• New 2020 Ram HD Truck Production is Moving from Mexico to Michigan, $1 Billion Investment

    2018 2020 ram hd 3500 dually cummins diesel spy prototype specs
    Ram HD prototype (by Shaun R.)

    FCA US and Ram Trucks are investing $1 billion to move 2020 Ram HD truck production from Mexico to the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, and pay out more bonuses to current employees. The plant will be retooled in order to produce the new truck and plant personnel will be expanded by 2,500 people.

    In addition to the truck plant move, approximately 60,000 US-based FCA employees will get bonus payments.

    Another interesting piece of news is that the upcoming new Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Wagoneer will also be produced at the Warren Truck Assembly facility. Does it mean the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will share the truck frames with the trucks? We will have to wait a little longer to know for sure.

    The existing plant in Saltillo, Mexico will be repurposed to produce commercial vehicles for the global consumption.

    Stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for lots more news this weekend and the days ahead on the new 2019 Ram 1500 and more from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    79 thoughts on “New 2020 Ram HD Truck Production is Moving from Mexico to Michigan, $1 Billion Investment

    1. This is very good news for the US economy. As Trumps tax plan is implemented, we will be seeing even more of this good new. I have no problem with companies building product across our boarders because we are a global economy, but built in America is always better.

      1. The move to build HD Rams and Wagoneers in Warren has been under way a lot longer than the New tax plan.
        Yes, dropping unemployment and lower corporate tax is translating to more money for employees.
        Lastly, yes, the Wagoneer will be built on a Ram frame, but it will be the 1500 frame.

    2. Looks like another feather in Donald trumps cap! And noticed the EPA case against FCA seems dead in the water! Maybe it’s a case of “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine”. I hope so, a negotiated settlement is a much better solution to these emission scandals than are billion dollar fines!

    3. Bad idea for the US. EV trucks are going to take off long before they ever see a profit from this move. Brussels just banned 1997 or older diesels from their inner city and by 2025 they will be banned altogether. If you want in with your diesel you will have to pay a fee, this goes hand in hand with what I said a year ago and combustion cars in the future will require permits to use them on the road. Same thing happened to smokers who pollute the air we breath, they were not allowed to do it anymore in restricted areas and this will happen to combustion cars when the majority of us are driving EV’s we will get pissed of at the guy with a combustion motor and laws will be created to stop combustion cars from polluting the air we have a right to breath. It will happen and Brussels is a good example of what I predicted will happen in the future. Other cities are onboarding as well and the push to go clean and build new infrastructure for EV’s have gone wild. China is even building solar roadways where it works. Also, this video clearly proves that the more EV cars on the road means we tax the electric grid less. How does that make sense, well watch the video and learn. All you diesel fan boys will be but hurt no doubt. Tesla is solving every argument you dope heads come up with. You should all consider yourselves ignorant especially the Daniel, Sparky and Troverman profiles and a few others. You were all considerably ignorant and blissfully wrong. Even now your brains won’t comprehend, it will take a new generation before you break your religion to diesel.


        1. Get in the know Lohchief. Companies like Tesla are 95% American. The entire world is buying up his cars and infrastructure. GM and Ford are worth about 50Billion each in laymans terms, Toyota 200Billion but I bet Tesla brings more money to the US. He has a product no one else has and is selling it world wide. Tesla is very good for the USA and may even offer tourism into space this year which will bring more money into the USA which is not offered anywhere else in the world. He is building a city around it so real estate will boom and rich individuals will move to the USA from Dubai and dump their money into the US, rich people have done it all so space travel is all they have yet to do. FCA will be going bankrupt with a move like this because they fail to pull away from old technology. They are going to go bankrupt along with anyone else that makes poor decisions like this.

          1. Here rambro:
            I just took this off of todays news on autoline daily:

            Hey, what the heck is going on with Fiat-Chrysler stock? It’s gone up 31% in just the last two weeks, and its trading volume tripled. Who the heck is buying the stock and why? Rumors on the street are running rampant. Some believe FCA is going to sell off Jeep. Some say a Chinese car company is buying the stock, others say it’s a tech company. And a few believe the company simply represents a good investment and so it’s attracting institutional investors. Meanwhile FCA will not say peep about it. One thing’s for sure. Something big is going on.

            1. Lochief, for me I will stay far away. Looks very unstable for a company to be around for that long and its stock rises for no reason known to the public. RUN.

