• We Learn A Little More about the 2020 Ford F150 Hybrid (Detroit)

    2020 ford f150 hybrid
    Ford F150 Hybrid news (credit: Ford)

    Ford released a few more details about the upcoming 2020 F150 Hybrid. Ford made several announcements at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) that have to do with electrification of their cars and trucks. The company is investing $11 Billion in order to bring 40 different electrified vehicle nameplates to market by 2022.

    Turbo-diesel half-ton trucks are all the latest rage, but Ford has not forgotten about electrification.

    A big part of the electrification push is the F-150 Hybrid that will be produced at Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant. Ford says the truck will be in production in 2020. Ford says the truck will be able to “bring the tools to the job site, and also power that job site.”

    Ford showed a quick video featuring a white F-150 truck that was presumed to be a hybrid, and which was powering a TV showing a football game during a black out.

    Here are a few snapshots from that video.

    Ford has used the “leaves” as a metaphor for efficient driving, but does this gauge graphic match a character of a pickup truck?

    While we wait for the a hybrid electric Ford truck, here are the specs on the 2018 Ford F150 diesel.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    129 thoughts on “We Learn A Little More about the 2020 Ford F150 Hybrid (Detroit)

      1. The new Silverado can power a 400 Watt tool from the bed electrical outlets.
        So they don’t say this is any more than that.

            1. BMW’s new full EV announced to get 435 miles range.
              Give it a range extender combustion engine so it can get 850 miles.

          1. When you plug a hybrid vehicle into the grid, you can send electricity into the grid, contributing to the grid, not taking away.
            If everyone had a hybrid, they could all produce electricity for their house and neighborhood and create electricity for the whole grid.

            And all of a sudden we would not have a delicate grid anymore. Even in a disaster, everyone would have a way to power the grid. By the fuel in their tanks(gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, batteries, etc).

            You see, it all works out perfectly.

            1. …And…that’s not true. A hybrid vehicle simply cannot power the full load of a single home, let alone more than one. Not to mention, if the power fails around here…it often is because of wind / snow / ice which has caused trees to fall on lines, taking them down. If people were trying to send power back to the grid, not only would that be dangerous to power company workers around the “live” wires, but when power was switched back on, a spike of current would flow back into the cars…potentially ruining circuitry. Bad idea.

            2. You would have to have a battery that could output between 15,000 to 20,000 watts of power. And sustain it. I don’t see it happening. So a car to power your house fully, I doubt that. At least on battery only.

            3. Oh my goodness!
              A hybrid can’t power a house.
              They already do, and they don’t just power one house, they power your whole street of houses(3-12 houses).

              Your ignorance proved itself over and over.

              Go look up Via Motors trucks(Vtrux) and read all about them. And a welder is nothing for those trucks/vans.

              You can charge your pure EV with those trucks/vans.

              And if power lines are down, you just power your house.

              Wow, you guys just get more and more stupid the longer I get to know you.

              And there is nothing leftist about wanting everyone to have their own powerplant in their automobile. Think about it, it is self sufficiency, rugged individualism, cowboy, not having to rely on the collective, emergency preparedness, taking your tools to the site and powering them there.

              That is the opposite of communistic, communal, relying on the big monopolistic grid, weak-kneed metro sexuals that can’t work with their own hands, etc. etc.

              Man, you all can’t read a man any better than you can read an auto comparison test.

            4. Auto makers would have to build this functionality into the vehicle. Just because you have a generator in your car doesn’t mean it can power your house.
              First off it’s dc power being generated so it needs an inverter. Not just a little one to power a tv from a single plug in the back, one big enough to convert all the available power to ac current. Then you need the proper wiring from your garage to your main panel, you can’t just plug into any old receptacle. Then you need a disconnect switch to the main so like others have said, when the power comes back on your not double feeding your house… This would obviously be a disaster to the car, house/both.

              Then you need a sub panel installed to run just the essential circuits since the car will likely not provide enough for the entire house.

              If you’ve gone to all this trouble why not spend a few thousand more to have an actual generator hooked up permanently in the back yard? You won’t fill the garage up with carbon monoxide as you run the vehicle, and you save the engine in your $60,000 vehicle & run the cheaper one that will likely outlast the car by far.

              Just my 2 pennys

            5. Rambros Bro – – –

              Yeah, as I get older, I talk to myself a lot too…the real tragedy is when I get into an argument.. (^_^)..


            6. Exactly, many people already do have inverters and all build into their trucks and panels on their houses.

              You are starting to get the picture.

              But why are you 10 yeas behind the curve in knowing all this?

              Especially when several of us her have been telling you about it for a long time

              Again, go look up Via Motors(Vtrux), and other brands of trucks/vans that do all this.

