• Is This the All-new 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab? Unofficial Image Before Detroit Reveal

    2019 ram 1500 crew cab towing package
    2019 Ram 1500 crew cab towing package (photo: Reddit)

    Here is an image of what appears to be a finished all-new 2019 Ram 1500 crew cab at a Ram production facility. This image was published on Reddit.

    Is this really the production-ready 2019 Ram 1500, or is it some intermediate prototype? We are reaching out to Ram for comment, but we expect a no comment response as this relates to future product.

    Official images and all of the available specifications are not to be released until late Sunday night (January 14th, 2018). This image gives us a good look at the Ram grille, headlights, bumper, and the rest of the styling. It’s not clear exactly what trim level this is, but it’s not a base model with lots of chrome on the front end.

    Notice the rim design. The style looks to mimic the current Ram 1500, but with what looks like a 6-bolt hub design. Also, check out those folding towing mirrors that appear to be identical to what Ram trucks currently use.

    Stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for lots more coverage of the 2019 Ram 1500 and other trucks from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    79 thoughts on “Is This the All-new 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab? Unofficial Image Before Detroit Reveal

    1. It still reminds of of the classic ram but I have to say it is not impressive. At least to me. I plan on seeing it at the auto show so I may look better in person.

      1. I don’t care what trucks look like, and I love RAMs, but someone ought to tell RAM their grill/headlight outline looks like the shape of a bow tie.

        1. Oh, and did you notice the in-laid doors? This is copying the GM cabins to achieve quietness. Should be a very quiet cabin. Bet you there are triple seals inside those sills.

            1. Um well if you can lock keys inside of a new Silverado then they are way behind times cause Ram does not have keys, or ignition for keys it is run entirely from a key fob then never has to be removed from your pocket. Once key is inside truck it will start but will NOT lock doors if fob is left in vehicle.

      2. What’s Ram about this design? It’s totally ugly! With it’s cornflakes box front end and floating lights on those ugly rectangles over the front bumper and below the lights it’s hideous! How can a professional design studio ever produce such an ugly front end? Nothing flows nothing matches everything seems independent without having a natural flow it’s just ugly. Where is the big rig hood? It looks like a cornflakes box on wheels. Totally ugly.

      3. Another thing! I hate these hexagonal grills! Why is everyone wanting to put these ugly shape hex grills on all their products? This to me is like the high cowl high beltline design on the early 2000. Totally ugly and it took them years to get rid of.

    2. Looks pretty good.

      I would guess that is a Laramie trim level, based on the use of Chrome, and fenders are finished with the wheel lip moldings.

      I am looking forward to seeing the other versions this weekend. I still hopeful there is still a cross hair grill model, or a grill with the Ram head logo.

      Also looking forward to seeing there new interiors and hearing all about the Tech updates.

        1. Also, if Ram wanted to truly catch Chevy, they needed even bolder in my opinion. I think Chevy just stepped on Ram’s neck and said “get back there, kiddo”. The new Chevy looks impressive (should have done more to the interior) and this – not so much.

    3. I don’t care for anything bumper-up on the front. Mainly, the portion right below the lights and the grille. Something is just off…the front doesn’t seem to flow down the sides.

      As far as what trim this is, I’m leaning bighorn/slt as the current Laramies on 1500 have had chrome clad rims. These appear to be aluminum.

      Ram site has added a few videos, claiming this will be the strongest, most capable, most technologically advanced Ram 1500 ever. I’m hoping there is some actual gains as opposed to marketing spin to make up for the looks.

      I’m hoping the off-road and work oriented trim variants look much much better in the front. Otherwise I’ll pick a used 4th gen.

          1. Payload and towing capacity is significantly less. I believe the towing capacity is 10140 vs 12800 for the GM and 13200 for the Ford. Payload is always 500-700 less on the Ram too. Some models have less than a 1000lb payload.

            It’s interesting FCA trucks and SUVs have among the best tow ratings except in the most competitive 1/2 ton field, the field that has testing standards they must adhere to. When they get to make up their own number it’s always higher but then they do very very poorly in the shootouts, like the 3500 diesel tests where the lower rated Duramax (before the power bump) did a lot better.

            Obviously they’re fudging the numbers.

            1. The Ram 1500’s payload capacity has been unimpressive ever since they went to a multilink coil spring setup in the rear. It makes the ride great but suspension the squat is terrible.

            2. That’s it ? This will be addressed for sure, but it’s not like you couldn’t buy RAM 2500, if you need more.
              You are not RAM customer , so I don’t care . I am happy for what they do.

    4. Ram had an excellent design since 2009 and I think this is a good follow-up. I like it a lot. Not totally crazy about the grille though, but I expect to see other varieties. Body style is an overall improvement in my opinion.

    5. I wasn’t big fan, when I first saw this design , but it’s growing on me and actually looks better than my chromed Laramie with crosshair. They didn’t copy anyone and I still see a RAM in it.
      The airo is going to be best in the class.
      I like it a lot.

      1. You know I thought the exact same thing. The side of the truck just reminded me of a Tundra. I am curious on how it looks in person though. Sometimes they just take on a whole new look.

        1. The front is a ringer for the Tundra. It’s unfortunate because the worst part of the Tundra us the front. The back is nice and the pretty decent too, but the fonts a mess.

    6. Rambro
      you’ve got great observational skills [falling trees, etc] is that the GRIM REAPER checking out that new ram’s interior? all kidding aside it does look better without camo!

        1. You are absolutely right!
          No way is this truck ever going to outsell the current Ram. It’s a plain cornflakes box. Doesn’t have the masculine muscular big rig look anymore. It’s a cornflakes box on wheels. What a disgrace! This is by far the ugliest Ram ever. It probably also comes in Barbie pink and a pink dishwasher to wash the cornflakes bowls after breakfast.