          2. And Tesla’s networth is over 30Billion but how old is Tesla compared to GM and Ford. Tesla will outgrow GM and Ford and even Toyota who admits it could happen because these companies wont update their product. Its old technology and nobody by majority wants it, most people are forced to buy this crap so when new EV’s do become available say goodbye to FCA.

            1. I feel for you LoChief, try to skip past my comment. many of you are self destructive and can’t help it. Or you are better off in Russia where communism is welcome and in that case you should move there and enforce your politics.

            2. @ Rambro:

              I spent two years of my life fighting communists so don’t even talk to me about that shit kid. You are a childish buffoon and tend to ruin any thread you post in.

            3. OK LoChief, your name says it all. How Lo can you go. Maybe communism followed you a bit into the USA.

            4. Tesla is cratering right now. Their cash burn is akin to the CA wildfires, while failing to ship the cars they promised. Theres nothing there to support their market cap.

            1. ^X2. totally agree. Hey TFL how bout deleting some of this nonsense! This kink of crap ruined one truck site, don’t let it ruin yours!

            2. Agreed. I enjoy new information about EV’s just as much as the next guy but this has gotten utterly ridiculous.

      1. Rambro,

        Until EV’s can equal or better the Truck of today (ICE) in every way then they are not going to take off for quite some time. Commercial, city application, fleet use yes, but not the majority of truck users and how they use them.

        I can see them replacing the traditional cars and they way people use cars, but not trucks for quite some time!

        Until then you’re just spewing your go to garbage with nothing to even remotely back it up with!!!

        And remember, this is a Truck site not a Car one!

        You could actually make sense on TFL car.

        1. Drifter Tesla is almost already worth more than GM and Ford. FCA is going to go downhill with this move. There is no upside here for them This will drop their net worth. Tesla is on a roll and so are EV cars and trucks, people are catching on and supporting it like a wildfire. The mass support is incredible if you your pull your head out of the sand. Tesla is on a roll as well. In February they will be moving 5000 Model 3’s out of production every month. They own the entire Chrysler plant that used to dominate in the cars it pumped out but now Elon had modernized it to 2018. Production will will become alarmingly fast in the very near future and he has mass support to get it done from everyone that wants this by a large populous majority across the entire world not just in the US. He is a global leader because EV vehicles and diesel continues to grow a bad name. This is going to hurt FCA. More jobs are waiting in EV infrastructure than there is with diesel. Yes diesel will continue to be the staple for the next 5 to 7 years but making a move like this will only cost them money and resources they don’t have, that need to be ramping up to the EV game. this is a bad move in my opinion.

          1. Tesla may be worth more by market cap, but it’s also pretty easy to argue that is a speculative bubble considering they are losing insane amounts of money and are far from turning a profit.

          1. I’m pretty sure the comments section of a website is not protected under the US constitution. If commenters threaten to destroy the usefulness of the comments section, as we have seen on the other truck website, I say block away.
            That being said, I don’t mind Rambro in general but a filter that we can opt out of that blocks his posts containing key words would be a welcome feature.
            There is that one schizophrenic guy I would not mind hearing less from though…

            1. Sparky21 you are proven wrong about the grid in the video above. Bringing diesel to America is a mistake because of the EV game. Everyone in laymans terms has admitted they are late to the game with EV technology. Forgive me for telling everyone this is a wasted effort and wasted resources on FCA’s part and for good reason. Top CEO’s in the automotive industry the two largest Toyota and VW are building EV’s for the future. Why waste resources and move a plant right now, it is more than a valid point. EV has everything to do with business decisions right now. FCA could very well go bankrupt because of this move. Bring EV jobs to the states, because the jobs they are bringing are going to be lost in a few years when they could be creating more jobs that will be sustainable.

            2. Its not Rambro that ruins the section, its ye’alls reaction to him.
              That said, I hope you and anyone else is not ever blocked, unless you scream fire or leak national secrets or insight violence etc.
              If you wan to just block someone or some idea, then you can go find a more moderated(uh… um… censored) site.
              Or just go live with Russ in Russia.

            3. Never better put Jay! I had one post and they could not leave it alone so it turns into a battle because of their reaction. Like one post is going to ruin a thread. It is because they are threatened and my point is valid; that the communism starts.

          1. Its really not the liberals that are ruining everything, its the leftists who have got control of the liberal. And the liberals are stupid enough to keep voting for them, even though the leftists keep ruining most of what the liberals love.
            Talk about insanity.

          2. Ha! I’m a liberal. That’s news to me. A liberal who is telling someone to stop hijacking every thread with EV apocalyptic ramblings. Makes sense.

