• Is this the New 2019 Nissan Frontier Prototype with Updated Wheels? (Spied)

    2019 2020 nissan frontier pickup truck spy prototype
    2019 Nissan Frontier prototype (credit: Chris M.)

    News about the upcoming 2019 (or 2020) Nissan Frontier have been slow lately, until this prototype showed up in Colorado this week. It appears to be a prototype for a well-optioned next generation Nissan Frontier crew cab. The body lines are smooth, there is a masked roof rack on top, a hitch out back, running boards, and updated blacked out wheels.

    The short bed appears to have raised side rails, but this could simply be additional camouflage. The truck appears to be in near production form as all body panels and bumpers appear well integrated together.

    We cannot wait for the new Nissan Frontier to make its official debut, so we can learn everything about it and drive it.

    Here is a first look at Nissan Frontier’s latest competition, the 2019 Ford Ranger.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    60 thoughts on “Is this the New 2019 Nissan Frontier Prototype with Updated Wheels? (Spied)

    1. Should we expect much after the lack luster changes to the new Titan? Integrated, rounded plastic front end would not indicate a good start.

      1. “PSA will offer 40 electrified vehicles worldwide by 2025, said Carlos Tavares, speaking at the Automotive News World Congress. That means it will offer full electric cars, plug-in hybrids, mild hybrids, or any combination of these type of vehicles. The 40 vehicles will come from across PSA’s five brands, which include Citroen, DS, Opel, Peugeot, and Vauxhall.”

        Gosh, I thought I remember someone saying that all automakers are going electrified by 2025 before all these announcements.

        Mmmm, if I could just remember who that was?

    2. Hopefully, it comes with the Cummins they’ve been promising for the last decade.
      Are the bed rails sloping up or is that an illusion?

        1. Cummins is in the Titan xd yet it isn’t a “huge selling point” so what makes you think it would be for the frontier?

          1. The looks of the Titan have made it unappealing even with the Cummins, imho. Look at the tfl video of the Titan designer explaining the warrior concept. He almost seems depressed talking about how the Titan XD is in its current form compared to how he envisioned it to be in the warrior concept.

      1. Both built and designed in america by americans, while your “american” chevys pour in from canada and mexico.

        Who cares what badge sits on the front? I only really care where it is made, not where the CEO is. I support middle class workers, not the 1%.

    3. The roof racks and something about the wheel wells turn me off. I dont think there is enough space between the wheel and wheel well that turns me off, looks like an SUV in that way, just not right for a truck look if you will. Front end looks awfully low as well. Hate to say it but if it were not for the roof racks it could be a Ridgeline. Not impressed. Trucks need to change and this is certainly a lack of effort. I imagine there must be bigger updates in the interior.

    4. Something weird going on behind the Frontier. Looks like the front of a old Trans Am or Corvette but the rest of the car is not there. Maybe one of those weird type of car trailers like the Prowler use to have.

    5. I hope this truck is a 2 wheel drive edition because it does look to sit very low. Not good! I hope they are not “ridgeline like” side rails, I always disliked them on the Honda’s. And lastly the back window looks short. It may be only look that way because of the camo. We can only hope it looks much better when it’s uncovered . Remember the new ram in camo?

    6. I can’t believe I’m hearing complaints about how low the truck sits. That’s what I like about the current Nissan Frontier. The Toyota Tacoma and the GM twins sit too high in 2WD. The “high-rider” stance looks appropriate for 4WD/Off-Road models. I’m pretty sure it will be similar to the Nissan Navara/NP300 Frontier sold in other countries with American modifications.

      1. @Liam — there is a large contingent of off-road aficionados that comment here at TFL. Off-road-ability is primary to useability for many of these folks.

        Until we see widespread durable active suspension systems, you just can’t have high ground clearance and a bed you can easily reach into at the same time. You could probably do it with a unibody, but no mfr is going there anytime soon.

        I’m with you, I like to be able to reach in and out of the bed easily from the side. That was the best thing about the compact pickups of the 1980s. Even some of the half-ton trucks from the 90s were low enough to reach into. But people wanted more towing, which required larger brakes, which required larger wheels, which required higher beds, and people wanted higher ride heights so they could see over traffic and not be blinded by other truck’s headlights. So we now have trucks with beds that are much more difficult to use. It would be nice if at least one mfr made a full-size truck with low bed sides, towing specs be damned.

        Right now, I’d guess Ridgeline has the lowest bed sides, followed by 2wd Frontier, followed by 2wd Taco….but I could be wrong.

      1. The destroyed truck pictured here — badged as the NP300 Frontier — has quite clearly been crash-tested recently. The note scrawled on its gas door says the truck’s fuel tank was drained on Feb. 8, 2017, as a precautionary step prior to its controlled impact.