            7. So, you don’t think a 4.3 liter v6 300 HP gas engine can’t power a house huh?

              Wow, there’s a lot of stupid people in the world.

            8. The only people who have inverters connected to their panels are people with with solar pv setups. In a normal home it’s not necessary. I’m not saying it’s not possible, just not plug and play as you suggest. Your average person is not going to go buy this vehicle, come home and plug it in to power their house. Modifications of some sort would have to be done to every single home that would want to use this. That’s a fact.

              Generators are nothing new, they’ve been around a long time. Just not sure why I’d want to run my truck to do a job any other generator can already do.
              Anyway, gotta go to work. Play nice now.

            9. Ah yes, nice change of your tone there.

              And many people have their house rigged to accept a generator already even if they don’t have solar panels.

              Man, what hole do you live in?

              And why don you think it is better to have your automobile as your generator?

              The benefits are obvious. Do I really need to explain?

              Well, obviously I do… again!

              HELLO, you already have a combustion engine. And you are already having to maintain it and pay for it. IF you buy a second generator, you have to pay and maintain that too.

              AND HELLO, your automobile is on wheels already. So as Ford said at the show above, you can power your campsite or work site or power anything anywhere your pickup goes.

              That is a huge advantage!

              Do I really need to s p e l l this all out to grown adults?

            10. Hal – you really shouldn’t be quoting VIA motors as an example. They start at over $65k for a truck with 1,000 lb payload and no rated towing capability. It only gets funnier. They only advertise 18 mpg on “generator” power.

              Please explain how that is superior to a regular chevy 1500 4-door with 2000+ lb payload, 8000+ lbs towing capacity, a starting price around $40,000, and a highway fuel economy of 20+ mpg…

              Yes, thank you. Please keep giving us these examples to prove OUR points

            11. I am so proud of you Daniel. You are beginning to READ for yourself!

              Keep it up.

              Before we go to your NEXT point, shouldn’t you apologize for all the untruths said on this page before you read a little on the subject?

              Well, that might be asking a little too much for now.

              But on your NEXT point, you make my point perfectly. I have been telling you for a long time that these systems are even better on HD’s, like the announced W-25 and W-35 fro Workhorse.

              And if you knew automotive history, which you have prove dozens of times not to, GM, Dodge, and even Ford has had, and even currently make limited numbers of HD trucks with high payload and a generator setup that power worksites/houses/etc.
              I think the RAM model is no longer in production, but even back in the Dodge years they had them for fleets.

              Nevertheless, the Via Motors trucks/vans advantages:(since you can’t discern the advantage yourself for some weird reason). But I know yo know you have a reading problem.

              1. They have a full EV range that can provide the power to the wheels (without mechanical connection I might add), that covers most people’s commutes without even using the combustion(advantage number 1).

              2. NO tranny to maintain and lug around.

              3. HELLO, we and Ford on this page have been talking about the advantage to charge you and your neighbor’s houses,m or at least tools all at once! Heck, Daniel, you even have a comment on this page saying how you want a truck to power a welder. The via Motors truck does this! So, you are just arguing out of personal emotion. You might want to see a therapist about that.

              4. cost of ownership with saved fuel for most users will save tens of thousand over the lifetime of the vehicle.

              5. The 4.3 liter v6 combustion engine lasts longer since it is doing less work and only running at an optimal rpm(where have you heard this before Daniel?).

              And on an on, yo have heard it all, but you will understand if I am worried that your brain can’t remember it all.

            12. Why does everyone with the bank Rambro say ridiculous things without even thinking first. Got to be the same guy.

            13. Ha! Hey Rambro,

              This guy above me in the comments thinks we are the same guy.

              Simple minded people can’t compute that there are many out there who know the truth.

              But if we are the same guy, can I have my/your new Tundra for the evening?

              I mean heck, we are the same person, so shouldn’t all of your stuff be mine too? 🙂

            14. So your saying… It doesn’t stack up well to the capability of a normal 1/2 ton truck, but it WILL to a 3/4 or 1 ton?

              Your ALSO saying that because most people use their trucks as a passenger car 98% of the time, it’s ok for it to ONLY have the capabilities of a passenger car (1,000 lb payload ie. VIA motors)

              You think transmissions need to be “lugged” around and require lots of maintenance…

              You think the VIA truck can power a heavy duty welding machine…

              You think that people can start with a much more expensive base vehicle, and then “save” money by magically creating it in thin air? Do you even know what electricity is? Do you know what energy is? Clearly not. Simple law, energy = energy. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tank of diesel, a semi-sized battery pack, or a boulder on the edge of cliff. They can all have the same power, the same energy. Electricity isn’t any more special than a chunk of granite.