            What does make sense is for TFL to get rid of the Rambros of the world because he would comment about EVs on an article about dog turds. He makes it so no one else wants to be here.

            Will I own electric someday? Yes, but people like Rambro make me not want to associate with EVs. The guy/gal has an agenda that puts people off. Last time I’m reading the comments on this site. Pointless. I used to lean a lot from Troverman and others with useful knowledge. Rambro is giving financial advice for gods sake based on his EV leanings.

            1. Thank you, Russ. Glad I could offer something you found useful. I’m a car guy, so I like to have discussion about the technical workings of them.

      2. How is this a bad idea? They are investing in future US production. This doesn’t automatically mean it’ll only support production of gas/diesel powered vehicles. No doubt with this move they will be modernizing the factory to support vehicle production for the foreseeable future, regardless of what the power train is. So now instead of FCA blaming the high cost of converting a factory to produce different vehicles in the future and moving production outside of the US, they are investing in US production. Only you can conjure up a way to negatively spin this since it doesn’t fit your fantastical narrative of everyone suddenly abandoning diesel vehicles and living happily ever after with EV’s and EREV’s. The day will no doubt come, I dont think anybody really denies that, it’ll just take time. These trucks were planned years ago and the money has already been spent on engineering and is now being spent on manufacturing. Modern vehicle programs take years of design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing work to finally get the product ready for consumers. These things wont change in a just a year or two.

        1. Steven, good argument and respect your thoughts on it. Diesel will be around for the next 7 years as needed in my guess. However, I don’t believe shifting resources to move a plant for the sake of producing a truck that on a large scale is said to be extinct by possibly 2025. That’s my angle and the rhetoric on this site is dumbfounding at times.

          1. I don’t know about extinct, but I guess we’ll see. In my mind, invest now when FCA has the funds and plan for the future. Update the factory to be flexible, an example of which is that the factory will not just be producing the HD trucks, but also other vehicles like the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. Flexibility to produce multiple vehicles and spread the manufacturing costs across different product lines is paramount.

      3. “Tesla is solving every argument”

        How so? By promises of a future pickup truck that hasn’t been developed and can’t be purchased?

        Meanwhile FCA has 48 volt hybrids planned for wrangler, JT pickup, and upcoming Ram 1500. I’m sure Ford and GM have something in the works too.

        The hybrid trucks by the big 3 and Toyota are going to take off and be “successful” long before Tesla gets their product figured out and produced on a decent scale. How many years before they even see decent production numbers for their future truck?

        Large industries are slow to change. There will be room for ICE, diesel, hybrid, all electric, and different combinations of each for a long long time.

        1. Meanwhile Tesla sent a rocket into space and will be offering tourism in space and you are comparing FCA to having old, expensive, slow fuel powered, gear and transmission driven dinasours to your argument like FCA created something special. C’mon. Hybrids that run on transmissions and combustion engines that feed a drive axle are abominations and just drives the price up and creates something with even more maintenance issues. Creates a bad name for EV’s. Maybe that’s your angle, to make FCA’s EV’s look like sht so all EV’s are therefore sht.

      4. That’s funny they banned diesels older than 1997.

        Because even though the older diesels put out more particulates, the particulates they DO put out are far less unhealthy than the new direct injection fine particles that stay in the body and do far greater harm.

        Ha!, the stupidity of a whole nation!
        Its just because the older diesel emit fumes that you can see with the naked eye. So they stupidly assume that is more unhealthy. But it is the new smaller particulates in gas direct injection as well as diesel direct injection motors that will do more damage to the inhaler.

        Its just like a few years ago the best scientists used to teach us all that the universe was slowing down and suffering entropy. But it turned out it was only thier brains that were in entropy, because the universe is accelerating and growing in energy and power and speed.

        Ha! stupid humans, how can you all get so much so backward!

    4. It is probably worth noting that Warren has quite a bit more capacity than Saltillo. With this move and the half tons at Sterling Heights Ram is adding substantial capacity.

      The Grand Wagoneer at Warren was announced some months ago. It was originally going to be built alongside Grand Cherokee, but needed to be bigger than that line would physically accommodate, so they chose to move it to a body on frame architecture and build it at Warren. The chassis may have a lot in common with the upcoming Jeep pickup (Wrangler bits with a Ram rear suspension).

      1. About all the 1500s are still made in the US.

        Only exception is the 2 door Regular cab version that is only built in Mexico all versions 1500 and up. They are made in Mexico with all the other HD trucks.