        “Given that the Navara has been on sale outside of the U.S. since June 2014, the fact that one has been recently crash-tested in America seems indicative that it’s coming here fairly soon. It seems logical to assume this truck has been crash-tested on U.S. soil for U.S. officials and for U.S.-market validation.

        1. It is the 5th best selling Pickup in Australia it just been passed by rhe Isuzu Pickup.
          Isuzu is interesting as it has been doubling it’s sales every year since it was first introduced here

    7. You could just about switch badges with this, the Ford, and Ridgeline and never know the difference. To me this looks a lot like the Ranger, which looks like the Ridgeline. I was kind of hoping for something impressive from Nissan because they have the know how to make something with off-road chops. This doesn’t seem to be off to a good start….

      1. @Moondog
        Did not expect much different. Wonder iif it will have the Renault twin turbo 2.3 Diesel?
        Payload is going to be fun with this and will it have a realistic towing number which I suspect it might

        1. @Robert, I would look for Nissan to have a more realistic towing number than the Ford and seeing that small diesel would really give it a much needed push. Nissan needs this truck to regain some sales and I’ve respected Nissan’s previous trucks, as dated as they have been.

    8. Grazy Greg, your the man. I could not agree with you more about caring where it’s made not where the ceo lives. It’s good someone cares about the average American working man/women. When these foreign companies make their trucks in America it’s far better than an American company outsourcing jobs. I support American made no matter the company.

    9. My guess is it prolly won’t matter what this truck ( what ever it is ) looks like it will have more sales than the ranger. I don’t know what Ford is thinking. They’re gonna put a 335hp 2.7 EB in the Edge but a tiny 4 banger in the Ranger. Unless the 4 is pushing 300hp it’ll be dead on arrival. The only people that I see buying the Ranger will be guys in there 60’s/70’s because they’re loyal to Ford but to old to climb up in a F150.

    10. Yes, folks, trucks are getting softer front ends and less ground clearance, as well as less wheel well clearance. That combo might get them an extra 2mpg, which means extra million$ to the mfrs (CAFE credits, etc.).

      Get your old-school Frontiers, Colorados and Tacos while you still can.

      1. Too late for the current gen Tacoma. The ECU programming is terrible. Feels like driving a tractor. I almost sold it until I stumbled on a tune for it. Nigh and day difference.

    11. I think that MB version is really interesting truck.

      I am still hoping it makes it to the US at some point.

      Maybe once Nissan gets their version all setup to meet US spec’s that will pave the way for the MB version to make its way here as well.

      I am still hoping that Cummins they had showed around as a prototype a few years ago, makes it to production.

    12. I really hope thats not what the next frontier will look like. I dont like the way the bed slopes down and the rear window looks wayyy too boxy.

    13. There are people with the new frontier already. Saw one yesterday. Nissan logo on the front, frontier along the door, diesel on the tailgate. Looked exactly like the navarra showcased a year ago.

        1. In Fresno Ca. It was not camouflaged. Maybe a Mexico truck who knows. But it said frontier on the door and diesel on the tailgate

          1. I believe active military can bring foreign vehicles over, but have to take them with them when they go back overseas, or sell them as non-DOT-approved.

            However, if this truck said Frontier on it, it would more likely be a test mule, or somebody screwing with you by changing name badges around.

            1. Not a test mule. Looked like a regular guy driving it. Nissan frontier in navarra form. Diesel at that. Did not see a the “C” for cummins tho.

    14. I’m hoping we hear something soon from Nissan about the new Frontier. I’m in the market for a mid-size PU early to mid 2019 and interested in engine and towing specs. My Nissan dealer said that it can’t get here soon enough!

    15. The current Frontier is arguably the toughest most dependable most reliable Midsize truck on the market.
      The new Frontier will have big shoes to fit into.Frankly I think they will fail as well,The ranger will not compete on reliability or durability with a turbo 4 cyl not all aluminum is a failure on Ford’s part sad
      I suspect a lot of potential F150 buyers will opt for the Ranger.

    16. Why all the questions? Just look at the Navara and that’s what you will get but with possibly a different diesel option. I like the truck and got to see one up close in south America. LE model looks like a winner. Bigger than the old frontier.

    17. Just checked out the Nissan Navaras online at a Nissan Dealership in Sydney. I hope that the 2019 Frontier will have a better looking interior than the Navaras. From the looks of it, it looks tougher than the current Frontier. I also like their STX 4×4 Crew Cab version. It might be what the Pro4x might look like when it arrives. The one thing I wasn’t impressed was that they don’t have the Rockford Fosgate system like we do here.

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