              And finally, you’ve clearly never been around a running generator if you think they run at a fixed rpm, and that running at a single speed has anything at all to do with longevity.

              Look up and away from your phone. You will discover a whole new world around you

            15. Remember that reading for yourself thing you did briefly this morning.

              Keep doing it. YOU will learn for yourself how a range extender engine works.

              And then take two pills and comment in the morning.

            16. 😀 😀 😀 No comment again huh? Don’t much care for specifics do you? Much easier to spout marketing baloney than reality.


            17. Wow this moron if everyone powered the grid from hybrid vehicles using gasoline and diesel all throughout neighborhoods it would be a damn mess. Air pollution like a mofo. Maybe in emergencies this is cool idea other wise nah and most of all most hybrids are not setup for this use.

            18. Utility regulation do not allow you to operate even solar cells when there is a outage.

              If you install a home battery system and have a automatic transfer power switch you could operate your solar cells.

              Also if you install a home generator with the same type of transfer switch. You can power your home.

              You can turn off your master breaker then use a power cord with 2 male ends. If you do this the house circuit you plug into will have power.

              I have done this with my 6000 watt generator. I have a swamp cooler on wheels,😁, i roll it out so i can plug it into my live cuircuit. I now have lights tv, refer and freezer on the live circuit.
              I have also seen on YouTube a way to wire your 220 volt generator outlet so it can run your house through your 220 volt drier connection plug.


              It’s going to trip because of a overload anyway. You may electrocute someone also.

            19. From Bernie

              Rambros Bro – – –

              Yeah, as I get older, I talk to myself a lot too…the real tragedy is when I get into an argument.. (^_^)..

              LMAO. Too funny but true for all of us

              And then from Hal/Rambros to Troverman

              In not so many words said

              “Keep reading and then take two pills and do it again in the morning”.

              Ive never laughed so hard on a thread. This is class A entertainment. You guys all contribute. Amen.

            20. Or you could just save your money, by a better, more capable and less costly fossil fuel vehicle and a generator.

            21. Yes, but currently that does not work or solve the grid being overtaxed. EV cars will support the grid. Nobody is going to run out to buy a generator yet alone have the gas for it. Gas is no good after 3 months and no one by the masses wants a generator on their property that they have to maintain plus add fuel conditioner to keep the fuel from deteriorating in case of a grid outage. Having it in your vehicle which will be cheaper to own than a combustion vehicle is already taken care of.

            22. Rambros Bro – – –

              RB: “And where on this page did I talk to myself? Do tell?”

              January 16, 2018 at 4:07 am
              January 16, 2018 at 4:12 am
              January 16, 2018 at 4:13 am
              January 16, 2018 at 4:14 am
              January 16, 2018 at 4:17 am
              January 16, 2018 at 4:24 am…

              But it’s OK. I understand….(^_^)…


            23. How is asking TFL and any commenters for more info on the new introduced trucks talking to yourself?
              Are you sure you are not emotionally involved here.

        1. Ford has been offering two 110v outlets in the cab (one in the front seat and one in the back seat) since 2015, and yes…they are rated at 400W. That’s why I say GM was just playing catch-up with this truck, for the most part.

            1. Burst my bubble?

              You of all people should know I am very happy Ford has AC plugs for tools in their trucks.

              Why else have I been advocating this forever?

              Again, there is some serious emotion blocking your brain from thinking clearly.

          1. I would do some research on GM’s part. My 2015 Malibu which was bought in February of 2015 has a 110v plug. Pretty sure it was available on pick ups by then.

            1. Zviera those plugs wont even run a skill saw. I tried it on my Tacoma. Even with the truck running a normal car battery is useless. Tesla’s batteries can power multiple houses. Its on a whole different level.

        2. In my 1980 f150. I have twin alternaters. One wired strictly for my overhead camper. I have 4 batteries. 3 wired strickly for my camper.

          I have no problem running my lights , 12volt refrigerator and satellite tv along with a 1350 watt inverter.

          This spring I am changing my 12 volt refer to a 110 volt and may get some solar cells.

          Mr electrical set up cost less than 400 dollars. I did the work myself.

          The GM single wire alternator and harbor freight inverter is the original one I installed.

          I have a number of smaller inverters like the 400 watt I use for the tv setup.

          The batteries are Wal-Mart R.V. batteries. The last set I installed are 5 years old.

          I have a Wal-Mart battery charger installed. But I have never had to use it.

          As far as tools. You can charge batteries. But don’t count on running much of anything with a motor on a 400 watt inverter.

