has fit the truck with some incredibly wide, chunky off-road tires and a set of 6-spoke alloy rims.

    [Photo: Pandem]
    While some may think this is a great look, others may not be such a big fan. The Ford Raptor is already an incredibly wide truck. Adding extra width may ruin any inkling of practicality that this truck once had. We want to know what you guys think! Is this a great idea and look for Ford’s most off-road worthy truck? Or does it miss the point of the truck?

    [Photo: Pandem]
    Please be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the widebody Ford Raptor! For more vehicles like this, the Tokyo Auto Salon takes place from January 12-14th this year. That’s basically at the same time as the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, which our team is going to.

    Roman had a chance to drive this widebody Super Duty not too long ago. Although this one was a bit more than just a widebody kit. Be sure to watch the video below to see what it was like.

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    27 thoughts on “Slammed Widebody Ford Raptor: Great Idea or Plain Wrong?

      1. The Raptor’s true calling.

        Cus’ it sure doesn’t work well as an off-roader with that flawed rear suspension dancing all over the place and long wheelbase. And its too wide and too heavy.

        I guess tow wrongs do make a right.

        1. A Raptor,
        2. A slammed Raptor,
        makes a pavement princess that does what it is meant to do.

    1. I like it other than the tires. It should have some sticky street tires to match the attitude. It definitely could be a killer street truck. After winning countless off road comparisons including making it places it was not designed to go while others could not make it, a big powered turbo engined slammed street truck would be down right killer.

      1. It is not the quantity of off-road tests that matters, it is the quality of the test.
        And the most quality torture tests of the Raptor shows it can’t do what it is advertised to do. And the PowerWagon and ZR2 have been proven to beat the Raptor at it’s advertised game.

        1. Of course it is the quality. Even TFL did a quality review. The Raptor has been dominant over the competition. And numerous independent testers has proven it.

          1. Actually, head to head Raptor vs PW on Fourwheeler is even with PW winning in 2010 and Raptor winning in 2017. The only comparison b/w all 3 currently has been on motortrend, and the PW beat the ZR2 and Raptor. The TFL test of going up one hill is not a complete comparison, though it does show the PW main flaw that everyone knows exists.

            Claiming the Raptor is dominant really is not true. It is a great truck no doubt, it is just not dominant.

            No truck mfger has won more Fourwheeler comparisons than the Ram. Since 2000, Ram has won 8 of the 16 test (and a Ram hasn’t even been in all 16).

    2. The differential pumpkin sits maybe 2 inches off the ground. Wonder if they put a larger lower rear diff. It looks massive, bigger than a 4:10. As for new trucks TFL, check out what Arnold Schwarzenegger did and showed Jay Leno who is a big fan of hydropneumatic shocks like what Bollinger is bringing.


    3. Lighting on steroids? Personally I’m not a big fan of wide body kits, but this one looks good.
      On a lowered truck like that not sure why they put off Rd tires on it?

    4. TFLT (Michael Curtis): “1) We want to know what you guys think! 2) Is this a great idea and look for Ford’s most off-road worthy truck? 3) Or does it miss the point of the truck?”

      1) Meh.
      2) No.
      3) This truck has a point? (^_^)…


    5. I actually like it for the most part, but I would never do it myself since I bought my truck for truck reasons. I know there is a guy on the f150 forum with an absolute slammed 2015 who tows a 8000 lb boat. He has a custom trailing arm and airbag setup welded to the axle

    6. I also agree, looks pretty cool should of put some nice Pirelli scorpions,or something similar,lower stance adds stability especially in windy conditions..I used to have a 1995 Silverado ext cab 350 tbi 2wd with eibach and bell tech suspension 2″ front and 4″ drop in the rear with airbags..made it through 15 winters in the Northwest til I sold it..Never got stuck just added sandbags in the rear and took it easy..

    7. well I guess any off-road ability the raptor did have is completely gone with this one. Why do this to an off-road truck?, its like nueturing it, that raptor is now useless for its intended purpose. Do it to a regular 4×2 if you want a street truck, not a truck built for off-roading, next thing you know some dummy will do it to a power wagon if they haven’t all ready.

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