    7. To me, it’s a refresh of the body design. There’s not enough changes to the exterior to call it “new”. Now what will be under the skin, that may be different. No doubt the interior will be very nice, technology will be right there with the industry, and powertrain is anyone’s guess.

    8. I absolutely love the hood and love where the put the decal on the side of the hood. I don’t like the grill, how it doesn’t finish and leaves a gap is missing something. Otherwise the truck looks like any other truck. The front bumper has no advantage to increase approach angles, maybe the Rebel will and I see a low mounted shock in the back that will hit rocks. Is that different and new. Hopefully the 6 bolt pattern means they increased payload to something substantially different, rather than feeding us dog scraps every year. But hopefully they somehow made the ride quality better. Only hydropneumatic shocks from my vast knowledge base can increase payload and give a nice soft ride like what the Oshkosh did and maybe the B1 from Bollinger. If they just increased payload and a rough ride remains than this is not a big deal for me. Maybe for commercial buyers it will be but not for the average consumer.

      1. Yes it is!
        And it’s just ugly. I want to speak with Ralph ! And Sergio! What’s going on ! Where’s the big rig hood? Now it looks like a cornflakes box again! Back to the 1980’s.

    9. I am not seeing Tundra in this thing at all. now that new 2019 Chevy I see the Tundra thing in it’s profile especially the bed.

      This Ram looks to me just about like the current Ram when looking down the side of it. To me this looks to be 100% Ram.

      Still not wild about the whole spelling RAM out vs the RAM head logo. I much prefer the Ram head logo and cross haired grill of the current truck.

      1. Yeah and speaking about the hood it’s just ugly! and what’s with the extrusion in the middle that protrudes into the chrome? This is a botched design where there are so many little independent things that nothing matches nor works as a whole. What are those huge ugly rectangles under the lights? And above the bumper? The ugliest Ram design I have ever seen and I have seen them all. The front end is gross.

    10. I will have to see it up close.I own Ram trucks for the better part of my life.I am curious to see if what others are saying that the Stow-Go rear seating is to be a part of this design.That a flat rear floor will be a part of this design like Ford’s 2018 F150.The split tailgate will be interesting to see how it will intergrate with the RamBox and the Cargo Rack management system.But what will be the most important part will be if the 5.7L Hemi will have 475ft of torque or more.And achieve better fuel mileage.Will the ZF-8 speed become a 10 speed to as well.

    11. When you look at the orginal Reddit post it looks like the rear fenders are push outward,so the trucks shape may just be like an hourglass look.Notice the RAM badge located at the bottom of the front driver door.

      1. No, it would have to be really different. There is a loyal base that wont budge unless someone does something really significant for the better. I dont see it but its nice looking overall.

      2. Not at all

        The Chev truck looks awesome. Although I only was the few pics since the mini reveal. The Ram looks like something the Japanese would do. It has no character no swagger not American at all. Well at least not Ram anyhow. How ugly! Where is the big rig look? What’s with the ugly rectangles under the headlights and over the bumper? This is going backward. It’s time to get rid of Ralph Gilles!! I blame this squarely on him! How can this be a acceptable replacement for Ram? What’s next! It will be available in pink with a Barbie edition?

      3. In my opinion, I don’t think it will. Ford has a lot of momentum in their sales right now and GM made of a lot of huge improvements with their new truck platform. More cabin space, centered steering wheel, rear AC vents, brake controller moved to the center console, steel bed with more cargo volume and tons of tie down points, auto tailgate, lighter truck weight + longer wheelbase which will give a better ride, inline-6 diesel + 10 speed, new offroad trim with extra ground clearance, etc. In the past few years, Ram has been able to stay competitive because its closest rival was running on a 10 year old platform.

        I don’t doubt that the 2019 Ram is going to be a great truck with plenty of its own improvements, I just don’t think they expected Gm to improve the 2019 Silverado/Sierra to the degree that they did.

        1. Good points, Grizz. It’s like Ram figured GM would square up for yet another bunt. GM came up to the plate, squared up, then backed back up and took it deep over the left field wall, grinning ear to ear as they trotted around the bases.

    12. I’m a big fan of Ram but I have to say this new design does nothing for me. I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. It’s kind of blah. I was definitely hoping for more.

    13. Doesn’t look bad, but I’m thinking the refresh in two years will probably be better. I’m sure they will make the grill a little taller and fix the uptick in the front bumper and conect the two painted pieces under the headlights in the middle.

    14. What in the world!!!
      This is so ugly! What happened to the big rig hood? It looks like a Chev. WTH!!! I can’t see a big rig hood on there anywhere. And what’s that huge plastic rectangle under the light and above the bumper? It ugly! Looks like a grade 5 student drew the front end. Ram sales have hit their peek. What a waste revamping another because they won’t sell any more Ram than they did this year. How ugly!

    15. Breaking news – in a effort to keep sales up FCA will continue the tradition of enourmous discounts on the all new 2019 Ram.

      Bet that outside the axels, it’s the same truck underneath. New sheet metal, new interior and some tweaks. Things are going to get rough for FCA in the next few years. They won’t make it to 2024 without a buy out.

    16. Great. Hourglass shaded sides, taken from the worse looking Hyundai ever. Front looks like a GMC, Chevy, n Tundra mixed together, but not a good mix. Kinda like the brown crap you get when you mash all the play-doh together. Such a disappointment. They lost me on this design. Thanks FCA

    17. They showed us the dullest version in the line up. Look at all the current color packages Ram has with different wheel packages too. I can’t wait to see the one they drive out to debut.

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