          In general the surge at start up is going to trip the inverter.

          I also have a quiet 2000 watt generator and a 6000 watt noisy generator for emergencies.

          I use the 2000 watt for my harbor freight chain saw. I got tired of finnicky 2 cycle chain saws at 8000 foot elevations.

          My 1350 watt inverter will run a toaster or a coffee pot. But I don’t. They draw to much power.

          I will fire up the 2000 watt gen if a hair drier is needed. It makes as much noise as the generator. 😂😂

          1. Exactly. I sold 1500 inverter, and rather start Yamaha 2000w quiet inverter generator for microwave.
            I have. 2x 250W solar panels and never needed generator otherwise, only late fall , when sun is low and doesn’t reach them through the trees, when hunting for a week. All my lights are LED, warm white, extra gravity heater, no power needed.
            I got a Stihl MS251C for my birthday from my son a year ago and it starts easy at 6000 ft. It has a new coils system Easy start. You don’t feel almost any resistance. You should test this one. It might work for you better, but I don’t know, how at 8000ft.

            1. Lot of my problem is I’m sloppy at mixing the fuel. Lol
              My 39 dollar 14 inch harbor freight chain saw does a great job. Cuts all the firewood I need and cuts as fast as my 2 cycle one.

              And the generator plus electric chain saw are much quieter than the 2 cycle chain saw.

            2. Yup, right mixing and fresh gasoline is the key. I have a dedicated 10L gas tank , which says 1:50 on it. LOL.
              Gasoline stabilizer is a must as well.

            3. Those Yamaha generators are really nice. And they are really quiet. Not to mention they use very little fuel. I have a Honda 2000 watt generator and it is great to have around. Of course my motor home has a twin cylinder generator and it is so quiet you hardly know it’s running.

            4. You can’t go wrong with Honda or Yamaha. New more powerful 2600W Briggs &Stratton is also nice.
              I couldn’t care less about batteries.

            1. Troverman, I believe you are correct. However all of the first 10 post are Hal’s comments. Just different user names. He is trolling, again.

            2. I don’t know if I would say well thought out, but it is rather simple and we will have to wait and see how it really works. Now if they could have done something like offer a compression release system on the engine and power the truck on electric only, that would be something. But they are trying to output a lot of torque through a serpentine belt. I guess now no one say say a turbo engine is complicated even though it is not. Now we have engines that have electric motors attached to the engine and large wires with high voltage charging.

            3. It’s more of just a starter and fills the torque hole during shifts. It also fattens the torque curve down low for more ecoboost like stoplight acceleration without winding the motor up to get into the natural torque curve. Going to really impress in real world city driving

            4. it doesnt look well thought out. it looks like that bolted some aftermarket gimmick(think the intake Tornado) to the side of the motor.

            5. @Arctic except that RAM is making this standard, while GM only sold a few of them in california to appease their state government. GM was never confident enough to make it widespread. FCA is. That says a lot.

    1. Hopefully it is not just a bolt on starter generator hybrid but something more useful. But if the release date is in in a year or two this was a useless teaser other than saying they are working on it. At minimum they would need something that can move the truck in the city on electric only. Similar to what the first hybrid escape could do. But with the release of the diesel now, this could be an indicator of what could power the generator for it.

      1. Ford is behind in the hybrid tech.
        Would be unlikely Ford would beat Chevy to building a full hybrid like Chevy’s Volt.

        1. If that’s the case Chevynwould have it right now and we would be talking about that. Instead we are talking about Ford having a hybrid F150. GM has tried 2 ways of a hybrid truck. The first one which is a better system didn’t catch on. The current one is a bolt on stater generator that offers next to no assist. We will just have to wait and see what comes next.

          1. Who says GM does not have a Volt Pickup?

            You didn’t know that they had an in-line 6 Duramax!

            If GM doesn’t have a Volt Pickup, the sun won’t come up today.

            GM has been working with Via Motors and many other companies for decades now on this kind of technology.

            When they come out with it for mass production is up to them.

            1. Who says GM don’t have a volt pick up? Well we all do because it is not for sale. Please show me where we can buy a volt GM 1500 truck.

            2. Just because you can’t buy it, doesn’t mean they don’t have one.

              Just like this Ford hybrid on this page.

            3. Then why are you even saying anything about it. You are just spouting off stuff like a tool. Maybe Ford has a flying truck that will jerk you off while driving. See anyone can spout off bs like you Hal.