      1. Too late, like someone said they already spent 7 years of their money to meet CAFE requirements. Even if Trump changed it, they still chose the wrong path and the CEO at Toyota (the largest car vehicle company in the world) publicly stated they were wrong and Tesla got it right. Further stating they have a lot of catching up to do and can see a clear path forward now. FCA is wasting their resources here, it is a bad move.

      2. CAFE has value to the customer as lower fuel consumption benefits us at the pump, but the government is now allowing CAFE to be used as a tool for purchase by environmental and electric lobbyists. Basically, all Trump needs to do is lower the 54mpg standard by 2020 to something much more reasonable that can be achieved without upending both the auto and oil industries.

    5. Creating over 2000 jobs in Warren,Mich is a good thing concidering what happen to Michigan in 2009.Bring manufacturing back to the United States create’s so much wealth for the city of Warren Ram Truck plant.And for those who want really nice UAW benefits and retirement.

    6. I’ve been to Warren a bunch of times a couple of blocks away from the truck plant, which is a street or two off 8 Mile. Back in the day, they used to open the sides of the plant when it was hot and you could see some of the truck assembly.
      Back then, down the street, you could drive by the Abram’s test track and see the dirt flying above the wall.
      Good stuff!

    7. Good news for sure if you are a ram fan.

      I generally skip over rambro post because electric vehicles don’t interest me. Plus we have poor power grid and closing power plants.
      Also Tesla is not a success when it receives large amounts of federal money to run a business all on a falsey of climate change. Electric cars gets a federal rebate if you purchase one, that is not success. Government picking and choosing who should get a rebate. And who pays for this rebate? Us! This is several reasons why electric cars is probably going to be a nich vehicle not main stream like rambro thinks.

      Also one more thing rambro fails to realize is ice is always continuing to get better and cleaner. Another reason why electric vehicle is going to struggle to sell.

      1. Exactly. I pay Carbon tax in Alberta in everything I buy,so Rambro can get subsidized electric car in Ontario and vote for corrupt government, which gives him my lunch.
        I remember this scheme from Europe and post socialist country I came in here. I thought, I will never come across this rotten ideas this far west. I was wrong, because inexperienced and low educated people are everywhere.
        I have nowhere to go to, so I decided to fight this time.
        Great job FCA. Sergio knows somethings Elon don’t. To make a nice loking ,powerful, efficient variety of cars and trucks with many options I can buy tomorrow, with my money and not with someone’s else money.

        1. Zvierra wake up on your politics. Tesla just sold mega batteries to Australia. More money comes to the US now. They sell world wide and the money comes back to the US. Plus all the jobs he creates and these are brand new jobs using the sun as a free powerplant to build it and now all these workers pay taxes into the system with large amounts of money coming from other countries to build up the countries net worth. And you worry because that is subsidized. Elon already payed back his start up lone before GM did. The government gives Tesla money in order to make money. Waky Waky sunshine. Lol

          1. I have a solar panels on my house for 4 years with 3kW inverter installed, didn’t get even penny from government, paid for everything by myself, paid for permit and inspection and installed by myself. What did you do ,except talk ?
            Elon didn’t create anything. He build a battery factory for old Panasonic design battery cells and very expensive electric cars, constantly in the repair shop with not opening doors and many other issues.

            1. Zviera after researching this I have it in my plans to install solar on one of my properties this summer. It is in the works and if Tesla builds a truck I am buying it. Might even buy the Workhorse or B1

              My point here was that EV is the future already stated by experts in the field, so using a billion dollars to switch plants should be used to upgrade to an EV truck. They wont survive because they wont be able to sell these trucks and the jobs will be lost to Tesla and possibly other countries that will be offering a better product. These trucks have been dinasours for far too long. Any move to prolong them is bad business. People by the masses want EV vehicles but cant obtain them until they are built. Every manufactuerer is trying to leapfrog into it. This move sounds like a step backwards. The support is overwhelming if you are in the know. And thumbs up for going solar. Its a free energy that does not need mining or burning to create and as you get more familiar with the process everyone becomes less dependant for energy from a grid that can shut down and cause an epidemic. Im also going to look into getting a mini mega battery. I have a camp accessible only by train that I plan to turn into solar power as well.

            2. Let me know, when you realize your plans.
              I will have a wind turbine and solar array running at my industrial property by then.
              I am still not buying electric car in Alberta.