    2. Marketing a pickup as a “hybrid” may be tough. I can’t think of many truck owners who would enjoy a gay little hybrid badge on the side of their truck. Hybrids generally stand for low-performance econoboxes that get good fuel economy, and they tend to also be a good predictor of your political views. The average pickup truck owner generally has opposite political views as the average hybrid owner. The poster-child of hybrids is the Prius, which is a vehicle few pickup truck owners would want an association with. What RAM did is basically force the hand of owners, and they call the system e-torque, not hybrid. Smart. Because I can pretty much guarantee that if their was a Hemi-only version and another version with “hybrid” badges on the side, the vast majority would be gravitating towards the Hemi only trucks.

      1. With the advent of many luxury vehicles from BMW, Lexus, maybe Acura? Lincoln and the Ford Fusion I think hybrid is not as bad of a name like it used to be. And I’m sure i am missing a few names. Then we have Tesla that is extremely quick hat is full electric. I’m sure the whole turbo V6 turbo truck had a similar thought at first but in the sales side, it was embraced. So a proper and useful hybrid truck (1500) may not be as rejected now.

        1. Daniel, you can’t hardly read an article, I really don’t think your powers of guessing which cars people own are accurate.
          Its actually pretty humorous listening to you foggy heads guess which brand of trucks I use.

      2. There are plenty of truck owners who are comfortable enough in their sexuality and the size of their penis who will buy a better performing truck, regardless of the badge.

      3. Most truck buyers are not dudebros. Any truck owner interested in more torque, better towing, and lower long term cost will be very interested.

        Base diesel RAM 2500s will still be available for thicc-stack-black-smoke-dudebros.

    3. There IS NO secret sauce. Ford is facing the exact same problems as everyone else. Electrified vehicles of all sorts are great in inner cities and impractical in rural locations. Onboard power is great, anyone can buy a beefy inverter, or, as most do, a relatively cheap generator you can hoist into the bed.

      Unless this truck can put out 400 amps at 220v to transform into a mobile welding rig… I’m simply not interested

      1. Oh yeah!

        Anyone can buy a second combustion engine with 450 horsepower to use as a generator to power their house and work site and campsite etc.

        Or, they can just buy a pickup that already has 450 horsepower and use THAT engine as a generator.

        Ha! I would like to see Daniel “hoist” a 450 horsepower generator into the bed of his truck!

        And why would a hybrid/generator truck be more useful in the city than in the rural areas?

        Daniel, do you ever listen to what you are saying?

        The city has more places to get power from

        The rural areas is where you need to have a pickup that has a generator built into it!

        Again, I really don’t enjoy pointing out how incredibly stupid people are, but you all just keep saying the most incredibly stupid things.

        1. Uh… the word “hoist” indicates the use of machinery to lift.

          Nobody is debating the usefulness of a generator. And that is why generators were designed decades ago to be able to be mounted or transported by mechanized vehicles to remote locations. Every new house or building was constructed with the aid of generators.

          What happens when you need to make a run for more materials? Do you leave your workers without electricity? Do you buy a second truck for material runs so that “your” truck can stay parked at the site as an incredibly expensive generator?

          “Again, I really don’t enjoy pointing out how incredibly stupid people are, but you just keep saying the most incredibly stupid things.”

          1. Ha!,

            You see, all the workers need to get to the work site already. They all have their own pickup as a generator.

            Oh, you are starting to get it Daniel.

            But veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery s l o w l y.

            That’s an “adverb”, Daniel.

        2. So are you advocating that someone power their entire house full time off of a gas generator built into their vehicle? While it is very well possible considering a 400 HP engine can mathematically produce around 298.3 kW of power, it’s just not extremely cost effective to do so full time. Especially considering the relatively low cost of grid provided electricity in most places, as compared to prices per gallon of gas. But in an emergency, yeah sure it could work, until you run out of gas of course.

          1. Why in the world would I advocate that!

            Why are there so many crazy people on pickup site comment sections?

            Just a thought like that is wacked out.

        3. ..or you can by a relatively inexpensive, light and easy to maintain 4kW generator and not tie up your expensive vehicle powering power tools.

          1. Which won’t work when you have a really heavy duty job to do or need the room in your bed that is being taken up by your second generator that you have to pay ofr and maintain separately. Ugh!

            All the power companies want us to be able to plug our hybrid vehicles in to the grid to back it up. They know how fragile the grid is. They are trying to get us to plan for emergencies.

            But we don’t listen, as so well illustrated by the comments on this page.

    4. the real question is how well can they integrate the electric motor into the transmission or onto the crankshaft and not have it be an accessory drive. also how much battery capacity can they put in. most proper hybrids get better city than highway

      1. That is done often. The GM hybrid of a few years ago actually had two electric motor/generators in the transmission. It was a pretty neat setup-not far different from what honda has started using in some of their cars.

    5. Theoretically it would be possible to power your home with a car based generator. However running a traditional combustion engine all the time is not something anyone is going to do. And the generator say 11KW in size would weigh 300-500lbs. Now lets look into the future and Hokey Battery Based electrics are gone and Hydrogen fuel cell technology works, AND efficient home Hydrogen equipment exists….Yes, I would be plugging my Off-Grid home in at night or on cloudy days like today. But that is a longgggg ways off.

      1. Its not theoretical Lloyd,

        Get a clue. It has been done for decades now and is the future even more.

        So educate yourself and pull yourself out of ignorance.

        1. We live in a fairly rural area so have the occasional power outage. I installed the inlet box and required back feed switch so I can plug in a generator to power my house. The problem is maintaining the generator, old gas, dead battery etc..I would love to be able to use my truck in the generators place when the power does go down. No generator to store and maintain. Especially if you want to actually power your entire house, you need a monster generator to accomplish that.

          1. That’s why whole house generators run off your homes LP or NG and will cycle from time to time. Ensures you will have power when it’s needed.

            1. True but those units are pricey..probably makes sense though. It would be nice to just plug into the truck when needed.

        2. But then your truck is tied up in running your house and not available to use as a truck. It would be a great option to have but it would end up being a pretty expensive generator…

        3. It’s certainly possible and had been for a long time but it not widely available (hence theoretical) – it’s just not that good of an idea.
          If you have to drive a hybrid and it has an inverter that can be repurposed for repowering your house without a significant change in the cost of the vehicle-it would be a great option to have.
          You are correct, the engine of most hybrids is more than capable of producing enough power to run an average house. Rarely do loads exceed 4kW-or about 6 HP. Whether or not the generator and inverter are capable of doing so is another matter.
          Inverters are expensive. Not all hybrids use them. Those that do may not be easily configured to produce 110 VAC.
          For emergency purposes, if this is a no added cost option, it would be great-keep in mind that the cost of petroleum would make the electricity produced by that hybrid many times more expensive than that provided by the grid-and that’s ignoring the maintenance and wear-and-tear on the vehicle.

            1. Like the trucks on the market now?
              How much more are mass produced hybrids than their gasoline powered equivalents?

    6. Hal/Rambros Bro

      You can play with these guys all day, you cant force people from their religion regardless of fact. We are getting electrified trucks by 2020 because of Tesla regardless what anyone believes or has a faith in.

      Electrified means Mach 1 meaning they are replacing the thrill of the combustion engine with all out Mach 1 acceleration. Every review of a Tesla puts a smile on the face of the user because of cheap acceleration. Tesla is the only manufacturer to offer electrified performance for cheap with their model three. Cheaper than a Civic in a 5 year study in ownership costs and you get a luxury performance car that is cheap to maintain with almost zero lost time for maintenance that is also clean, the advantages are endless. Tesla is a young company already worth 30 billion. Ford and GM are old and worth 50 billion and went bankrupt on their old platform once already and are about to become irrelevant in the global market and they know. Toyota worth 200 billion is scared Tesla will overtake them. The CEO for Toyota stated Tesla got it right and we are far behind the 8 ball but we have a clear path forward and we have a lot of work to do. Ford spending 11 billion is a do or die for them. They have no choice but to electrify or become irrelevant. The diesel rage is just an afterthought via the wrong path to meet CAFE standards due to money already spent before they realized how succesful Tesla’s platform really is.

      There is no arguement here. Electrified vehicles are better for the mass user period from a factual base point. The advantages are numerous but some people will continue to argue faith based beliefs and you will hospitalize yourself trying to change that. Not worth the stress. Be humble and watch it happen. No need to convince anyone any longer it is going to happen.

      1. But wait Rambro, aren’t you me?

        So what’s yours’ is mine.

        And since I want to use my/your new Tundra this evening, and my passport is out of date recently, then can you/me get it down here in the states rather than me having to come pick it up?

        This having two of me might work out nicely.

        1. Ya but you are all for diesel and I hate diesel so our electrons won’t align in an assimilation, beam me up Scotty. Ill have to hold on to the Tundra.

      2. Rambro, I don’t think anyone is arguing the fact that eletrication is coming. We all see it now. In fact I listed several manufacturers above that are. But I think if it is to be done, it needs to be done right and not just use a low powered motor off the FEAD belt. It should be at least able to drive in the city on electric alone. The only way a consumer will get their value out of it is by at least doing that. Powering ones house off their car or truck is just to expensive compared to electric rates. Plus, a car or trucks cooling system is just not designed for idle times that require a lot of horse power. Even trucks with PTO’s limit power in that mode. This partially to let the cooling system to work. But you still have that hot exhaust. As far as recharging cars from the grid it seems many people makes a valid point that the grid needs major restructuring to support the additional loads. Once the infrastructure is in place I bet it could take off like gang Buster’s.