            3. @Rambro, do you realize all the contradictions in your post? If anyone has read your posts for the last few years, they’ll note you’ve been making announcements for buying all kinds of different trucks…from Toyota to RAM to Ford to GM and eventually you bought a Tundra. For a guy obsessed with electric, I’m not sure why you bought the truck that uses the most gas, but whatever. Who are these “experts in the field” that claim EV is the future? Another glittering generality without any sources, citation, or evidence. You honestly think RAM won’t “survive” (your words) because they are building diesel trucks and not electrics? You do realize there are zero viable electric trucks currently on the market but you’re already writing off proven diesel because of unnamed “experts?”

              “People by the masses want EV vehicles but cant obtain them until they are built.” Again, your statement contradicts reality. Very few people want EVs. The proof already exists that this is true. Remember the Nissan Leaf? Still in production, I think? Sales are almost nonexistent. Is it because the cars couldn’t be built fast enough? Of course not. Nobody but a few weird liberals wanted one. See many Teslas near you? Seeing a Tesla is a rare sighting around here. How about the Chevy Bolt, all-electric, and Motor Trend car of the year? I’ve never seen one. Is it because they can’t build them? No, rather its because they can’t give them away.
              Your statement: “the support is overwhelming if you are in the know.” Once again, another completely ambiguous…and false…statement made up by you to try to convince others they are wrong. Automakers have decades of perfecting ICE vehicles, that is where their expertise is. They absolutely prefer to continue building what they are good at, what is proven, and what the customers keep coming back and buying every year.

        2. @Zviera,
          In fairness, Canada is a worse country than the US in many ways. You would likely find a lot more “freedom” in certain states south of you. Just don’t move to any west coast states, and avoid the east coast for the most part as well.

          1. Thank you Troverman. I was there and met just good people. I don’t want to move. I am home right now. We have to educate people around us to make every place on the earth better, because stupid ideas spreads like weed everywhere, people have no memory and history repeats itself, which I am not happy about.

      2. Marc its called investing in America..investing in infrastructure like Trump wants to do, I support instead of giving out money away to other countries that hate us..You fix the grid and we will have an abundance of volts remaining..Here in San Diego they use batteries stored in shipping containers to store power on reserve
        ..now thats smart…

        1. @AM, I think there is a major difference between “investing in infrastructure” and “subsidizing the EV industry.” Power grids are privately owned and are the responsibility of grid owners, NOT the taxpayer. We pay an infrastructure charge on each electric bill. When I think of upgrading infrastructure, I’m thinking of rebuilding roads and bridges that are already state or federally owned.

          1. Troverman you sound very ignorant and un patriotic..I live in San Diego California and proud of it all 50 states are great part of the best nation in the world.We have Navy,Marines,air force,coast guard at times 2-3 aircraft carriers and multiple fleet here in San Diego ,I think that is something to be very proud of.Maybe we need to send you to a communist country so you can come back and respect and appreciate the Usa coast to coast..drop mic..

      3. Marc Hartman you like to stay late. I can talk but watch the video. Its fine not to like Electric cars for whatever reason you decide but you are wrong about Tesla. Tesla is bringing a huge abundance of wealth to the United States and an awsome product for the rest of the world to use and learn from. You skip over my post and fail to learn anything. A lot of people on these posts live in basements and not in reality. Again watch this video and judge for yourself. Tesla has 500,000 orders for his model 3 that he is desperately trying to fullfill. People want his product and they sell worldwide, imagine the money that must be bringing into the US right now and the jobs. He is already worth almost as much as GM and Ford and he has only been around for a fraction of that time. Arnold Schwartzenegger is fed up with the auto industry along with myself and many others and it shows in their networth. Tesla has already surpasses many automotive companies. But I digress watch the video and learn something. EV cars are the future and if the US does not onboard they will be living in the past and Ford and GM wont be able to sell their product to other countries which will bankrupt them. They too will need subsidies in order to stay relevant.


      4. @Marc – exactly right again. Electric vehicle development, production, and sales are receiving preferential treatment across the board and it truly is unfair competition decided by government without any input from those who are providing the funding (all of us). The US EPA punished VW in many ways for the TDI scandal, but requiring VW to use a portion of its 4.3B in fines to build new “universal” charging stations is going to far. It violates fair business practices and helps allow the US Gov to bully automakers into moving towards EVs. I, for one, do not want an electric vehicle.

    8. As far as FCA relocating RAM HD truck production back to Michigan, I couldn’t be happier. Despite Italian ownership, at least more Americans will be employed…and the Trump tax plan is allowing higher wages and bonuses to employees…not just CEOs.

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