        1. I posted a video from Tesla time news that proves the more EV cars on the grid the better it is for the grid. The government will step in as needed and if they dont then globally the world will be far ahead and your GDP in that country will go down which means less money because your product is outdated when the rest of the world updated. Tesla also has mega batteries to aid the grid which ate very easy to do. He did this in Australia on a failing grid in just 60 days when no one else had a solution. His net worth is going to blow GM and Ford away very soon. There is a solution to all your problems and others otherwise all these companies electifying would not have admitted it is the future. The largest Toyota admitted it. That alone should spell it out loud and clear.

        2. J.J.,

          “Rambro, I don’t think anyone is arguing the fact that eletrication is coming.”
          -Oh really? can you read above or along the last year on this site’s comment sections?

          “Powering ones house off their car or truck is just to expensive compared to electric rates.”
          -who the heck is advocating powering their house all the time? Its mostly for emergencies. Not too bright, are we J.J.?

          ” Plus, a car or trucks cooling system is just not designed for idle times that require a lot of horse power. ”
          -You are completely in the dark about how the range extender hybrids work. Please just go and study the Via Motors trucks or Workhorse trucks or other vehicles made for this purpose. The motors and systems are designed for this cooling situation and have doing this task for many years.


          1. Why are you even here Hal? You don’t have a single clue about anything. Your comments are partially true but has a lot of holes in it. In fact you cannot comprehend anything you are trying to write. If anyone has a different option from you, you attack them and claim your smarter than anyone else. Well the fact is, your behavior proves your an idiot. Pure and simple. A person with limited mental faculties will attack someone trying to be right like you. This is because your trying to put on an appearance of being smart because you think that is what smart people do. Well the fact is they don’t. They reason and put put their points. They word things to allow a listener or reader to think about what is being said. You, fly off the handle in some wild attack mode making you look like an idiot and simply a incredible source if info

            1. I agree Jimmyjohns, you are one of the well rounded individuals. Hal just gets excited from years of human torture. He has good points and bad but is entertaining. Not to everyone however.

            2. Yes jimmyjohns and there is about 11 other types of batteries better than lithium on the table. I am sure Tesla will work a deal if it happens. The electric motor is key and any battery upgrade will be welcomed and further benefit electric propulsion and the consumer

              On a side note I own three Fiskar axes and not sure if thats the same company but they are by far the best axe for chopping wood. They dont look like it but they split wood better than any axe I have ever used. They blew me away, its an amazing axe. They perfected the angle which penetrates to open the biggest split possible with little effort and have a slippery compound on the steel. Made light work of chopping wood, even the heavy splitters dont do as well, its rather remarkable.

            3. Rambro – – –

              R: “I own three Fiskar axes and not sure if thats the same company but they are by far the best axe for chopping wood. They dont look like it but they split wood better than any axe I have ever used. They blew me away, its an amazing axe.”

              Are they electric? (^_^)..


        3. It’s not just a matter of the grid but the power provided to the grid. There just is not enough production currently to support millions of vehicles currently powered by fossil fuel. It will take many billions of dollars to build many power plants that no one wants that use some form of energy that many people are opposed to. Solar is great but that ain’t going to cover it.
          Rambro is right-theoretically a bunch of electric cars plugged into the grid with the ability to backfeed it would help stabilize it-but the vehicle has to be plugged in, meaning it cannot be driven. Also, discharging and recharging the battery wears out this very expensive component-great for the companies making the batteries but not so much for the consumer.

          1. You have to see the whole picture.

            The house is supposed to have its own battery which gets charged up by the automobile. When you leave, you usually odn’t use as much power when YOU ARE GONE. So the battery is plenty for that.
            Then when you get back, you plug in and charge it back up.

            See, its all been thought through, and it is actually all being built as we speak, whether people are behind the curve or not.

            1. So you are going to install a very expensive battery, one that will wear out in a few years, to power your home. Then your going to recharge that battery using your petroleum powered vehicle that produces power at a cost of 5-6x’s that available on the grid. Don’t forget to consider the wear and tear on the your vehicle when you double it’s duty as a power source for your home.
              It can all be done, sure, but why? The major problem with the grid is having the money to build it up and getting the fuel to power it. As expensive as it will be to built up the grid, your proposal will cost many times that! Also, it would double the nations consumption of petroleum-what’s that going to do to the cost of gas? How about air pollution! A natural gas turbine can produce electricity far more cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively than a vehicle while using an abundant fuel that is far less expensive than gasoline or diesel.

            2. Your proposal would accomplish exactly the opposite of the whole goal of going electric. We would be paying many times more than we currently do for electricity and have to buy some very expensive equipment to do it. We would also be dramatically increasing our dependence on petroleum as well as the amount of pollution per kWHr produced.

      3. I don’t think anyone disagrees that electric trucks will exist (they already do to some extent)-it’s whether or not it is generally a good idea overall.
        I think the real question is whether or not electric trucks will dominate anytime soon-50%+ of trucks being electric?
        Also, what do we mean by electric-mild hybrid? Full electric?

        1. Electric cars are still >1% of the market. 50% electric everything wont happen until battery technology allows for either significantly faster recharge time, 1000+ mile ranges, or both. Only at that point will electric truck sales take off, and it will take years before they hit 50% of all trucks.

      4. “Cheaper than a Civic in a 5 year study in ownership costs”

        Interesting. Care to actually link to said study for evidence? Especially given that the model 3 isnt a year old yet, I’d be interested to find out how they tested one for 5 years already.

        “with almost zero lost time for maintenance”
        LOLNO. Teslas are not known for being super reliable, and given you cant just take it to a dealer or typical mechanic, down-time can be a PITA. And model 3s are not going to get the A-class loaners that model S owners get.

        “Electrified vehicles are better for the mass user period from a factual base point”

        Except for initial purchase price, lack of charger availability to anyone who lives in an apartment or a house/condo without a garage, lack of charging station on the way to a location outside of california, long charge time, questionable battery durability on anything that isnt a super expensive tesla, and restricted driving range.

        “The advantages are numerous but some people will continue to argue faith based beliefs” Projection and hypocrisy are your strong points. Good on you realizing that and capitalizing on it.

        “We are getting electrified trucks by 2020 because of Tesla regardless what anyone believes or has a faith in.”

        Given that tesla is already facing both severe production and financial issues, is loosing money, and has to bring both the model Y and the semi truck to market first with only a vague promise of a pickup truck, that seems like an overconfident position.

        “Be humble and watch it happen”

        Take your own advice, and tone down the projection.

    7. I don’t really care about the efficiency leaf graphics as long as they aren’t as annoying as the efficiency meters in the honda ridgeline. Where there you have two lines in the instrument cluster glowing changing colors from white to green all the time as you are driving. Very annoying, distracting, and unnecessary especially at night!

    8. Truckcamper.com estimates the payload will be under 1500lbs in the consumer versions like the Lariat .

      As of right now they only recommend the 3.5 twin turbo in a striped down model and only for folding campers and the very lightest hard side campers.

      Of course even at the full 2200lbs payload your not going to find many campers that will allow much payload for 5 passengers.

      1. i would imagine seeing as a regular 3.5 Ecoboost Lariat screw is not much over 1500 lbs currently.

        This is what the HD Payload Package is for. Lariat superscrew 4×4’s with HD Payload are at 2400 lbs and XLT’s can get close to 2600.

        1. Patrick is just defensive because his prius hybrid is on its way out and his welfare checks wont cover the costs of a new one.

      1. So you are saying that F1 racing is for dirty vegan hippies on welfare?

        Hybrids are for those who want better MPG on their commute, and now for those who want more power/better power output.

    9. TFLT Commenters and Staff – – –

      Just saw a “First Shift” (AutoNews) presentation by Mike Jackson of AutoNation on EV’s. While he said that he is excited about EV developments and its future, there are still some major hurdles to overcome: a big one is Emergency Transportation.

      He noted that in the last Hurricane that hit Florida and knocked the power out, there were NO Teslas that tried to make the 700-mile run up the peninsula to safety (Ref: Florida Highway Patrol?). Conversely, those who obeyed instructions, and filled up the their tanks with gasoline, plus brought some extra, were able to do that.
      So, IMO: Some sort of emergency storage of electricity by giant batteries along the road side would have to be provided to cover evacuation emergency needs in states that have critical threats of weather and other natural disasters. (Yeah, I know: what happens when those big batteries are depleted? Gasoline storage tanks can still be pumped “by hand” when the electricity is out….)


      1. It would be interesting to see what second car they drive, if not Tesla.
        Reminds me the gay in front of me waiting on red light in his H2.
        He had a sticker on the back saying.
        “My second car is Prius”

    10. Ford is pandering to the leftist crowed. Not surprised about this.

      Using hybrid vehicle to supply electricity is fulls idea. It would be one expensive generator.
      My uncle had a wind generator it was a real pain in the *** to hookup to the house and have safety measures and dealing with the electric company to know when you are using it. It just about worth it. Along with the cost of doing it.

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